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18 year old Violet La'rue's life gets turned upside down when she comes across a interesting choker in a thrift shop which leads her into the world of mythical creatures.

Action / Drama
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Music blasted through her headphones as she walked down the mostly empty street. There was just something about working in the mornings that made Violet feel extra tired. She felt no need to rush as she was already late and, at least to her late was late. Whether it was 10 seconds or 10 minutes. So long as it wasn’t more than an hour.

Entering the cafe, the bell chimed and she was instantly great by a cheery:

“Welcome, Guest!” from behind the counter. However before she could respond, the tone dramatically shifted and she could hear the anger in her managers voice.

“So you think, you can just be late HUH. Where were you, DON’T SAY YOU WOKE UP LATE AGAIN” Tawny let out before making a sound that sounded like a cross between an angry monkey and a curious gorilla which violet ignored heading to the back to clock in. She straightened her obnoxiously puffy skirt and adjusted her maid uniform. Making sure her hat was secure, she walked back out to the front counter with her head held high.

“Man, you sure look tired.” Spinning around she came face to face with her twin, Indigo.

“Indie! Why didn’t you wait for me, we were supposed to walk together!” Indigo shook her head before responding.

“If your early, your on time. If your-”

“On time your late, and late is fired or whatever” Violet completed. Indigo just nodded and walked past her arms full of pastries for the display.She clipped the cat hair bows into the twin tail of her wig. Another day being a tsundere. How exciting she thought ironically to herself.

Truthfully the passed like any other and it passed with a bunch of ‘hurry up and order baka’ and ‘how long are you going to make me wait’. She grabbed a few hello kitty macarons plus some deli meat and headed to the back to get changed back into her normal clothes. She practically could hear her bed speaking her name as she focused on getting to the back.

“Oh, violet!” Tawny called out just as she finished getting changed. She sighed dramatically and spun around.

“Yes, Tawny bunny” Tawny’s face turned an impossible shaded of red as she shoved over the trash bag. Violet put it in her unoccupied hand.

“Don’t call me that” Violet rolled her eyes and shoved the macarons in her mouth before using her hips to bump the side door opening it and letting herself out. She quickly threw the bag in the trash and was about to scuttle around to the front of the building to go back in when she a very small fox. Its fur seemed to glow and its eyes were an aquatic blue as it stared at her.

“Oh, poor baby. You’re so tiny. Are you hungry? You wanna eat?” She threw a piece of meat at the fox which it sniffed warily before eating, they then continued this cycle until the meat was gone.

“We’ll that’s all I have so. I hope that filled you up. I have to get home now” She said turning on her heels.

“That’s unfortunate the food was pretty good” rung out a mans voice. she quickly spun back around.

“What.” she called out. The little fox opened its mouth and began speaking again.

“That meat, it was pretty good.” Violet could not believe what she was seeing and without a thought she quickly sprinted away from the fox but, she could hear little paws scuttling behind her.

“Hey, hey. Don’t be like that. I thought we had formed a connection.” The fox called out once more which made violet run faster until she reached a familiar sight.

The park behind her home. She stopped running and sat on the bench and relaxed knowing that people were around her. No way had that just happened. She had to have eaten a bad macaron. A bird hopped along the path in front of her pecking the ground.

“You’re not gonna start talking are you?” she asked jokingly letting out a little laugh.

“No. Just me” The fox came into her view making her heart race.

“Now if you’d just let me explain you’d be far more calm or less. Humans are fickle. No one can see or hear me except you, elderly people, small kids and, animals. Which is fine if you want to talk here and look like a lunatic or we could go somewhere private. Your choice”

She thought for a second and... That was how she ended up bringing a talking fox back to her home.

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