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The Janitor

By Timothy Mukandatsama All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller


The guy is a top of the notch criminal and has managed to slip up from under the agency's nails for some time now. He seems like a down to earth kinda guy who is very close with everyone else that no one will even think that he is the person that they are looking for.However, no bad deed goes unpunished so here is how it goes.

Chapter 1 - Pilot

One would call it a helter-skelter at the New York international airport as the FBI, the NYPD and CIA swamped into the place. People started to panic and some to even run as they thought that maybe they might have been the ones in trouble. Their weeks of tracking the traitor had led them to the airport as they believed he was on his way out of the country. The law enforcers appeared to be searching for someone but it seemed as though he wasn’t there. “FBI get on the ground slowly and put your hands on your head,” shouted FBI special agent Sean Bishop. “I’ve got him.” The confused man laid helpless on the ground. Sean walked up to him and roughed him up as he put the cuffs on him. “You are under arrest! You have the right to remain, silent anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you can’t afford an attorney one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?” with a sign of anger in his eyes agent Bishop continued speaking as he picked the man in the hoody up. “Did you honestly think you would get away this time?” He whispered in the criminal’s ear as he dragged the man out of the airport. “What the hell man easy on the cuffs there.” Said the man as Sean was dragging him recklessly without even caring if he was hurting. “What am I in for by the way? I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m a law abiding citizen” claimed the man as agent Sean Bishop took him away. He just looked at Sean with loathe and confusion as if he actually didn’t know what was happening.



Night lights beamed upon the wonderful streets of New York and a cool breeze was blowing, the perfect weather as one would wonder. The janitor was done with work and he was slowly walking home enjoying the nice weather. As he was about to take a last turn into his street, a thug came out from nowhere with a gun in his hand and said “empty you pockets now. Give me the money now and I don’t have to hurt you man.” He said as he shook his gun in the janitor’s face. “Ok, ok I’m taking out my wallet please don’t shoot me.” The janitor said as he put down the plastic bag he was carrying. He then pulled out his wallet slowly and then offered it to the thug. “Here take it, please don’t shoot me. I have a wife and two kids and they are waiting for me at home.” When the thug tried to grab the wallet he was met by two blows which were very fast. One was directed to the hand which was holding the gun and he dropped it. The thug looked shocked as he didn’t expect that but he didn’t have time to retaliate as the other punch came and this was the fatal one which aimed at the front his neck and he fell down like a statue. He then laid down motionless, it was clear that he was dead. The janitor walked past the corpse and whisperer “Stupid idiot.” He picked up his wallet and returned it into his pocket then picked up the plastic bag before he continued with his journey home as if nothing had happened. There were no witnesses to this crime, he just walked away. “Kids I’m home.” He said as he entered his house. A boy then ran up to his father and he got a hug from his father.

Elsewhere a young man was in a kitchen pouring whiskey into a glass. “Don’t worry Sean tomorrow I will be out of your hair. I have decided to go back home.” The young man said as he entered the lounge holding a packet of cheese balls and in his other hand a glass of whiskey. He handed out the glass to his brother who was sitting on a chair reading his newspaper. Sean closed his newspaper, folded it, folded it again, and dropped it into his lap. He then took the glass and took a sip and seemed as if he had something on his mind. “It’s not that I don’t want you here Taylor but it kinda feel crowded with you here. You can come back next month when we move to a bigger house and when you have finished your exams at school. I know that it seems as if we are pushing you too hard but when you have your degree from NYU you will thank us.” He said as they both watched TV. “Just like you thanked mom and dad huh? They put you through your first degree and then masters and then you decide to be a cop. What a waste. To top that, you even lied to your best friend Jonny that you had to stay at home and take care of mom.” He said as he ate his cheese balls and failed to notice Sean looking at him with warning eyes. “Shut up Tay, I’m warning you. Never ever mention what you have just said in public or else there will be blood. Not even Stacey knows about that so please I beg you.” He said as he looked a bit uncomfortable. “What the hell bro, you are about to marry the girl but she doesn’t know that. Wow, you never seize to amaze me.” He said as they continued to watch the NBA game.

Early the following morning in an office a man seemed to be very busy with his work. Then there was a knock on the door, “good morning director Perkins,” a young man said as he peaked into his office. “I heard that you were looking for me?” he said as he now entered his director’s office. The director seemed to be preoccupied by his paperwork that he didn’t even notice that someone had entered. The young man then sat down as he stared at his director who was looking over a bunch of papers. “Hey you Christopher are you even listening to me?” the young man was now furious at his unresponsive director who then recognized that he had a visitor in his office. “Sam, I didn’t hear you come in. what can I do for you today?” the director gave his agent the full attention. “I heard that you were looking for me. It had something to do with a mission in Russia.” He said as he leaned back, relaxing in his chair. “Oh that’s right.” The director then looked over a mountain of papers that were on his desk. “I’m sorry, tonight I’m going to the Whitehouse so I needed to check everything so that if the president asks me anything I will be able to answer him. Oh there it is.”

