Brodens Origin

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The beginning of brodens

Action / Humor
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Chapter 1

It all started a week ago, I was running away from the girls den army, I don't know how I got mixed up in this, a strange sentient hand puppet named Leo was in my backpack, his left leg got mangled in the war. Kyle went first, he managed to injure jasmine and knock out basic. I ran away from it all, I was just a wanderer.
"YO, WATCH OUT!" I heard from my back as I turned around to see a bomb thrown out too far, It looked like it was handcrafted from the BroDens team, I realized, no friendly fire in love and war. I ran but the explosion blasted my body 27 feet away, blowing all the shit out my backpack, Leo flew out like a mother fucker, or so he told me, he had to crawl to wake me, I woke up after 30 minutes, and i saw the dead muppet on the red sandy beach, or at least i thought he was dead, I picked him up anyways, maybe i could sell him for scrap. Don't judge me, Food was hard enough to get around war time. God damn, Simplenips and Sami had to put us to war, I dunno why, but I can't question him right now. When I was thinking on the war that's when the muppet woke up, He gasped air, I was so shocked I dropped him, I picked him back up when I was calmer
He lifted up his bucket helmet. "Arizona, What the fuck."
I opened my mouth to say something, but than I heard a missile being fired, 2 missiles being fired, you see Rix's body fly to the ground, he mutters "Tell, tel- Tell Claire I love her.
I screamed and ran from the battle field into my car. My car isn't what Leo calls it, its actually jasmine's car that I jacked. He calls it the Chad car. I dont know how to drive but i tried to start it, the keys were still in the car. I finally got it working, I put Leo in the passenger seat and started to drive away.

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