Detective Danny

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When a unknown man calls to Detective Danny's cell phone. Detective Danny get angry at him and then plan's to find him with the help of the police.

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Detective Danny

The world, a great place to live. You don’t know when a mystery can be commited. Thanks to Detective Danny who always saves the day in his own way. Murders, killing, one of the best things to find for detective Danny. Let me tell you a story, a story of detective Danny ……

Once, Detective Danny got a call in his cell phone.

Unknown Man - ’Detective Danny, you are always busy, take a break. Just let go of of your job, and whatever you want, you will get it the next day!

Detective Danny – Never, I don’t care about the amount, I will never quit my job, NEVER.

Unknown Man – You will see Detective Danny. You will see and you will say sorry.

Hung up.

I have to find out who this man is and take him where he belongs, in PRISON.

Day 1 –

Detective Danny called chief to say that he was on a mission.

Chief – Hey Danny, why called?

Detective Danny – Chief, hey there, I am on a mission to find out somebody who tried to kick me out of the Detective Agency. I need to be of duty.

Chief – Ok Detective Danny. I will inform everyone. Call me if your in trouble or you need help.

Detective Danny – Ok

Hung up

Well, lets start easy. A man who does not like me a not. There is a lot of people who does not like me, well let’s check, this might be what I should do for the day.

Day 2 –

On a fresh day, Detective Danny jumps in his Detective Car. Now –

What do we have to do – Find the man who was talking in his cell phone.

What do I know – The man can not be in Jail because then he would not have a phone.

How do I know – Rule 293 – No criminals will have phones given to them.

Detective Danny was thinking, then he remembered that a person had escaped an hour early before he got the call. He went to the control room and asked if he could get a voice match, it was the same voice!. He figured our who it was. There was one more thing to do, FIND HIM.

Day 3 –

Detective Danny called chief and said that he needed a team. Chief agreed and sent a team of 5 members in a Detective Riot Truck. Everyone had started asking people, putting posters and going to different places to ask if they had seen him. A person told that he saw him a minute ago. He was running fast. The team went to the riot truck to block and arrest him. They even called for a helicopter. They found him in a red car. Driving so fast. A lot of police was there. Including the army. They almost chased till midnight. Suddenly, the car disappeared.

Day 4 –

Detective Danny searched the area for clues, suddenly, he saw that there was a cave nearby. The army went slowly and carefully. There they was, In a cave. The attack had started. With hard work, they won the battle. Detective Danny was a hero.

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