He then handed his agent a paper with something written on it. “And what am I supposed to do with this paper?” he asked his director as he had noticed that the paper had numbers written all over it. “I need you to check that location and see if there is anything there. I received the fax this morning from Moscow. The asset said that this is a location of an illegal activity happening in Russia, and I need you to check for me if there is anything fishy happening at that location. That is if it is okay with you?” the director humbly asked his agent. “I was thinking that I …” he was cut short by the director who raised his volume now. “That wasn’t a request Sam. I know that you agents here at this office think that I’m weak and have been reluctant to listen to anything I say but this all ends now.” He said as he started to get a bit angry. “But sir today i….” Sam was very eager to try and explain to his director who didn’t want to hear it. “I don’t wanna hear about that.” He said as he shook his head. He then got a call from what looked like a Russian number. “Now get out of my office, and if I you call me by my first name you will see my true colors.” The director said and Sam stood up right there and looked at him and then calmly said something to his director which shocked him. “With all due respect Christopher, if you ignore me again after you call me, I will show everyone in the office your video at Jefferson’s party. That one when you were still in high school.” After saying this, the young man turned around as he smiled. The director was speechless as he gazed at his agent who apparently had leant of his embarrassing moments. “Ha classic.” He said to himself as he opened the door.

He picked up the phone, “hello director I think that by the end of today we will know the identity of the mole. I have been talking to Vlad said that he will tell me and in exchange give him and his lover asylum in the US when they come next week.” Mike said as he walked down the streets in Russia. “That is good work Mike but I really think you should get on the next plane to New York. It is way too dangerous given that these people have killed four of our agents in the past six weeks.” The director said as he seemed a bit uneasy. “It’s fine sir. No attempt has been made on my life and besides I knew of the risks when I first joined the agency.” He replied and then the director looked outside and saw an older man walking in the direction of his office. “Your father is on his way to my office right now I have to go…” he then heard gun shots over the phone and then “Mike! Mike! Are you ok?” he stood up and tried to listen but there was no response. “Damn it Mike answer me.” He said and then put on a serious face as he walked towards the door. The older man then looked at him laughing, and even his assistant was trying to hold it in but failing. “Mel what is going on? Frank what the hell are you laughing at? Come in my office now and Mel please call Scott, James and Sam to come to my office immediately. Tell them Mike is in trouble.” After hearing this frank’s smile turned into a frown.

It was court room and it appeared as though it was a high profile case as there were a lot of news reporters in the room. Everything that was being said was jotted down by a pack full of people as camera flashes were everywhere. “I’m told that the state has found new evidence.” The judge said as he looked at two state attorneys who were seating across from him. “Yes your honor and we would like to submit it.” A woman stood up and said this eloquently. “Objection your honor! We were made aware of this evidence thirty minutes before today’s court and we haven’t had time to review it.” A defense attorney stood up and proclaimed his side of the story. “Your honor we were made aware of this evidence 5 minutes before we handed it over to the defense.” The fine looking woman in a Gucci suit said as she picked up her pen from her desk. “Objection overruled, I will allow this profound evidence. What is it anyway.” The owner said looking at the state attorney who then asked for a TV to be brought. “What you are about to witness is terrifying and horrifying ladies and gentlemen.” She then pressed play on the remote. It showed a woman who was sitting on the defense side, the defendant entering a room where a couple was fast asleep. She then stabbed the woman in the video with a syringe and then moved over to the man. She took out a machete from her bag and cut of the man’s head from the body. She then switched off the TV leaving everyone in the courtroom speechless. “Your honor I would like to call the therapist, Sandra Bowman to the stand.” The lawyer then said as she handed back the remote to the guard. The woman then stood up and as she started moving towards the stand, a woman in the jury stood up and shot the therapist in the head, blowing her brains out. “You are an embarrassment to all white people and to all women in the world.” The lady said as she was taken down by the guards. “Well done Stacey.” The other state attorney, a Latino man said as he hugged her. “We did it together Diego.” She replied, “how about we go out and celebrate tonight?” he said as they were packing up and reporters moving towards them. “I’m sorry I can’t, I’m going out with my boyfriend and his friends. Maybe another time.” She said as they struggle to get away from the reporters who had their questions.

