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“Please can someone tell me exactly what is going on?” Amara asked once again.

She is in Agent Adam’s office at the CTAN, she had been offered a seat by Agent Elroy who is reclining on the mahogany table in the tastefully furnished office and facing the wall-sized touch screen monitor in Adam’s office. On the monitor is a stilled picture of Derek with his matching finger-print samples and every information about him sent in by the FBI.

Amara had remained standing in front of the CTAN boss; she is obviously pissed but did her best not to let it get the better of her.

“You have to cool down Agent Amara. I was made to understand that your training shift for today went well and that you have been discharged which means that you shouldn’t be back here at the agency,” Adams said observing her closely with knotted fingers, his face giving nothing away.

Amara swallows hard, “My PT, Agent Jaden granted my permission to fall in and it is for a serious issue,”

“I hope you’re not defending yourself agent because as far as I know, I didn’t approve it,” the middle aged boss said, his fingers travelled to his neatly trimmed beard, his eyes still fixated on her.

“I think you should first hear me out boss,” she said firmly.

“C’mon let’s hear her out Adams,” Elroy spoke up and readjusts his reclining position on the desk, he was about the same age as Adams and rumor had it that they had been partners since their extensive special military and intelligence training program in the US Army before taking up the reins at the Counter Terrorist Agency of Nigeria.

“Then go ahead,” Adams said urging her with a wave of his hands.

“I got some Intel that my fiancé is on the international most wanted criminal list and is allegedly the famed international assassin known as ‘the Messenger’, I’m here to prove you all wrong and sue whoever that is behind this for defamation of character and false accusation,” Amara said boiling with anger.

She had received Derek’s text message and she believed him strongly; it all seems to her like a dream which she is more than willing to wake up from.

Adams considered what she said but remained silent, he didn’t want to get in trouble with the FBI or the United States government for that matter for failing in his duties.

“Derek was indirectly involved in the Malibu crisis that went down some years back therefore it is reasonable that some people might be after him or myself for that matter. Or would you just hand over someone that helped this agency for some feeble evidence? I really would be disappointed in the CTAN, Agent Adams,” she snapped.

Adams looked up at her; she had caught his attention.

“Hold on a sec, he was the guy that helped save the President’s daughter back then?” Adams asked.

“No,” she answered.

“Then who the hell is he? We don’t have the facility to save the asses of every of our agent’s fiancé that gets in trouble,” Elroy said.

“I bet you don’t. He is the man that risked his life, his career and his job to save the President’s daughter two years ago, remember that?” Amara said; time was running out and her patience was running out.

“I see, but I want you to understand something. This is a very sensitive case, fingerprint samples indicate that he not only murdered a high profile US citizen but he broke into the Iron Mountain and made away with classified documents; I really don’t even know how to help you, all I was trained to do is to help the government track down criminals and terrorists and right now that is exactly what we are doing. The investigative unit is focused eighty percent on tracking him down and we are about sending the field team agents to Dubai for an arrest because that’s where he was last seen,” Adams explained.

“You know as much as I do that such evidences could be planted and this phantom criminal known as ‘The Messenger’ must have been used by someone to do that. Don’t forget his involvement with the Malibu which is another reason why he might decide to implicate him; Derek is a notable and respected citizen with many national and international recognition awards for God’s sake. All I ask of you is to allow me to go with the field team and an exclusive access to the info provided by the Investigative unit and I promise to get to the real truth of this case,” she implored.

Adams and Elroy looked at themselves like some unspoken communication was going on between them,

“Give us a minute,” Elroy finally said, and she opened the glass door. As she was about to step out, she heard Adams voice.

“Meet Agent Maluze Moses, the head of computer operations, he’ll give you all the intel you need. You can go to Dubai with the unit but you are absolutely on your own, even the President is not aware of your assignment because there was no assignment,” he said.

Amara turns back on her heels, she felt like hugging him but she just gave him a handshake which he grabbed firmly.

“Good luck, Agent Amara,” Elroy said while giving her a pat on the shoulder after the handshake.

“Thank you boss; thanks Agent Elroy,” she made a salute and quickly headed for the glass door.

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