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'The Six' is an internet folk story about six powered individuals that helped the army with many operations. A journalist known as Jo Foster investigates this rumour but it sends her down a very dangerous path that is filled with government secrets that might put her own life in danger.

Action / Adventure
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The Six

Painted fingernails tapped on the keys, as letters kept appearing on the screen.

Hidden powered individuals amongst us?

Is ’The Six’ real?

By Jo Foster

The sudden knock on the door startled Jo. Jo immediately shut her laptop and looked at who knocked. Jo saw her caramel-skinned friend standing at her office’s open door.

“Hey, Kim! I thought you left already.” Said Jo from her desk chair.

Jo Foster had fair skin with blue eyes hidden behind some glasses. Her long brown hair was tied up into a bun.

The woman at the door entered the room and stood in front of Jo’s desk. The desk was messy, pages and folders were placed on the desk with no indication of an order.

“Why are you still at the office, Jo? You submitted that article about the missing drugs about an hour ago. Which means you should be home getting ready.” Said Kim.

“I am just researching some things for an upcoming story. As I have nothing better to do, there is no need to head home.”

“Did you forget already?” Kim shook her head.

“Forget about what exactly, Kim?”

“What day is it today?”

“I am pretty sure it is a Friday. I don’t see why that is important.”

“It is important because in just under two hours you have a date.”

Jo started to frown.

“Can’t I just ditch this date?”

“No, no, no. Not this again. It has been two years, Jo. You need to stop ditching guys.”

“But I kind of need to do some research for my next story and then I need to do some shopping-”

“I am not hearing any more excuses from you. You get your ass off that chair and go make yourself pretty so you can stun this Sigmund guy.”

Jo let out some muffled groans as she stood up and followed Kim to the entrance of her office.

“Also one more thing. You need to stop researching ’The Six’. It is a dumb fairy tale, Adam will never approve your articles.” Said Kim.

“I am telling you, Kim. They are real, I am not talking out of my ass. I saw at least one of them two years ago. I know it.”

“You were in a traumatic experience it is within reason to expect that your memory is a bit fuzzy.”

Jo rolled her eyes as she walked forward past her friend.

Jo exited the building. It was a chilly evening in the city of New York. Spring had just begun, the sky was slowly fading into the night time. As Jo walked up the street, a hooded man bumped into her.

“Oh, I am so sorry, sir.” Jo turned around to see the man but when she looked the hooded man was missing.

‘Well, that was weird.’ Thought Jo.

Jo then proceeded to call a taxi.

While in the taxi, Jo reached into her suit’s pocket searching for her phone. She felt something strange in her pocket. She pulled out what seemed to be a piece of paper.

‘You will regret looking for ’The Six’.’ Stood on the piece of paper. Jo took out her phone and took a picture of the threatening note she had received.

‘I knew I wasn’t losing my mind, ’The Six’ does exist.’ Thought Jo as she stuffed both the note and her phone into her pocket.

Once Jo reached her apartment she immediately hopped into the shower. Jo put on some tight black jeans, a maroon jersey. She chose a pair of black boots, a matching handbag as well as a blazer and headed out.

Jo called a cab and headed to the restaurant where she was meant to meet this ‘Sigmund’ guy. She had a picture of the guy, so this was not a completely blind date.

Once she reached the restaurant she noticed a guy matching the picture standing outside the restaurant. He was dressed in tight grey jeans, with a long sleeve shirt that seemed tight against his body. His shirt was tucked into his jeans and he was holding a black coat across his arm. As Jo got closer she noticed that he was just a little bit taller than her in her heels. He was a pretty handsome guy with long, black hair styled upwards. He had a little bit of stubble as well. Jo approached him.

“Hey, my name is Jo. You do not happen to be Sigmund right?” Asked Jo.

The man raised his arm for a handshake.

“Oh yes. I am Sigmund but everyone calls me Sig. Do you mind if we go inside?”

He had a husky voice.

“No problem.” Said Jo as she smiled.

Jo followed Sig as he spoke to one of the waiters that led them to their table.

Jo ordered some wine, while Sig ordered water.

“So Jo what do you do for a living?” Asked Sig.

“I am an investigative journalist for a newspaper here in the city. So I write about serious crimes, corrupt politicians and all sorts.”

“Sounds interesting, but does that kind of work not get a little bit dangerous.”

“Sometimes, but most of the time it is pretty safe. We are a pretty small newspaper so we never really got into any trouble. And you, what do you?”

“My job is not really as interesting as yours but I am a Marketing Manager for an accounting firm not too far from here.”

“What accounting firm?”

“Have you ever heard about EMG?”

“What do you mean have I ever heard about EMG! They like one of the biggest companies in this city. You must be some super-rich guy then.”

Sig shook his head.

“I am not a big deal really. My department is just a small part of the company. Honestly, I got pretty lucky that I got the job.”

“Don’t act all smug now. I am pretty sure you worked really hard to get to where you are now.”

Sig smiled as he scratched the back of his head.

Jo’s eyes lit.

“Since you work for EMG, can you give a little inside information on the whole corruption story a few years back?”

Sig giggled a little bit.

“I guess you can’t take the journalist out of you. I only joined the company a couple of months ago, so I would know nothing about that.”

“Dammit, I thought I could get an inside scoop.”

“You really enjoy your work don’t you?”

Jo started looking away and tugged on a strand of her hair.

“I love my job, I am just a really curious person, always have been. I know it can be a bit overbearing for people.”

Sig smiled.

“Honestly I find it quite endearing. Just don’t let your curiosity get you killed though. Also, the way you got shy when speaking about yourself is pretty cute.”