At a private school somewhere in New York, there was a girl who was being bullied by a group of people. “How is it that you are able to study hear given that your father is a janitor, huh, Allison?” a tall blonde haired, blue eyed boy asked the girl who was waiting in line to board a bus. “Don’t mind that jerk Ali, he’s furious because you refused to go out with him.” Meredith, Allison’s friend who was standing behind her said. “What is wrong Allison, not talkative today, huh? Are you worried that people might see you for what you really are, a liar?” he continued to try and provoke her. “Jeremy is an a_hole.” She whispered as she boarded the school bus. She sat at a seat by the window, second row from the back seat and put on her earphones to shut the whole world out.

The janitor arrived at a church and entered looking nervous as if he feared to be struck by lightning. He then waited in line to see the priest who seemed to have quite a long line. He then entered passing over a lot of people who were angry but couldn’t do anything about it. “Forgive me father for I have sinned.” He said soon after he sat down. “What have you done my child?” the priest asked him. “Cut the crap priest and tell me honestly was it your people who killed the therapist in an open court room? How can you be that reckless, huh?” he whispered angrily at the priest. “Be still my son, fear not for if it weren’t for that woman’s death, it would have been you going to prison. The man that she targeted was the reporter who was investigating the attack on the Russian embassy in Germany one and half years ago.” The priest answered the janitor calmly. “Next time give me a heads up coz I was starting to fear that the mission was off given that the therapist was helping us profile everyone.” He said and then banged the door open as he left the confession room.

Back at the CIA New York offices, the Assistant Director was filled with rage and his face was brick red as if it was about to explode. “Another mission has been blown, our potential asset is dead without telling us any usable information and above all one of our agent has gone missing. Honestly what in God’s name is happening here?” He banged the table trying to show his anger. A moment of silence passed as agents looked down in embarrassment as to how this might have happened. Then came out a voice in the back corner from an agent who was turning his chair from left to right, “with all due respect sir most of us in this room didn’t have security clearance until a few hours ago when we were told to track one of our own. Isn’t that a question to ask those who knew about the mission?” Everyone looked at Agent Sam Davis in amazement of how he could speak to the Assistant Director like that. He seemed to like the attention as he put on a smirk on his face. The director looked at him as if he wanted to eat him alive. “Nevertheless everyone is going to submit themselves for a mandatory lie detector test” replied the assistant director as he took his eyes from the arrogant agent who seemed not to care about the hierarchy. “As this is the third mission blown in the past six weeks if you fail this test you will be in big trouble.” The director continued speaking in a calmer tone this time around.

“Sir, have you stopped to consider the fact that maybe our missing agent is the traitor?” asked the arrogant but brave agent Davis who was just trying to provoke the assistant director. “Sir just because he is your son it doesn’t necessarily make him a saint.” Everyone was speechless including the Assistant director. They just stared at him, some in amazement and some angry as to how he can imply that a person who had been a loyal friend to others could be a traitor. The agent who was sitting next to him actually punched his legs to try to shut him up. The silence was then broken by the director’s secretary Melissa who had an urgent message for the Assistant Director. She was one of those geeky girls who always wear things in a scruffy manner. She wore those big goggles kind of glasses and not contacts and a sweater which was very ugly. In general she looked as if she was just waking up from a very long night. The agents in the room looked at her with disgusted looks and were whispering to each other. She whispered something in his ear which he responded by a brightened look as if it may have been news regarding the missing agent. He then gave an order, “oh in thirty minutes everyone there is a lie detector test starting with you Agent Davies you seem to have a lot of things to say.” After saying this he stormed out of that room following Melissa who had left a few seconds before.

Then he caught up with Mel and continued the conversation with her in the hallway as they made their way for the situation room. “Are we certain that it was Mike who made contact with us?” he asked as he put on a face which showed relief. “Yes it is sir. He called us about five minutes ago and said he wants to come home as it’s no longer safe in Moscow. He informed us he is at a bread and breakfast in downtown and he isn’t sure how long it will be safe there.” She said as she walked right in front of him. “Thanks Mel I will take it from here” the assistant director said this and then entered the situation room in a hurry and closed the door behind him. A janitor was sweeping the floor as they were passing through and seemed to be listening to their conversation. “Who do we have on the ground put them through now? We need to extract our agent before the SVR catches up with him” asked the Assistant director who apparently was the acting director. He looked at the agents in the room who were a bit reluctant to answer him. “I’m sorry sir didn’t the director tell you that yesterday we had pull all agents from Russia because of their security due to the mole? We only have agent zero and Jason who is in Novosibirsk whose flight was delayed because of bad weather”, replied Agent Scott who was sitting relaxed in his chair. “It must have slipped his mind. Anyways tell Jason to get on the next plane to Moscow.” He answered trying to cover up why the director wouldn’t have informed him about the recalling of the active agents in Russia but he wasn’t doing a good job doing that.

