Escape from the Volcano Island!

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The Crash 2

After the crash, Jack and some other people were the only people alive on the island. They hoped that help would come but they never did. So the everyone became thirsty and very hungry. Then Jack divided people and then said :

10 people to collect food

10 people to get clean water without any impurities

and the last 13 people to search the island and explore.

After sometime, a person from the explorer came and said a volcano was going to erupt. Jack was worried. He put the explorers and told them to start building a boat. They started right away. When the others heard about this, they did a lot of hard work together and when Jack when to the volcano, he said it might start to erupt in 24 hours. Soon , when Jack went back , a person was there and asked if they could take him too. Jack did not leave a man behind and took all of them and them.

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