The Weight of Secrets

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Chapter Two

I went on to tell him about the construction company he works for and Neil nodded along, brewing something in that beautiful Irish mind of his. I express my loose plans to meet with Manuel and see if I can just come by and try to talk to Cody at work.

“I’ve got a better idea. I’ll tell him I’m looking to invest in property nearby and strike up a conversation that way. Just be by my side as who you are, my girlfriend on vacation. That way you’re wandering eyes don’t seem so unnatural. Us men just talk about boring business.” I picked at my nails and agreed it did sound better than some stalker yank being nosey.

“We will go tomorrow. Now, what do you want for dinner?” I grinned and stood to shed my skirt, leaving me in just my bikini.

“I agree, you are quite a tasty meal” he pulled my hips to him roughly as he sat on the bed. His face was now level with my navel so he dipped his tongue in to tease me. As he nipped and licked my torso I ran my fingers through his hair. I felt the strings holding my bottoms together being pulled and soon it fell to my feet on the floor.

His rough hands ran up the inside of my thigh and slid into my wet wanting folds. I rocked my hips, grinding on his fingers till I needed more, and pushed them inside myself selfishly.

“Eager girl tonight huh?” I bit my lip and nodded as I continued my own satisfaction when he pulled his hand from me. The whimper that left my lips made him laugh at me deeply. He lifted me by my hips and I wrapped my legs around him. His pants had magically fallen to the floor at some point because I felt his bare legs between my thighs.

“You are full of surprises today Mr. Flynn, huh?” his mouth opened to speak but instead a moan left his lips as he let me sink down onto his hard length.

It pierced me in the best way possible. I had never felt more full before. Tears pricked the corner of my eyes with painful pleasure.

“You are killing me, Neil. Fuuuuuck.” three pumps with my body pinned against the wall were all it took to push me over the edge. He buried his head into my neck, taking in a deep breath as I came down from my high.

“If you weren’t on that damn pill, I’d make it a goal to make you pregnant tonight Loreinna.” my smile soon turned into a contorted face of pleasure again as he reached down between us to flick my bud, forcing me to cum again.

“Bed. now.” I begged exasperated.

As he tossed me down on the soft mattress I used the momentum and flipped us so I was on top.

“Why don’t you? Fill me with your cum, Neil. I want your children. It doesn’t matter if we are married. I want you forever.” He sat up as I sank back down onto his dick. He wrapped one arm around my back and the other held the back of my neck. He held me there, making me feel every single inch he had to offer. I squirmed as he didn’t move and every breath I took, every move I made shot pleasure up my body.

“Say that again. Tell me you want my child.” his face grew madly red as I slowly rocked my hips in circles, clenching tightly around him.

“I do, I want to have your children, Neil Flynn.” the words weren’t off my lips as soon as he trusted deeper into me, pulling a fist full of my hair. He spilled his seed inside me and his grunting and twitching inside was enough to bring me close to my own release. He knew I needed one more and pulled me down so he could thrust up inside me, pushing me there, to my last orgasm.

My body went limp on top of his, with him still buried deep inside my sore and soaked core.

“You make me a better man Loreinna.” It didn’t need a response, I just kissed his chest. The veil of sweat, making his skin glow.

The next morning came quicker than I had anticipated. We walked down to the property for sale and he was genuinely curious. It had been a while since he built a new hotel in his legit business so I’m sure it was time. He had to keep up the image of a successful hotel resort chain.

“Can I help you with something sir? This area is under construction. Watch your step ma’am.” I nodded as he pointed at my sandal-clad feet. I needed to be the part as did Neil who donned a cream linen suit.

“Sure, you the project manager?” the man nodded as he held out a hand and introduced himself as Manuel Sentori.

“You’re wanting to look into this property?” Neil nodded and started his speech. The two men promised to be quick to not leave me there alone too long. My straw bag held a gun so I was fine, Neil’s suggestion.

My eyes scanned the guys working next door, some were digging and laying wires in the ground and some were up on scaffolding, hanging sheetrock inside the half-done building.

I let my feet wander closer to seek out the one with a long dark beard. Not many men on the island had a neatly trimmed beard like his. They either shaved or let it all go. Not much gray space for manscaping.

My eyes finally caught him, he was near a water cooler, filling a silver bottle. Before I knew what my feet were doing I was feet away when another guy catcalled at me.

“Hey honey, looking for a local boy? Need a tan man to rock your world?” this caught Cody’s attention and his jaw did that angry tick where it clenched and released a few times before he spoke.

“Leave her alone Kaleo. Her man is in the building with Manuel. He will fire you for scaring off his money, even his money’s woman.” his words were gruff and chastised the other man into embarrassment. It must have worked cuz the skinny, caramel-skinned man took off back to his digging.

“You need to get out of here lady. These guys aren’t gentlemen.” He pointed with his chin the direction I came from.

“I need to talk to you,” I repeated the words I had heard the other night when I was alone to see if it was some test. He blinked once at me and stood there, taking a long drink of water while he held my gaze as if to measure my sanity, completely unresponsive. I had to swallow back my tears and smile.

“I um… I’ll leave a light on. You know how to find me.” I didn’t wait for a response but from what I heard, he didn’t offer one.

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