He then went out of the room and made a call to the Director “really Chris you didn’t think it was important to tell me that you were pulling everyone out of Russia? By the way why didn’t you pull Mike too?” he asked the director with an angry voice. “Mike begged me not to tell you as he wanted to finish the mission. He knew if I told you, you would freak out and made sure he would come home with the rest of his crew. He had said that he had managed to get the information confirming our theory that we have a mole so today he was supposed to get the information as to who it was”, replied the director who was preoccupied with something else. He was actually wearing a tuxedo and seemed as if he was going to a special occasion. “What’s the use now? The mission was a bust, the asset is dead along with the name of the mole and now my son is stuck in Moscow with nowhere to go. Chris you should’ve told me coz if I was in the same position I would have told you. If something were to happen to Mike I don’t think if I can ever forgive you for this.” Frank Edwards the assistant director said as he punched the wall in anger. “I made a judgement call. I’m sorry that your son is in that position but the fact is that we really needed the name of the mole that I had to leave him there. On top of that Mike is a grown man Frank, he made his decision to stay behind.” Assistant director hung up and then made his way back to the situation room. He banged the door behind him showing his frustration towards this situation they were in and above all that the director didn’t tell him that he had withdrawn all agents except his son.


It’s the Whitehouse and there seemed to be a special occasion. Plates were being set and places were being assigned as to who will sit where. Workers dressed in black and white were moving to and fro. The first lady had invited some Asian country leaders and delegates to a dinner after the end of the UN summit. In their bedroom the president and the first lady were getting ready for their dinner. The bed was filled with ties as the president was having trouble choosing one and the first lady was by her closet picking a dress. “Honey do you know how much I hate these dinner parties? They are a lot of work not to mention that I have to pretend to like everyone”, said the first lady as she was putting on a dress she had chosen. “Hate is a very strong word babe. So why did you invite them for dinner at our house if you don’t like these events. I wish it was only just the two of us.” Said President R.G Hopkins the third as he dashed his feet to his beautiful wife Claire. He then lifted her hair and then kissed her on the neck. “Ooh. Honey stop or we will be late. Come on zip me up…….” she said as she was putting on her earrings. The president didn’t stop though, he started to remove her dress. She then turned around and faced her husband. “Firstly I need some 1965 antique plates from China and I’m dying to meet the new president and first lady of North Korea. I hear that these ones are nicer. Also I have keep up appearances, it’s been a while since I invited them.” She said while moving her hands on his chest. “I’m the leader of the free world I’m sure the Asians can wait a little longer.” He said as he grabbed his wife and pulling her closer. They started kissing but then they were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Sorry Mam but your son is calling and he says that it’s urgent.” “It’s ok Noreen come on in,” replied the first lady as the president zipped her up. Noreen entered and handed the first lady’s phone to her. A reporter at the television “this just in people, the oldest son of the president, Fitzgerald is being chased by the police as he was moving above the speed limit and it appears that he is not alone in the car. It is believed that he is highly intoxicated as he is coming from Stones night club. We now take you live there.” The president showed a disappointed face and they leave the work to the president’s chief of staff to handle it. “Jake please handle this and quietly. I don’t want this dinner to be ruined by something that kid does. Make sure he gets a punishment for this.” The president said this as he took his wife’s hand who was still on the phone with their son and walked out.


At the CIA in a room Sam was attached to some equipment was sitting across from a woman who was wearing glasses and it seemed like he was now taking the polygraph. “A few questions for control. Your name is Samuel Davis?” the analyst asked him. “You can just call me Sam, babe.” The analyst stopped what she was doing and looked him in the eyes. She was a beautiful woman. ““Yes” or “no” will be fine.” she said then looked back down on her questions. “Yes.” He continued as he continued to stare at her. “You’re 26 years old?” “Yes.” “You speak five languages?” “I travel a lot. Languages come naturally to me. I will take you with me on my next mission and we will lay on the beach with you in a bikini, would you love that.” She stopped again and looked at him with flattered eyes. “Agent Davis we are looking for a “yes” or “no” answer.” He then leaned back in the chair smiling and then said, “Yes.” Then he spoke in French saying that “she was a very beautiful.” The analyst looked at him but this time she wasn’t flattered at all. She didn’t need to say anything her eyes did the talking and he got the message as he instantly stopped smiling. “Okay, Samuel, I’m going to ask you questions relating to the matter at hand. Have you ever revealed any CIA information to foreign intelligence?” “I’m not a traitor if that is what you are asking. I never leaked any information.” He said this as he rested his arms on the table. The analyst then removed her glasses and looked at him annoyed that he wasn’t doing as he was instructed to. “No.” Sam said this after noticing that the analyst was getting angry. “Have you ever at any point in time went out with a woman of foreign intelligence or have any kind of relationship with anyone of foreign intelligence.” “No.” He answered as he seemed uncomfortable. Then the analyst twitched her eyes as she wrote something down. The computer had indicated that Sam was lying.


