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Lonny Pruitt came in from riding fence, and dismounted at the corral where Tyree was working the colt. He stood there looking on until John came in behind him. Tyree put his back to them, focusing on the horse. Marcie was doing ground work two corrals away.

“I dunno John. He might be a breed, but he looks like a plain old saddle tramp to me. Smells like cow shit. His mama was probably one of them Mexico whores. They’ll hump anything you know.”

Lonny’s bruises were fading, along with Marcie’s anger. She was back on speaking terms with both of them now. Tyree glanced around for Marcie before he picked up a horse turd, and winged it at Lonny’s head as he walked away.

John saw it coming, and snickered as it hit Lonny up side the head. Lonny was coming across the top of the corral when Marcie stepped out of the barn. Lonny scrambled to climb through the corral bars, and threw himself on his horse.

John laughed so hard he was in danger of falling off his horse.

“What was that about?” Marcie wanted to know.

“You got me. Lonny had some bet going with John, I reckon,” Tyree grinned.

“So you two aren’t fighting anymore?”

“No.” Tyree shook his head. Not fighting any less either. I’ll stomp his face first chance I get.

She walked off, looking satisfied.

“Those two,” Mark said, rolling his eyes. Mark nodded at John and Lonny.

Mark reached for his tobacco. Tyree took a step back, and Mark missed.

“Oh, come on!” Mark frowned. Tyree took the pouch out, and rolled himself a smoke, and stuffed it back in his pocket. Mark shoved at him, and pulled the tobacco from his pocket, and Tyree gave him half a smile.

“You owe me. Next time you go to town, you need to buy me a bag of hard candy. I run out of horehound.”

“Sure thing, Alley dog.”

“Cur dog to you,” Tyree grinned, “If I give you some extra money you could pick up some hair bows for my future wife. What color looks good with fiery hair?”

“Ha. You best not even think about fiery-haired women. She’ll rip your heart out and stomp it.”

“I’d let her.”

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