“All this flattery, I see you working hard for a second date Sig.”

They both laughed.

The waiter arrived and they ordered food. They maintained some small talk as they ate.

After their meal, Jo asked.

“Um Sig, do you know anything about ’The Six’?”

Sig held a serious expression.

“’The Six’? Is that not some internet folk story?”

“Yeah, the one about the six individuals that showcase some sort of bizarre abilities.”

“I think everyone heard about the story. Six individuals that came from out of nowhere to help the army with certain missions that were determined to be too risky.”

“Yeah, that is the one. Now if you look up ’The Six’ anywhere, you get a multitude of fan theories and fake videos on them. There is a singular official document written by Jeff Kingley back in the 1950s that relates that these fictitious superheroes existed. Now this Jeff Kingley seemed to disappear right after writing this document, suspicious right?”

“You seem to be a little obsessed with ’The Six’.”

Jo paused for a bit before continuing.

“Well, I am pretty sure I witnessed one of these supposed heroes before.”

Sig had a shocked expression on his face.

“What do you mean? You ran into one of ’The Six’?” Asked Sig.

“That is a story for another night.”

“So there is going to be another date?”

Sig looked at Jo smugly.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Sigmund, the night is still long.”

Sig laughed.

“So back to my story, Jeff Kingley disappeared right after writing his article. After his disappearance, there were no other reports made on these heroes. Until about a good 30 years later, by a woman named Sylvia Quebec. Now the article she wrote was based on the original document by Jeff Kingley, this article could not be found anywhere until I came along anyway. You see a missing person was reported the day after this article was posted, Sylvia Quebec disappeared without a trace. Doing a little digging, I found a copy of the original article but the whole thing was basically redacted.”

“I don’t know this whole affair seems to be a bit dangerous. You better be safe because it seems everyone that investigates this disappears.”

Jo looked up at Sig with bright eyes.

“Do you believe my story?”

“Well the way you laid down the facts, it seems pretty legit.”

Jo smiled.

“You are the only one who believes my crazy story.”

“You are really passionate about it, I want to know about the time you met one of ’The Six’.”

Jo looked away.

“Hey, I am sorry if I brought up a sensitive topic. You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.”

There was a moment of silence before Jo shook her head.

“I really do not want to speak about it...sorry.”

“No-no-no. I am the one that should apologize. I tried to open old wounds. It is getting kind of late, we should probably head home.”

Jo nodded.

Sig reached across the table and handed Jo his phone.

The phone was on the contacts screen.

“Not really being subtle.” Giggled Jo.

Sig started to giggle.

“I thought the date was going well until I screwed it up.”

“It really was, well next time we are only talking about you. I kind of took over there at the end.”

“Trust me there is nothing interesting about me.”

“There is always something to be figured out, Sigmund.”

Jo went on to add her phone number to his phone. Sig did the same when Jo handed her phone to him. After they had split the bill they got up to leave the restaurant. Jo looked at his contact on the phone.

Sigmund Keller


‘Interesting character.’ Thought Jo.

They exited the restaurant.

“So do I need to call you a cab?” Asked Sig.

Jo shook her head.

“It is a pretty cool night so I think I am going to walk.”

“Should I walk you home?”

“I am good and you probably need to get home too. I do not want to delay you.”

“Well, good night I guess.” Said Sig.

“Goodnight Sig”

The two-headed off in different directions.

Sig stopped not too far from the restaurant.

‘Fuck I’ve got to save her.’ Thought Sig as he turned around and briskly walked the other direction.

It was pretty late therefore the streets were pretty empty. Jo’s apartment was a 20-minute walk away from the restaurant. A few blocks from the restaurant, Jo had an uneasy feeling. She looked behind her and noticed a hooded figure following her. Jo tried to pick up her pace but once she turned to move forward she found herself staring down a barrel of a revolver. A similar-looking hooded man was holding the revolver. Jo lifted up her hands.

“I do not have much money on me but you can take everything.” Panicked Jo.

The armed man spoke in a heavy accent.

“I don’t want your money!”

The man motioned Jo to enter a nearby alleyway, Jo complied. The alleyway was filled with garbage bins. When Jo arrived at the end of the alleyway she turned around. Two identical hooded men were pointing revolvers at her.

“What do you want from me?”

“Jo Foster, you’ve stuck your nose in matters that don’t concern you.” Said the left hooded man as both men pulled the hammer of the revolver.

“Is this about ’The Six’? I swear I will stop researching them.” Pleaded Jo.

The two men pulled on the trigger. Jo closed her eyes before she heard the bang.


Jo felt nothing. Jo opened her eyes. She was no longer in the alleyway. She recognized the street she was currently in. She wasn’t too far away from her apartment. Jo heard someone coughing, she turned around to see a familiar man heaving up blood.

“Oh my god, Sig. Are you alright?” Jo attempted to get closer to him but he motioned for her to stop.

Sig heaved up more blood onto the pavement. There were lines of blood pouring out of his eyes.

“Do not worry about me...head home...and stay there! Do..not..open for anyone!” Said Sig between coughs.

Jo did not hesitate and made a run for it. She turned to look back at Sig but he was already gone.

Once Jo arrived in her apartment, she locked the door behind her, with her back against the door she slowly maneuvered into a sitting position.

‘What the fuck just happened?’

After a few moments, Jo got up off the floor and went to her bedroom. There she found her laptop and did some research on ’Sigmund Keller’. Jo did some research for a couple of hours before she got what she wanted.

‘Gotcha!’ Thought Jo.

That night Jo could not fall asleep.

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