At the dinner everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Chatting sounds were everywhere and the waiters and waitresses were moving all over the place as they were refilling wine glasses among other jobs. And the V.I.Ps there present were the presidents of China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, India and their wives and also the madam vice president, the secretary of state and the CIA director amongst others. “Waiter can I please have another fork mine seems to have fallen down?” said a woman’s voice who was sitting at an important table but it was not clear where it was and the face of the person wasn’t even revealed. Then an Asian waiter not only deliver the fork but also a note to go along with it and it was written downtown b&b 5545N 3737E. As soon as the waiter left the first lady stood up. She then hit her glass three times to get everyone’s undivided attention and made a toast. “I don’t want to bore you with a long speech as I know most of you came here for the food.” Then everybody laughed including her. “I would like to personally thank everyone for gracing us with your presence. I’m honored to be able to dine with the most powerful people of Asia. I say congratulations to President Lee and his wife on your election. I hope this is a step towards friendship between the United States of America and all of you here present. So everyone raise a glass.” She raised hers and people stood up and raised their glasses. “So here is to new alliances!” she said as she raised the glass pointing at every one. Everyone replied “to new alliances” then they drank and sat down and resumed to their previous endeavors and conversations.


Back at the CIA Scott was now in the interrogation room with some analyst asking some questions. He had a lie detector connected to him and a laptop was on the table. “Can you remain still, please? We’re about to begin.” The analyst said this as he punched some buttons on the laptop to Scott who couldn’t stop fidgeting. “Polygraph for the CIA mole search. A few questions for control. Your name is Scott Mackenzie?” the analyst asked him. “Yes.” Scott answered and he was still looking restless. “You’re 33 years old?” “Yes.” He answered looking a bit relaxed now. “You reside in New York?” “Manhattan, yes.” “You are the only child in your family?” Then Scott answered, “Yes.” “Okay, Scott, I’m going to ask you questions relating to the matter at hand. Have you ever revealed any CIA information to foreign intelligence?” “No.” He answered boldly. The analyst wrote something down and Scott started to look a bit scared now. “Can you please relax Mr. Mackenzie?” the analyst asked him as he punched some buttons on the laptop. “Next Question.” The analyst said this to Scott who was starting to sweat.

Elsewhere at a bar a man stood on top of a table and shouted, “Here is to my best friend FBI special agent Sean Bishop through my guidance and teaching was able to track down and arrest a well-known terrorist leader!” he looked at Sean who was sitting down telling him to sit down using actions. But he didn’t listen to him and he continued “To Sean!” as he lifted his glass of beer. Then everyone laughed and shouted “to Sean!!” then they began drinking. Jonny then climbed down from the table with the help of Sean. “Really Jonny when were you ever my teacher?” replied agent Bishop as he helped him down and everyone else drinking and having a good time. “So tell me buddy there are rumors spreading around that you have an appointment on Monday with the guys upstairs and that you are going to be reassigned to our taskforce. How far true is that?” asked Jonny as they were waiting for their order at the counter. “Man I don’t know about the reassignment to your taskforce. I have an appointment with director Millstone yes and if they ask me to join the CTT who am I to refuse?” Their conversation was then cut short as Sean’s fiancé has just arrived. “Hey babe, I’m sorry I’m late I had some paperwork to finish up at the office. Congrats on the big arrest. If they don’t promote you or give you a raise tell me and I will throw their sorry asses in jail.” She said this as she leaned forward and kissed him. “And I heard about a breakthrough in your case too, congratulations babe.” He replied his girlfriend who after kissing him stayed by his side. “Easy there councilor you might scare some chicks who I have my eyes on across the bar.” He said this as he took two bottles of beer from the bartender.

