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“Aunty Amara, you’ve got a really nice place here,” Cindy said from the bar, she placed two glass cups on the tray and took out a bottle of Amarula wine; she tugged the golden rope tied around the neck of the bottle.

“You can say that again, Derek must have spent a fortune in renovating and buying this house,” Amarachi said crossing her legs; she is winding up after a busy day at the agency. She browsed through Netflix movies on the Smart TV, she finally switched to E news where a new episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians was showing.

“I mean, look at the environment and all these cool stuff; Mama will have a lot of stories to tell when she comes to visit,” Cindy said with a smile as she dropped the glass tray quietly on a side table and poured her elder sister some wine.

“Thank you dear, the reality show just got interesting,” she said smiling.

“Wow, Kim looks so gorgeous in that dress,” Cindy said crossing her own legs and enjoying the show.

“Kim always looks gorgeous, it’s her job after all,” Amara said and they both chuckled,

“I just wish I could have that kind of job. Just look gorgeous and make millions on a daily basis,”

“Let me act like I didn’t hear that one o, soon now you’ll start talking about dropping out of med school to do fashion and then finally end up working as a hair dresser in one make-shift shop,”

“I reject it! It’s never going to happen, big sis. I must be a doctor,” Cindy said snapping her fingers.

“I’m just saying because that’s what most girls these days end up doing,” Amara said and sipped from the glass cup, “so how was school?” she asked.

“Well, school is what it should be. Med school is seriously not a joke,” Cindy added

“I bet it’s not. I think I’ve kept up with the Kardashians enough for today. This thing has full subscription to all the online television streaming services,” Amara said.

“No kidding. Please let’s watch hulu,” Cindy implored.

“There’s a lot of TV shows on hulu, which one is interesting?”

Cindy stands up and goes closer to the TV; she taps on Ricky and Morty.

“No animations Cindy. Hold on let me check the news so I can know when they tell us to run,” she switched to BBC, “Cindy, can you please move aside a bit? What the hell! Is that not Derek’s picture on TV?” she asked and her jaw dropped.

The sitting room became dead silent for what seemed like eternity as they both listened to the female reporter give the details of an alleged crime in which Derek was a prime suspect at the Iron Mountain and his alleged involvement in the murder of Mr. Anderson Smith by few hours before the heist.

Amara tried to process everything all at once.

My own Derek, an internationally wanted criminal? She thought out loud.

There must be a mistake somewhere. She’s never been to his work place but she was sure he worked at G.S. Tech or was he hiding something from her? She wasn’t even comfortable with the way he left unexpectedly the previous night – but Derek told her everything, he always did.

A thousand thoughts raced through her mind.

“Cindy, I have to go to the agency now. Take this money and go over to mother’s place, it’s no longer safe here because top security agencies and the news people might be here any moment from now. I’ll call Segun on the phone to drive you to her place. Take care of yourself, okay,” she said breathlessly and counted some one thousand naira notes and gave it to Cindy.

“Thank you. I can take care of myself alright. Try to be calm sis,” Cindy said and rushed upstairs to her room to pick a few things, a worried look on her face.

Amara went into her dressing room and dressed up in the CTAN agency attire, after holstering the gun to her belt and the jack knife in her boot, she packed up her hair in a ponytail before putting on the black agency cap. She walked to her wardrobe and pulled out a gun case that contained a dissembled IWI TAR-21 rifle, she could assemble it in not less than twenty seconds if the need arises.

She took one last look around the house before taking one of the car keys with a BMW logo, locked up the house and headed for the black BMW M9 parked in the open garage. The gate was just closing after Segun had drove out of the compound with Cindy.

She had to sort this whole thing out, she thought as she wove through traffic. She wished the car would just fly. She was feeling heady and she felt the tears welling up in her eyes.

“I cannot believe that it was my own Derek? This can’t be true,” she stopped herself from sobbing and tried to concentrate on the road.

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