saviour and doom

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Emelia Walters is 17 she has had a tough child hood. With her mother dying giving birth to her and her father being absent her whole life, this means she has to stay with her uncle in Italy. Her uncle seems nice, but he craves power. Her stage name is fallen angel, but all is not what it seems. So what will happen when an unexpected visitor arrives at her doorstep...... Is he her savior or her doom? Diego Fernandez is 18 he's the youngest mafia boss in Italy. He's also the boss of The Labyrinth fight club. He's known for being reasonably ruthless and taking what he wants for any price. He hears rumors about a his left hand being beaten by girl. He can't help wondering who she is. But what will happen when he needs to collect his depts?

Action / Erotica
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chapter 1: first glances

As I woke up today. something felt different. Bryan, my uncle, had cleaned the whole house and moved me into the guest bedroom. it was a decoy for when we had visitors. I was always in the basement due to him wanting me out of the way. But that wasn't what confused me. the fact that he was determined on me having all of my marks covered. That confused me. he would show of my marks to his mates and say he was proud of his work. he hasn't given me all of them though.

I wore a yellow long sleeved turtle neck with navy dungarees. I hate this type of clothing, I always have, but its Bryans favorite. i mean, anything to minimize the beatings right? I tolerate it. i was still confused as to who may be so important that i had to stay in my room and cover all of the marks.

Bryan is very power obsessed. meaning he has control over everything I do. He used to be like a father to me, supplied everything I needed, let me keep my own money… but that stopped 5 years ago after I refused to give him my paycheck from my paper round. I was saving up to buy myself a bike since Bryan refused for me to have one.

He beat me. That was the first of many. He would take his frustration out on me regularly. So to minimize the pain, I do as he commands. Luckily i'm turning 18 in two months. Meaning i can get my own apartment and move back to Britain. I do give him my paychecks from the café I work at but I keep 10% of it and the tips, i also keep anything i win from the club. That was the point I stopped seeing him as my hero.

i talk to myself a lot so it isn't surprising me now, having nobody to talk to except your uncle would make any sane person go crazy. let alone me. the fact is, ive always taken the pain for one reason. If mum hadn't of gotten pregnant with me, dad wouldn't have left and she would still be alive. i know its not my fault since it was mum's desicion to keep me. but i still feel at fault. i was upside down when she went into labour and had the ambilocal cord wrapped around my neck. she lost too much blood and died giving birth to me.

i would love to have someone to talk to about this, so i talk to myself. if you think about it... who better to understand you, than yourself?

I was jolted out of my thoughts, thankfully, when i heard a loud nock on the front door,
"Fuck! they're not supposed to be here yet"
Bryan whispered under his breath loud enough for me to hear.

Whos they? Bryan only lets one person come around at a time, he's always been cautious when inviting people in. the reasons why, i have no clue.

I heard the door creak open and there was this masculine voice, smooth like honey, it was captivating and I couldn't help to listen

"Where is it Bryan? We gave you a two week suspension. So Where is it?"

The voice spoke, there was definitely some frustration and anger behind it. All I could think about is who Bryan had pissed off.

"I..... I still don't have it Fernandez" Bryan whispered, he seemed scared and that was new because no one could intimidate him.

who's Fernandez? seriously, who names their child that? as they continued talking i looked at the clock.

Shit! I need to get to Labyrinth. and Bryan is at the front door.

I put my ear to the door and it sounded like they were at the front of the house. So I got dressed in my gear and slipped into the landing. by now I have figured out what steps to miss. Bryan doesn't know about Labyrinth, and i don't plan on telling him. As I padded down the stairs I heard the voice say,

"Bryan, we came to collect our payment and we are going to get it. so unless you have another form of payment, Give us the damn money."

I slipped around the corner and into the kitchen. the kitchen is at the back of the house so I didn't have to worry about getting spotted. The back door was locked so I looked for the key. realizing Bryan probably had them in his pocket shit I saw an open window.

I'm pretty skinny due to being in the basement all day except for when I'm at work, at least thats what he thinks. i've even got a computer down there so i can attend school, Bryan has probably tolld my teachers some bullshit excuse as to why i had to join online. I have olive skin with long brown hair that I've pulled into a bun and hazel eyes. I've got a small backpack that I've slung over my shoulder to hold my first aid kit and water. I'm wearing black fitness pants with black sneakers and a long sleeved sports bra, with a black jacket. this way there's a lower chance of being spotted and I can focus on getting to the club.

As I snuck out the window, I walked into the alley and to the end of the neighbor hood. Hoping that the man had blocked Bryans view I walked past quickly, heading past the house, I managed to catch a glimpse of the man the voice belongs to. He was tall and had curly brown hair, He looked as if he had just come back from Bora Bora with that tan he had. He was sporting a black dress shirt with navy blue dress pants, that were perfectly snug to his legs.

I was releived that I brought my money with me, when he said his next words.

"Search the house, Find what ever you can to replace my money. "

Not a moment too late.

I continued my walk to Labyrinth, hearing crashing and banging coming from the house.

Two more months Emelia, two more months before I can leave this shithole.


Frustrated. That's how I felt. I arrived at Bryan Paseo's house. I knocked on the door wanting to get this over with, the sooner I got this done the sooner I could go back to my club. I heard muttering and then the door opened.

"F-Fernandez... your uhm.., your early" Bryan stuttered,

"Cut the bullshit Bryan, where is it? I gave you a two week suspension so where is it?"

"I... I still don't have it Fernandez" he whispered, he was physically shaking.

"Well how do you expect to pay us then?"

He didn't answer and I thought I saw movement over his shoulder but I brushed it of thinking it was a pet. I sent two of my men upstairs to search for the money or my product. Getting nothing i said,

" Search the house, find what ever you can to replace my money"

As Simon and Jacob began, I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned getting nothing but a small woman walking down the road. She was looking at the house and smiling. She was wearing clothes as if to hide from someone. I was debateing on calling her over and seeing how much she had heard, but that would just make more hassle.

Simon, my right hand came down and said,

"We haven't found any money but there is a bedroom upstairs that looks to be untouched, we also went to the basement and found items that belong to an Emelia Walters. She's no older than 19 and it looks like she stays in the basement using the bedroom as a decoy for when Bryan has got company."

"Is she still in the house?"

"No, we believe she left when we were talking to Bryan. the kitchen window was wide open and the bed in the guest room was still warm. wide enough for a small child or a skinny teenager to squeeze through." he replied

"I think we have our payment Simon, she gets to stop living in a basement and you get to have a little fun with Bryan. I want you to chuck him in the van and take him to one of the gray rooms of the club. I will be joining later. I'm heading back now so I don't miss out on the first fight."

"Alright boss"

" Also, i want people watching the house tonight and tommorow incase she comes back. If she's in school, she's going to need to change her clothes. JACOB! lets go"

"of course boss."

Simon went back into the house as I turned and went back to my car with Jacob. I shall do the dirty work after I watch this first fight. We have a new contestant tonight. their name is Fallen Angel and they're fighting Jacob, our strongest fighter and my left hand. I cant wait to see who wins.
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