“Always a pleasure seeing you too Jonny” replied Stacey sarcastically as if she was glad to see him but was annoyed by the guy. “You know Stacey when you are done playing hard to get and leave this looser my heart will still be open for you!” he said while pointing at Sean then taking a gulp of his beer after saying that, “Jonny you are married” she replied as she turned around and faced him. “That doesn’t matter baby I will let you handle the divorce.” Jonny said this as he drank his beer and looking at some ladies who were across the bar from them. She then smiled at them and they waved back calling him over. “Wipe that smirk from your face. You’re a pervert. Honestly Sean how is it that you ended up being friends with this prick?” she said as she looked back at Sean who was just standing there in silence and drinking his beer. “I don’t know babe I ask myself that question every single day but you have to get used to him you know?” replied Sean smiling at his fiancé then brushing his hands on her face. “Did you here that Stacey, if end up marrying this guy you will be stuck with me forever. Forever” Jonny whispered to Stacey who pushed him away. They all laughed and continued drinking and talking.


Then Jake arrived at the police station and the place was surrounded by the press. He struggled to enter the station. “I’m here to pick up Fitzgerald Hopkins.” He said to the policeman who was at the reception. The policeman was a bald head white fella who was a bit fat. “Ok let me take a look.” The policeman then sat down and looked at the desktop next to him. “The bail hasn’t been set I’m sorry but he has to spend the night in the holding cell.” The policeman said this to Jake who looked shocked. Then Fitz who was now awake and sober stood up and shouted, “Jake please don’t let them keep me here overnight! I beg you!” he said as he put his head on the prison bars. “Officer Can I speak to your supervisor, in fact your captain?” Jake said this angrily but the policeman seemed to not be afraid of him. “I’m sorry Mr. chief of staff but I cannot do that you are gonna have to wait until tomorrow. It looks like the president’s son is going to have to spend the night in the cell.” He said as he looked at Jake and he smiled afterwards. “What is your name? I’m gonna have you fired like now.” Jake said as he took out his phone. “I’m the new captain at this precinct. And to answer your next question, I was transferred here yesterday by the request of the President himself. You see we used to be friends back in the day. So if you want me fired I guess you should call him, tell him that Captain Jackson doesn’t want to release his son. But until that happens your boy there is going to spend the night in that cell. What’s so special about him? He’s just like any other normal citizen of this country.” Jake after hearing this guy, he was shocked. First at the fact that the president had recalled his friend and didn’t tell him. Then at the fact that if he was the president’s friend just like he claimed why would he allow his son to sleep in a jail cell. “Please captain can you please pardon him for tonight only, I beg you?” Jake pleaded with him now. “I’m sorry Jake but if you want him released tonight have the president call me himself otherwise he’s coming out tomorrow.” The captain said as he stood up and started to walk away. “Jake please call my mom, I’m sure that she can convince him to make the call? I can’t sleep in here Jake!” he shouted from the cell as he looked back in the cell trying to indicate the weird guys in his cell. Jake then dialed a number and placed the phone on his ear.


SVR agents arrived at the Bed and breakfast in downtown Moscow and one took out his gun and shot at the camera at the front facing the reception. The other one walked to the receptionist who was trembling hiding under the table and asked him nicely, “can I please see the customer records?” as she looked at her hiding under the table. “Here it is. Please don’t s me.” The poor receptionist begged for his life as she handed over the book. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna shoot a pretty face like yours.” She said as she touched his cheeks. Then they searched every room that had been paid for in cash and found Mike in room 211 and he was prepared to fight. There was a gun fight, he shot at them while they shot back. He killed many agents as he was hiding behind what seemed to be a metal table. There was a moment of silence and he thought that he was in the clear so he got out of hiding and tried to make a run for it. As he was about to reach the bathroom door he was shot on his right side of his chest and he dropped his gun. As he tried to crawl to his gun which had gone under the bed, a SVR agent Kozlov entered his room walking slowly with a gun in his hand. He stepped on Mike’s hand and he turned around while screaming in pain. As they were now facing each other Kozlov then spoke in Russian “I don’t like American spies,” then he shot him between the eyes. They then left the place taking the footage from the security room and leaving no witness that includes even the receptionist. Kozlov shot him on his way out. A few hours later Jason arrived at the B&B and found it flooded with the police who were taking statements from people who had been nearby and customers who had been there when it happened. Jason then made the call to Langley, “I’m sorry sir but I was too late.” Jason said this as he was moving away from the crime scene pushing his way as there were a lot of people who had gathered to see what had happened. “What happened Jason talk to me? Is Mike injured or something.” Frank asked on the phone which was on speaker as he was anxious to know what had happened to his son. “The police is all over the place. I’m sorry but he’s dead sir. It is evident that he went out with a fight, it is a mess here. There is lot of blood all over.” “Thanks Jason make sure that you get on the next plane back home.” Frank hung up after saying this and tears then filled his eyes and they started pouring down. Jason then entered a taxi and said, “To the airport please.”



