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The famous Iron Mountain had been robbed for the first time in history. The man who designed the vault is murdered. Amarachi Bradley is undergoing intensive training at the Counter Terrorism Agency Nigeria to be reinstated as an agent when she gets a call from her fiancé Derek Oscar, a tech expert and the Chief Supervising Officer at G.S. Tech Corporation, Dubai. He surprises her by asking her to move in with him in his new Smart home. Their celebration is cut short when Derek gets a call from his boss, Saudi Hasher Aliyy to be on the next flight to Dubai. On the plane to Dubai, he encounters an interesting female reporter for Wired magazine called Chidimma; she queries him about a rumor that G.S. Tech Corp is involved in morally questionable research such as cloning with real human subjects. He denies vehemently as he had never come upon such since all his years working in the behemoth corporation and he would know if such an experiment was being conducted owing to his high ranking position in the company. They eventually became friends and exchanged contacts. Derek arrive the corporation and is surprised to be let in on the company’s secret of a hidden laboratory after he signed a NDA. While he is being showed round the lab. Get a tight grip and enjoy this sit-tight thriller that explores a new generation of technology and cuts across many interesting places and characters.

Action / Thriller
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Derek’s leg felt heavy but he had to keep on running, his body felt like an electric current was surging through it but somehow he was still alive. He felt his legs leave the ground like he was floating.

He didn’t wait to take note of the environment; he just had to keep on running.

His vision was blurry but he could see white alien looking shapes with faces covered in oxygen masks and they seemed to be hovering in front of him too.

He heard sounds which he couldn’t make out; it sounded like the cries of new born babies, it was piercing and imploring like he had something to do with it. It kept on tugging at his mind perilously. He felt like he would go crazy or worse still…die.

Death sounds comforting then because either way they would all die in the facility when it explodes; his mind stops racing for a moment – where did that come from? He asked himself.

A piercing cry echoed.

He now felt his hands as he tried to shield his ears from whatever it was; he could hear the ticking countdown of the bomb, the hums of machines escalated and was making high whining sounds.

The ghost-like figures were still moving past him

“Am I even running in the right direction?” he asked himself but he dreaded the answer.

The cries were persistent enough to jerk him up from his reverie.

He had to keep running – he spared a second to look at his hands, he couldn’t feel them so well but he could make out two objects in them; the picture he took with Amara stared up at him, it gave him a hint at who he was, she must have been someone special in his life.


The voice was crisp and was real, someone was calling him. He just had to focus to pull himself out of this illusion and he felt his eyes closing.

“Derek! No! You have the antidote, look at your hands!”

That voice again, he felt a strong heat and the feeling of being electrocuted was getting stronger – he felt like he was flying and would run into something if he didn’t open his eyes.

Then slowly he opened it, he was immediately blinded by a strong white light in front of him, he wondered where the light was coming from and he felt like he was about to run into something.

With clenched fists, he kept on running and that was when he felt the coldness of the canister, he looked down at it and at that split moment he knew what he had to do to stop all this.

He kept the canister before him and ran headlong into the massive white light,


He could make out Amara’s voice even with the raging war in his head – but he had to it, someone had to.

It was getting more difficult to move his feet and he did the only thing that came into his mind…He jumped.

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