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When a police officer discovers that a dangerous chase is going on, he makes a plan to stop the dangerous driver

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The Mission

Two police officers

One day , there was a police officer. He always love to play with his kids. He was the middle rank with 3 stars. He was the leader of Los Angels Police Department . Suddenly he heard on his dispatch that there is a chase on the highway road which is coming towards his city. He knew he had to do something. He planned a roadblock on exit 2A the road which the chase car are coming he informed the commissioner that the whole city should be on lockdown until the chase ends. The car driver was drunk. He crashed into almost 15 cars . Now at 4 :30 PM the officer spotted the car coming towards the exit . Because he was drunk he crashed through almost 10 police cars . The offices dispatched they needed a sniper. The sniper landed quickly. He took the shot of the driver. The police took him to the hospital and when he was discharged the court minister said he should be in jail for 10 years and fined 1 lakh dollars. The police officer now was the new commissioner of his city with 5 stars and 3 badges.

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