The following day in the morning at the CIA offices the director was giving a speech in front of his agents. “Every time I stand here I always comfort myself saying to myself that maybe next time it would be easier but it’s very never easy to stand here and speak about losing an agent even if it’s for the protection of our country. It’s especially hard this time as it is the son of one of our own. Mike dedicated his life to serving this country and protecting its people. This star is a symbol to remind all of us that we have lost one of our family.” He said as he pointed on a star which was on the wall next to him. “Let’s not make his sacrifice go in vain but rather let us work towards ensuring that whosoever is responsible pay for this wretched crime. Mikel Richard Edwards may your soul rest in peace.” Meanwhile the janitor is transferring some information in his basement from the flash drive he stole onto a flop disk. He heard footsteps of people coming back so after he was done copying the files he went up to the office with his cleaning equipment. “Oh Frank I’m very sorry about what happened to Jason. I don’t know how it feels to lose a son but I can only imagine” he said this as he somehow slips back the flash drive back in the drawer he took it from. “Thank you Sheldon, it really means a lot,” Frank replies as tears start falling from his eyes. Sheldon then hugged him to comfort him. Sheldon went outside and started talking to everyone about what had happened.

Sam then walked up to Scott’s desk. He knocked once at the table. He then grabbed a chair and sat with him. “Man the B_ who took my polygraph was so uptight. She didn’t even smile. Who did you get?” he said as he rocked his chair looking at his partner. “I got that dude, I think his name is Trey or something like that. He was cool, he kept on encouraging me to relax.” He replied his partner as he turned around and looked at him. “Lucky you man. That chick kept on giving me the eye.” He said this as he stopped moving the chair. Scott then laughed a bit and then said “that’s probably because you have slept with almost every female agent here. If I’m not wrong you probably tried flirting with him.” Scott looked at his partner who looked guilty. Then Sheldon walked up to them. “I’m sorry about Mike guys, I know you weren’t that close but he was still one of us.” He said as he took the trash can next to Scott’s desk. They didn’t answer him, instead Sam stood up and walked away. “It’s a pity he was a good agent.” Scott then said this as he started reading some papers on his desk. “I know.” Sheldon said this as he returned the trash can and walked away.

Then Assistant Director Frank Edwards knocked at the director’s door. “Hi Frank come on in and close the door. I’m very sorry about what happened to Mike and also that I neglected to tell you about the pulling out of our agents from Russia. So if you want to take some time off I would totally understand.” He said as Frank closed the door and made it to a seat across from the director. “I’m sorry Chris but I can’t do this anymore. I can’t work for the agency any longer. Here this is my resignation letter from the agency I would like to spend the remainder of my life with my wife and not worry about people who don’t give a f_ about whether we die or not because apparently the best thing we can do is to die protecting the nation.” Frank replied as he was handing the director his resignation letter. “Frank do not be so dramatic. Don’t make a decision while you are angry which you may later regret. I’m giving you two weeks to calm down and if after that time you still want to resign then I will file this letter.” Chris took the letter and opened a drawer and placed it inside. “Chris I asked why you didn’t tell me about calling back all agents in Russia and then you told me that it was a judgement call. Now tell me how I’m going to face my wife, tell me what I will say to her when she asks me what really happened to Mike. You know that Allison was in the agency and knows what happens here. Tell me how can I look at your face every day and pretend as if everything is ok between us while thinking if you had told me a day earlier my son would be alive and here with me right now? Tell me!!!!” He shouted as he stood up and made his way to the door and then banged the door behind him as he left. Agents then scattered when they saw Frank leaving the director’s office as they had been listening to their conversation. It was time to go home and people were talking about the showdown between the director and the assistant director. In the basement the janitor puts the floppy disk inside the heel of his safety shoe and puts the shredded paper inside the bread then he goes out. He meets up with the other cleaners and they start discussing how they were going to spend their thanksgiving.



