Abdul The Astronout

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When Abdul receives the award of traveling the world, Abdul dreams to explore space and then gets the award of exploring space. Soon, he discovers that he did not have any money to join the camp.

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Abdul The Astronout

My Story

Abdul the Great

One day, there was a boy named Abdul . He was a very intelligent scientist and explorer . He was given the explorer award because he traveled the whole earth in only 1 year . He was nicknamed by the people β€˜ Abdul the Great’ . One day he dicided to become a astronout so that he could travel space . He was dreaming to be an astronout . But one day he passed all of his tests but did not pass the final one . He was not allowed to became an astronaut because he failed . He could not eat or drink for 2 days . Luckily , his mother came over to visit him when she heard the news . When she got there she noticed that her son was crying . His mother got upset and invited him to there house . Abdul said β€˜No’ . But then after 15 minites of talking and talking , he finaly agreed . But he was still crying to be an astronaut . Then his mother told –

β€˜The only way if you want to be an astronaut , you need to work hard , study and never give up’ .

He refused and told his mom that he would fail again . But his mother told remember the line and be aware of it . Abdul thought to give 1 last try. He had counted the money he has and noticed that he did not have enough money . So he started working for money and by 1 month he got 3 Jobs that he needs to do each day .

9 : 00 - 11 : 00 – Being a waiter

11 : 30 – 1 : 00 – Being a cook

1 : 00 – 3 : 00 - Being a shop assistant

He was trying a lot and he his total salary was 1000 rupees . He needed total 10,000 rupees and he needs’s 9 , 000 rupees left . Even though he worked hard his salary was very low . It was Monday , he decided because of his less salary he could not have enough time to wait and wait for a lot of time . So he dicided to quit his jobs and find new ones . His mom was surprised and said β€˜Really ?’ Abdul said yes . But his mother refused and told β€˜I do not also have enough cash to get you a new Job’ . Now Abdul looked sad and thinking about how will he be an astronaut . His mother also thought the same . Abdul thought he would never be an astronaut and made his final decision of not becoming and astronaut . His mom told β€˜It is okay son , remember the message ?’ Abdul remembered β€˜The only way if you want to be an astronaut , you need to work hard , study and never give up’ . He repeat it several times and found out the meaning of what his mom was saying . He thanked his mom and continued the work he usually did . He worked hard and hard . Soon when he had earned 10 , 000 rupees . He saw a board said ’Administrations Open , Space camp , For only 20 , 000 rupees . Abdul was freaked out after reading that . He was almost still for 1 hour looking at the board itself . He did not want to do the job he had done to earn this much money !!! . But still he remembered what his mother had said and did it a shot . 2 years passed , with only 2,000 rupees . 5 years later, He added his money and got 20,000 rupees. He joined space camp and passed all of exams and then explored space!

4 years later ,

After 4 years, he earned the award of exploring all of space. He lived a happy life.

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