Days In Dubai

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My life in UAE. Where the longest building and other things are located in.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I live in Dubai . It is a beautiful place it has a lot of skyscrapers and buildings. Burj Khalifa as people call ( Burj ) is the tallest building in the whole world located in Dubai . Burj means β€² Tower β€² in Arabic. Dubai is a wonderful place to live in. You can see large buildings and stadiums in Dubai. Dubai is one of the 2nd largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. A lot of tourists come to visit Dubai. There are a lot of malls in Dubai. Dubai Mall is one of the largest mall in the world . It is about 13 million square feet ( the feet of 15 football fields). Burj Al Arab is also located in Dubai. There are currently eleven Dubai police stations in the city. There are now 158 private schools in Dubai. There are 148 skyscrapers in Dubai. Dubai is a home for 200 nationalities living and working together harmoniously which has made it one of the leading cities of the world. English and Arabic are the main languages of Dubai.

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