“Where is agent Granat?” Ivan asked but there was no answer. “Quickly lockdown this place. Tell the guards downstairs not to allow anyone out!” the agents didn’t do as he said but rather stared at him like a crazy person. “Hey aren’t you listening to me” the SVR agent Ivan Kozlov shouted at them and then they started to do as he had instructed. He ran out in a hurry and some agents followed him. Some of the agents were just puzzled as to what was happening. Then a blonde woman was tackled by Kozlov and most of the agents still didn’t know what was going on. He tied her hands behind her back. Then he said as he lifted her up, “so you were sleeping with me to get information from my laptop. I’m coming from the interrogation office right now because of you B. Let’s see how you are going to get out of this one. Who else have you been screwing?” he looked at her with rage in his eyes. “I’m sorry to say this babe but now you are mine, I mean literary I’m going to make you beg for me to end but I will still go on. Your life is in my hands now. Nadia get my toolbox and put it in the basement.” Nadia who was standing behind him then ran to do what he said. He pulled agent Granat close and as he licked her face he said “oh I’m going to enjoy this. I’m going to give it to you rough just the way you want it. You know me, I deliver. Dmitri take this piece of trash down to the basement and make sure she is settled down and be careful she’s feisty.” Dmitri who had been falsely accused then grabbed her arm and dragged her down to the basement.



Bishop was denied access to the janitor as the CIA claimed that they could get the information they needed faster through negative reinforcement. He took out his phone and called Stacey “hey, I know I’m the last person you want to talk to right now. I understand, but I need a favor. I’ve caught him only for him to be taken by the CIA. You are the DA now, can you please make things right. You know what they are going to do to him. Please I’ve lost everything because of this guy. I’m begging you please can you do something so that I can have him.” Sean said this breathing heavily as he had been running looking for the guy. “You have some nerve calling me. Sean you didn’t even apologize but you called me because you need a favor. I won’t do you any favors, no not in this lifetime and given what is at stake here even if I want to do the right thing, I have to agree with the method which gives us the information we need faster. If you knew what is going to happen to you in the coming weeks you wouldn’t call me with this kinda favor. What were you thinking Sean? I never thought that you would go that far to find Jonny’s killer. Anyways congrats on catching him, but I’m sorry Sean there is nothing I can do. I would really appreciate it if you would never call me again.” She hung up and went back to her friend who was at her home. “Who was that?” Diego asked her. “That was someone from my past life.” “Are you sure that he’s in the past coz you seem kinda upset that’s all.” “No, no I’m sure he’s the past.” She then locked lips with him, “you are my present now. You don’t need to worry about that looser, he won’t bother me anymore.” She then grabbed a glass of wine and took a sip and her face looked troubled as he looked aside.

Back at the airport Bishop ran to director Millstone and asked “Sir I know it’s not my place to ask you this but sir if the media catches the rumor that we delivered this guy to the CIA they will have a field day. Sir don’t give them a reason to criticize us, let’s get our suspect back. Sir he’s the one who killed Jonny.” Sean said when he caught up with the director. “You are right it’s not you place to question my judgement and besides how is the media going to know that the suspect is with the CIA. So what are you going to do to convince him to give you the information we need, “tell me or else I will throw you in jail.”? Really? You think this guy is afraid of going to jail. Though I don’t agree with their methods but this is really what we need now. By the way I forgot what the hell are you doing here? Remember that you were suspended from the bureau because of this guy. So even if we were to get him back which is unlikely, you will never get a chance to even see him.” The director replied looking annoyed by his agent.

Bishop didn’t back down though he continued to plead with him, “Please Sir I just want to ask why he had to kill him. He hadn’t done anything wrong sir. I just want to know why he had to die. Besides I don’t think this is right director. I’ve been tracking this guy for the past four weeks since he murdered him. In that period he hasn’t made a mistake, not even a single one. Actually in contrast this guy always had a contingency plan for a contingent plan. This was too easy sir. I think he wanted to be caught sir.” Sean was now looking desperate. “For crying out loud the guy put my son in law in the hospital but I’m not so obsessed to the point of torturing a suspect. You took it too far Sean, I heard from Stacey what you and your buddy did to that other guy. I don’t think if you are going to get out of this one. Officers!” Then the director annoyed by his persistence to see the suspect calls some NYPD officers on the scene and instructs them to arrest agent Bishop. “Take him back downtown and make sure you keep an eye on him.” He said as he pointed at Sean who was holding out his hand in shock of what his director had just said to the NYPD. “But sir why am I being arrested? Is this because I’m asking you about the janitor?” Sean asked his director as he was dragged by the NYPD. On their way to the police station they get into a car accident and agent Bishop is abducted and thrown in the trunk of the car leaving the two officers unknown if they were alive.

Elsewhere a timer was counting down

00:01:49:27 beep. 00:01:49:26 beep. 00:01:49:25 beep. 00:01:49:24.

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