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Is he really dead

Wyatt now being able to hear hope and Liam Wyatt looks at them says get ready Hope and Liam looking confused obeying what he said they’re ready to start going out the door and get knocked back by a big wave Powers out why it looks as he goes back and starts levitating again but this time he’s in control he has the power hope and Liam looking very happy because when they were at school the teacher said that they can unlock something called a full potential when you hit your lowest moment your power fully unlocked itself are you fully in control you have power Liam and hope getting ready to fight Liam and hope unlock their full potential as well and it’s ready to fight the villain laughing floating in the sky while it comes flying at him hitting with a few energy bars but turns out the film was absorbing it knocking white out hope is ready but she gets blasted back Liam knowing that he’s the only one back up goes after the villain but sadly gets shot Liam laying on the ground wire and hope to get back to they feet look at Liam tears running down their faces as they hear the villain laughing but this time Wyatt is ready instead of flying and attacking he talk to the villain but the villain laughs saying he knew what was going to happen Liam lying on the ground lifeless white and whole putting his hands and stay with us they start levitating together in a big light shine killing the villain reinforce back down to the ground and Liam says you were my best friends and fades away but a big light shines Wyatt open his eyes here’s Liam saying good morning sleepyhead

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