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“Hello, Jasper. Any luck?” Detective Johnson asked, he had boarded a flight to Dubai with a letter from the CIA command headquarters officially declaring Derek Oscar wanted by the U.S. government, the Counter Terrorist Agency of Nigeria were equally notified.

“This has to be something big uncle,” Jasper said.

“We’ve got no time, what have you got?” he adjusted his right Airpod to hear him better and covered his left ear with his hands, the woman sitting beside him was a chit-chat and kept on talking and laughing with the man sitting in front; they should have gotten tickets of the same seats, Detective Johnson thought as he was getting really pissed off by the moment.

He pulled out his jotter and a pen from his breast pocket,

“I managed to get something out of the audio file you sent, enhancing the sound wave, studying the wave patterns and all that, I had a difficult time trying to get a syllable,”

“But you finally did?” Detective Johnson was becoming impatient,

“Yeah, of course,”

“Go on,”

“The voice kept on repeating words like ‘mountain’, ‘vault’, ‘message’, strange stuffs like that,” he said,

“Listen Jasper, I need every single syllable in their exact sequence so that I can cross reference them and see what I’ve got,”

“Hold on a sec…” his voice trailed off and Detective Johnson could hear him typing something on the keyboard,

“I’ve been holding on for almost an hour, Jasper, I thought you had all these already prepared,”

“You just have to chill, okay here we go; ‘vault’, ‘iron’, ‘mount’, ‘a messenger’, ‘tried to kill,’ ‘took something’, ‘iron’, ‘mount’, ‘to steal’, then the last one, I don’t know if it’s ‘safely’ or ‘safety’. This sounds much like some high school dictation; I hope you got those entire words and spellings right, Uncle Johnson?”

“Just shut up Jasper, I’m thinking,” Detective Johnson said and was working on his Tablet PC, trying to cross reference the words and find any possible clue or link.

“I love your tie, it’s so cute,” the lady sitting beside him complimented him and reached for his tie. Detective Johnson was trying his best to hide his discomfort.

“Thank you,” he said sternly and gently brushed her hands off.

“Wow, who was that?” Jasper asked,

“It’s nothing, just some lady here,” Johnson said, he was looking intently at the jottings.

“Were you talking to me?” she asked, Johnson had tried his best not to even look at her face but he did in case of necessity after all, a detective should always take a complete mental note of every environment he finds himself not that he hasn’t already.

When he finally looked at her squarely, two things were obvious – too much make-up and then, ‘Not his type’.

“If you would excuse me ma’am, I’m on an important call right now,” he went back to work and focused intently on his Tablet PC to cross-reference the words.

“That was so rude, huh,” she hissed and pulled out her own phone,

“Oh yeah, I’m important and you’re calling me,” Jasper said gleefully,

“Sometimes I just wonder whether this is what they teach you guys these days at Harvard,”

“I’ve got something, detective,” Jasper said quickly, Detective Johnson could hear the sounds of rapid keyboard typing,


“Ever heard of Iron Mountain?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,”

“I believe it’s the direction Mr. Anderson was trying to point us to,”

“What is this Iron Mountain all about?”

“You’ve got your own Google and I’ve got mine, better use yours, Uncle Johnson,” Jasper smirked.

“A sort of top security company that secures important stuff for important people, important companies and the government,” the detective said after typing in ‘Iron Mountain’ in the Google search box,

“I prefer to say that it’s a sister to Fort Knox,”

“Interesting, such places make use of vaults and safes which is exactly what the Mosler Company makes,”

“And Mr. Anderson happens to have worked there for most of his life,” Jasper chipped in,

“Yeah, I know. I’ve got a lead on an international assassin known as ‘the Messenger’, lots of countries have been hunting him but we don’t even have a face or anything. Most security agencies have dismissed him as a myth,”

“Well, it’s no longer a myth. Derek’s our man,”

“Don’t jump to conclusions yet,” Detective Johnson said but he felt like he had finally found what he had been looking for and clamping on this so called Messenger would obviously add some credit to his portfolio.

“Well, it’s up to you. You are the detective here after all,”

“I don’t know but I’m sure that I’ll do everything in my power to lay my hands on this psycho,”

“Haven’t you thought about Iron Mountain, something’s about to go down there and that is if nothing has happened yet,”

“I cannot possibly stop this plane and get back to the United States but I need you to alert the company that a heist might be pulled on them any time soon,”

“I’m on it but it may take some time, there’s too much protocol on that end. You don’t just pick up your phone and dial up Iron Mountain, then you go ahead and tell them that some Derek Oscar guy a.k.a. the Messenger is about to come over and rob them off some priceless artifact,”

Detective Johnson scoffed, “Just do whatever you can as fast as possible and send me everything you’ve got on that working class assassin. I’m already sending out the information to the international community, we need to smoke this guy out,”

“Trust me on that, we’re not just hunting a murderer, we are looking for a big-time assassin working in a multi-million dollar hi-tech corporation, there is more to this than meets the eye, detective,”

“I know kid, I’ll talk to you later,” he ended the call and went back to work,

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