Roger the Military

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When Roger wants to be part of the military, he scores low marks in exams and then his parents encourage him to get good marks in exams

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The Military Boy

My Story

Part of Militry Team

One day , I will be part of the Indian militry team said a boy named Roger . He studied in 6th grade and was one of the people who got the most medals in studying and racing . He was one with strength , energy , always hydrated and determinity . He always wanted to protect his country and help the militry. So he thought to become part of the militry . His friends new how good he was they was so surprised when they heard that he was going to be a part of militry when he grow’s up . He thought it was very easy to join the militry and thought only to swim and do exersise . After a year , he was in 7th grade . He did not study in 7th grade . He was only thinking about the Militry . Now he did not get medals. His teacher messaged his mom 10 – 20 times . He got bad scolding but did not even care he was still the same. One day his mom and dad decided a tell something that he never knew about how to join the militry, they said that they needed who studied well . But when Roger heard it he started studying what to do in school . He studied well and passed his exam with A+ in all subjects . His parents was surprised. Days went on the same . The next year , he was in 8th grade, he studied and got A+ in 8th grade also. The next year , he was in 9th grade . Passed all his exams with A+ . Year passed in 10th grade when things went upside down. He got bad marks. The only reason he got bad marks because he was not studying . Instead playing the full time !!!. His mom and dad did not know what to do . They needed to plan . So after sometime , Roger remembered what his mom said that the militry needed who studied well . He quickly ran to his books studied and continued going on well after scoring A+ for his final exam . Days went on as the same . 11th grade A+. 12th grade A+. And finally colledge . It was his big chance to pass colledge. But unfortunately , he did not pass . He was so sad that he did not eat or drink for 2 days !!! . Roger tried 1 last time and …………….. He passed with A+ . He was amazed by it . He finally joined the military and became a hero!!!..

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