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I enter my brother’s room to find it wrecked and his favorite bunny into shreds. A gasp leaves my lips when I look at the mirror to find a note all in red. ′ I have Shane. If you want him to be safe and not into pieces surrender yourself to me. -your loving father and master. ′ “Gray! he has Shane! we have to do something! ” I say " I know! let me think what to do!” he growled back. " Hey, I have a plan. Do you trust me? ” he asked. I was taken aback by his question. Sure he always saved me but.. did I really trust him after all the times he put Shane’s life in danger?? " Do you trust me Blaze?” he asked again, softening his tone. " I do” I say softly. " OK then I have a plan. Don’t worry we will get him back” he says. I could almost feel the mischievous plans he was devising. _________________________________________ Hey everyone, thank you for clicking my book and giving it a chance. Hope you will like it. And please vote and comment. Also this is my first time writing a book so excuse me on my grammar ; ) -Tu_amor

Action / Mystery
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Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it.
(Blaze’s Pov)

Howard Macneth Dawson
Born - 10th April 1965
Death - 12th April 2020
Reason of death - Blood cancer.

This was what was written on the grave of my father. Step father actually, but he always treated me as his own child. After my step mom Julia Dawson’s death he was the only family we had.

I was not their own child, but they never made me feel that way. I was 10 when they found me abandoned on the streets. They took me to their home and I stayed there for some time after which they adopted me. I am 18 now.

“Blaze? ” I heard a small voice behind me. I turned around to find my step brother Shane. He was just 4.

“Where is dada?” he asked in his small voice. What do I say? He already lost his mom at an early age.

" He is in a better place baby” I say crouching down to his height and pulling him in to a hug.

“Is he with moma? ” he asked.

" Yes love, he is with moma.” I reply.

“When are they gonna come back? I miss them” He says pouting.

" I don’t know. I guess God has lots of work for them up there. ” I say pointing to the sky.

" So... Will they come back after their work is done? ” he asked tilting his head.

" Maybe. Now tell me who wants to have noodles for lunch? ” I ask. His eyes brighten and a smile spreads along his face.

" Me! ” he shouts.

" Okay. Then let’s go home” I say and pick him up, and make him straddle the back of my neck. He squeals with delight. He always liked it when dad did it. But when dad got cancer, he would not be able to carry him. So I would do it instead.

We go to my car. A BMW. Dad always fancied having fancy cars. We have a collection of them in our garage. But his favorite was his red Chevrolet Camaro.

" Shane sit back, let me put on your seatbelt. ” I say. Putting on his seat belt.

We drive back home. It is not huge house. More like a medium sized one, but it had a homely feeling to it. Unlike most big houses, it was cute. It had light blue paint. Home sweet home.

Here starts a new part of our lives, the part which doesn’t include my parents. The part in which I have to give Shane a good life. He already has lost his everything. His parents helped me cope up, so now I will help him.
I hope I can give him the life he deserves.

I love my brother and I will always protect him.

Yeah so the prologue is out. So sad of Shane! He lost his parents at a very young age. But there are many like him who don’t have any one for them to help them cope up, we should be grateful that we have good lives.
So what you think about it till now plz tell me in the comments and don’t forget to like and review.


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