Simple Life

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The mysterious "why?" of the death of a very dear to Karielys Ferreira together with love, will help her discover the most shocking family secrets of her life that without a doubt after discovering the mysterious truth behind her family she will never be the same person again from before and he will have no escape from the box of secrets and chaos he has unearthed. - "We all have secrets that weigh, truths that cannot be uncovered and that, if it touches us, we hide until death."

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1- Simple Life


I am in a smoothie shop in South Florida in the United States, this place was called: Shakes World, for me it symbolized a paradise full of flavors where I used to go every night at 6 at night punctually.

It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon in time zone (GMT-5), I had a craving for a chocolate mint shake, so I ordered the guy in charge of the shakes and ice cream area that "please be so kind to prepare two shakes chocolate with mint "- I said kindly to that brown-haired employee who found himself behind the smoothie and soda bar.

"At this very moment I had stopped to think that only a person with mental problems could buy a chocolate mint shake, the idea of ​​ingesting it sounds disgusting - said the boy who was wearing a black jacket made with Catalan tergal and pants of the same color and factory material, the boy seemed to work in a company due to the fine material of his clothing, the boy was found on my left side near the soda machines, this subject was a tall boy with white complexion and Hazel-colored eyes, I just stared at him and then rolled my eyes.

I declare myself crazy, do you have a problem with that? -I said angrily at his comment and then let out a small mocking laugh to provoke some reaction in this subject while the boy only seriously denied with his face.

You should change your horrible tastes towards smoothies, girl - said the boy arrogantly and I seriously shook my face.

You are nobody in my life to control my free will-I said seriously as I looked at the boy with contempt, which is why he began to laugh in a mocking way as he looked at my face.

How old are you? - Asked the boy while he smiled to put aside his seriousness, but just at that moment the store clerk named my name out loud for me to pick up my order which forced me to leave him with doubt and no answer. to your question to withdraw from the store without going back.

When I left the store, I saw my stepbrother Eric in the car, he was dedicated to waiting for me while I bought the shakes, when I got to the car Eric opened the co-pilot's door for me and I entered slowly leaving the shakes on my skirt.

For the first time in many years you show a bit of the chivalry that is inside you, thank you very much - I said sarcastically while touching his chest with my right hand.

I have very hidden sides that might interest you, doll -said Eric with a huge smile of self-centeredness on his face, and he didn't avoid rolling his eyes.

Just drive, you idiot, ”I yelled at him as I hit my left shoulder with little force, and rolled my eyes after his double-meaning comment from him.

After 15 minutes we had arrived at the house, Eric parked the car in the garage and got out of the car heading towards my room that was found on the second floor of the house.

I climbed the stairs to my room and opted to shower 30 minutes under hot water at 37.5 degrees, because this type of water managed to relax me from all kinds of stress, something that I used to have normally, when I got out of the shower the cold flooded my body I placed a I stood out of the shower and felt my bare skin starting to bristle. I took a brown towel that was found on the left wall from where they turned out to begin to dry my whole body and then put on the underwear that was in the sinks, thus remaining only in black lace underwear.

I was heading towards the closet in order to look for what garment to wear for the party that I prepared for tonight and suddenly I was startled from the place where they are still standing watching the closet because I felt someone hug my waist when turning my face a little to discover who was behind me holding my waist, when I turn my face I find Eric's face inches from my face which only stared at me with a smile from ear to ear.

Where will you go, little sister? Because without my permission or that of our parents you will not be able to go anywhere - said Eric with a predominant attitude as he stared at me and I gave him a slight push to get him out of my way which caused him to fall lying on my bed in a provocative way , his shirt was found half open, which caused him to show his body so worked, Eric was dedicated to watching me while biting his lower lip in a provocative way.

I breathed deeply to avoid insulting him, since it was not convenient for me to have my enemy stepbrother on this day, since at night it would be the party at my house and he needs to distract me for a while from my social life.

That is how I like it, that they mistreat me and ... - said Eric, staying in the same position on my bed and I interrupted him by sitting next to him and then placing my index finger on his lips as a sign that he would be silent.

I do not owe you any explanations, but I only ask you to be silent and you will be rewarded for it-I said staring into his brown eyes and he nodded with a smile full of evil.

I need privacy - I said looking at him sideways with the intention of changing my clothes and he shook his face as he settled back on my bed to make himself comfortable in it and placed his arms behind his neck and only dedicated himself to observing me from top to bottom .

I ignored the presence of him in my room and took some suits and casual clothes out of the closet to put them on for the party tonight, there were all the possible options which they could use.

You look much better, with simple clothes - said Eric with a smile on his face and I nodded putting on a long-sleeved purple-red cotton shirt and a skirt of the same material with a mixture of colors, which undoubtedly made a good match to the shirt she had chosen for tonight.

Take a walk, to see how beautiful you are - Eric said as he winked at me and I turned 360 degrees so that he could appreciate the clothes he was wearing, he whistled at me in approval because he liked what he had chosen to wear for tonight.

I'll help you with the party-said Eric getting up from my bed while he slowly took off his shirt to try to provoke me and threw his shirt on my bed and then left my room and prepared to help me with the preparations for the party.

I will take care of the food and decoration of the garden party, you could take care of the lights inside the first floor and the music to play at the party - I yelled at Eric before he completely left my room and he was He gave me a smile, then clapped his hands in approval and left my room.
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