A Wrong Turn

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Mike is at his workplace and he gets stuck inside with his brother.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Good night!” Mike called out as one of his coworkers left the work building. About the time he got up to leave, his boss piled more work on his desk. “Oh, come on!” Mike said to his boss. His boss looked away and walked in the direction of the exit. “I BETTER BE GETTING PAID EXTRA FOR THIS!” Mike called out. His boss went through the door, in his car, and headed for home. His brother came in the work building with an ice cream cone in his hand. He had a mustache of chocolate ice cream. “Dude” Mike said, “You can’t just walk in here” “I can, and I did” Mike’s brother, Carl, took another step. Just then, snow started to fall. “Hey,” said Carl, “What’s the weather forecasting for today?” “First of all,” said Mike “It’s called forecast. Second of all, it's supposed to be a little snow” Carl had a weird look on his face. “You don’t know do you?” Mike sighed. “No, I don't” “I told you, man,” Said Carl, “You need to watch the news cause I don’t.” Mike was agitated. “If your so curious, look at the weather forecast yourself!” “Good idea man!” Said, Carl. Mike turned his head to his papers. Carl checked his phone and looked at Mike’s desk. Carl fell. “Man! That’s a lot!” said Carl. “I know,” said Mike, “It’s a lot” Carl licked the ice cream mustache off his face. Suddenly, they heard the wind blow harder and they saw the snow fall faster. “Hey,” said Mike “What was the forecast” “I don't know,” said Carl “They said it was a blizzard or something” Mike slapped his forehead. “We’re stuck here,” said Mike. “Why?! What’s the matter?” Carl said. Mike said, “A blizzard is a snowstorm” Before Mike could finish his sentence, Carl went “Ohhhhhh” Mike nodded and looked back at his papers. “I guess I better get started on this” Mike said. Carl was finishing his ice cream when he looked down the hall. He saw a restricted room and got curious. “I’m going to go to the bathroom” Carl lied. Without turning his head to look at Carl, Mike said, “Don’t break anything” Carl rolled his eyes and tiptoed down the hall. A few seconds later, Mike heard the door open. “The bathroom is upstairs!” He yelled, turning his head a little bit but a few seconds later, all he heard was a door close. No stairs, nothing--- Mike turned his head to see Carl going into the restricted room down the hall. “Stop!” Mike said. Carl closed the door and looked at Mike. “Umm,” Said Carl, “I thought it had said restroom” Mike sarcastically smiled and pointed to a chair near his desk. Carl sat down. He looked bored. Then Carl looked back at the door to the restricted room. He slowly slipped out of his chair and quietly crawled to the door leading to the restricted room. He quietly opened the door and went inside, leaving the door open. Mike turned to look at the empty chair, to notice that his brother was gone. He ran to the restricted room to notice his brother’s face and inferred that something strange was in the room. He turned to look inside and there it was. His worst nightmare...

Mike starred at the table to see the plans for a radioactive bomb signed Carl Drenderis which was his own brother’s name. He looked at Carl. “Uhhhhh” Carl ran out the door and closed it. “Carl! Don’t do this!” Mike said. “I have no money. There paying me.” Carl said. “Carl,” Mike said “This is going to make the world worse, and doing this can start a war. People can be killed, and you can be one of them…” “Your right…” Carl locked the door. “I have to be the one to stop this.” Carl ran “Wait! Get me out of here.” But it was no use. Carl had already run out the door, in the middle of the blizzard. Carl pushed against the wind with his arms up to keep the snow out of his face. It was freezing cold and there was nothing he could do but keep moving along. His pace was slow, but he knew that during a storm like this, they couldn’t go anywhere, and he knew there was only one place they could be… The downtown bar… He was cold and tired but the thought of saving thousands of lives kept him moving. “If only I didn’t agree in the first place,” Carl said, “then they would have given up, and this wouldn’t have happened. I could have had ice cream with Mike, not having to worry about what those other guys were doing” Carl walked down the block and walked up the street to the downtown bar. Before he went in, he said to himself “All I have to do is say, ‘I dont want to be a part of this’ and they’ll give up, and it won’t happen” Carl walked through the doors. “Hey Carl!” one of the men he was working with called out. “We’re glad you can make it!” Meanwhile, Mike was going crazy “LET ME OUT!” he said. He banged on the doors with one of the crowbars he found under the table. But it was no use. He doors wouldn’t budge. So, he sat down, relaxed, and watched some Netflix. I’m kidding, he kept banging on the doors with crowbars. Carl, on the other hand, said, “Hey guys, I need to talk to you.” They sat down. “I dont want to be a part of this no more” Carl said. “Okay, we understand,” Said the Boss man. “Okay, great,” said Carl. He got up from his chair. “Hey, wait” The boss pulled him back into the chair. “Well, you got to understand, we can’t just let you go. You might tell everybody.” “What?!” Carl said “Well, we dont fully trust you, you might just run off and tell on us. That wouldn’t be good for us. Of course, we’re going to have to lock you up, you know, wrongly accuse you and everything” He said. “You-you’re continuing without me?” “Why of course, you weren’t going to try to stop us, were you?” “Yes, I was” The boss grabbed a sword from the wall and pointed it at Carl. Carl breathed heavily, not knowing what the boss man’s next move was going to be. Everyone was watching, hoping that Carl wouldn’t get hurt. Some ladies hid behind the tables and called the police while others slowly moved towards the wall. Some prayed, some stayed, some neighed. I’m kidding, nobody neighed. The police eventually got there, but there was nothing they could do. If they took another step, Carl would be hurt. So their Carl was, helpless as a flea. Suddenly, Carl slipped out of his chair, went under the table. The police quickly pointed their guns at the man with the sword and he eventually dropped the sword and put his hands up. The police walked over and arrested him and his companions. Carl got up and said, “Thank you” and then led them to the office building. They helped out Mike, got rid of the radioactive bomb, and tracked down the dealers that were giving them the radioactive supplies. Mike was questioned, and after hearing the story, Carl was given only a week of jail time while the others were put in jail for life. In the end, they saved their country and were given a noble peace prize as a reward.

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