My Name is Anarchy (Book 3)

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They have the wrong girl. I am not who they thought I was. I am not their savior. I am not Jennifer Stymes. I am the part of a book no one cares about. I am the filler. The fluff. The irrelevant. But I will not to be thrown out. I will not be forgotten. I will write my own story.

Action / Thriller
M.C. Rivera
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Character List

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My Name is Anarchy

Book Three

Character list:

Main Character:

Scream AKA Jewels- Real name Unknown. Rat. Age- Between 15 and 18

The Original Powers-

Tobias AKA Nail: 19 years old. Ex-leader of Respect. Dead

Hail: Member of Rain- 17 years old. Dead.

Star AKA Kristen: 17 years old. Leader of Sky. Dead.

Carbon: 17 years old. Ex-leader of Coal. Detained by the enemy.

Memory AKA Becca- 20 years old. Ex-leader of Rain. Whereabouts Unknown

Shakes AKA Adam- 18 years old. Ex Leader of Boundary. Leader of the Rebellion Nue

The Nue Powers:

Brick: Age Sixteen. Member of Boundary.

Vapor: Age Sixteen. Member of Rain.

Ink: Age Nine. Member of Coal.

Jam-Jam AKA James: Eighteen. Member of Spread. A Special (a specialized task force meant for assassination)

Shakes AKA Adam-18 years old. Ex Leader of Boundary. Leader of the Rebellion Nue

Clan Leaders and prominent members:

Drop AKA Lisa- Leader of Rain. Age sixteen.

Light AKA Eric- Second in Command of Rain, Age seventeen, Dating Scream

Blockade- Leader of Boundary

Ash- Leader of Coal, ordered the hit on Charles.

Zack- Leader of Spread, killed by James


Charles: Nine years old. Best friend of Jewels. Rat. Dead.

Mary: Twenty-one. Girlfriend to Shakes. Rat. Hostage to the enemy.

Tara: Seventeen. Ex-member of Respect. Dying

Kevin: sixteen: Ex-member of Respect. Mute

Jennifer Stymes: Becca’s sister. Sent to free the students from the school.


Scream thought she was the one the clans have been searching for. The clans themselves thought she was the one that was brought in to be their savior. But in the final hour of their rebellious uprising, a new player arrived. A girl named Jennifer Stymes, and she claims she is who they’ve been searching for. Will this change their revolution? Will this be the end of Scream?

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