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“My name is Detective Johnson from the Federal Bureau Of Investigation,” the detective introduced himself with outstretched hands to the CEO of G.S. Tech Corp. while taking in the elaborately decorated and ostensibly sophisticated office.

The Arabian shook his hands from across the table and offered him a seat,

“You’re welcome, Detective Johnson. How may I help you?” the CEO asked; he had this facial expression that seemed like he was trying his best to hide his distaste for law enforcement agents.

Detective Johnson cleared his throat and brought out some files from his suitcase and placed them on the table.

“One of your employees is involved in a homicidal and criminal case, I would like to ask you some questions,” he said opening one of the files.

“Go ahead detective. I’ll be having an important client in a couple of minutes, it’ll be nice if you hasten up with your questions, the Corporations’ PR would take care of the rest,” he said checking his gold wrist-watch.

“Alright, Mr. Derek Oscar seems to have worked for you for a couple of years now, do you have any suspicions that he is involved in any other shady business, if you know what I mean,”

“He has contributed a lot to the corporation but I cannot accurately say anything about his private life as it does not affect the company in any way. I must add that he is not generally cooperative,”

“Thank you. I don’t have much to ask you Mr. Ahmed since it seems you don’t maintain a personal relationship with your employees,” the detective said looking up from his jotter.

“That’s the reason why I told you to meet the PR department; I believe they have every detail you need,”

“One more thing,” Detective Johnson said,

“Go ahead, I’m running out of time,” he said glancing occasionally at his Richard Millie wrist watch.

“This may sound off the records but it is very important. Is there any reason your corporation would want those stolen documents?” the CEO was a bit taken aback by the question but he regained his composure.

“Detective Johnson, if you think I stole your American documents because one of my employees is a suspect; then that is so dumb and you must be mistaken. If you don’t mind,” he signaled behind the Detective and a tall man dressed in the full Arabic attire just like the CEO and was putting on dark sun glasses walks in with a suitcase; his overall Arabic dressing concealed his features.

Detective Johnson slowly packed up his stuff and stood up his gaze fixed on the CEO.

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed. I’ll keep on checking,” he added as an afterthought and left the office. He felt the strange visitors’ eyes follow him but he cared less, his instincts told him that G.S. Tech, though a technology giant has some skeleton in her cupboard – he is just yet to find out.


“You did a good job but I don’t think it is good for my business,” the CEO said folding his hands in front of him after the Messenger had sat down. The Messenger kept mute, his fingers tapping insistently on the table.

The CEO chuckled,

“Money,” he reached under the table and pulled out a medium sized suitcase and dropped it on the table.

The Messenger pulls it closer and unlatched it to take a look; satisfied, he produced a box-like leather case and passed it across the table and the CEO caught it before it fell over. He checked it out and touched the papyrus softly like his life depended on it before locking the box and putting it carefully under the table.

“Deal done, sign here,” the Messenger produced a leather-bound book similar to the one they used in signing the deal and the Saudi CEO appended his signature in the lines provided. The Messenger covered the thin leather-bound page and depressed the center of the book cover and a cut-out square separated itself from the rest of the leather to reveal a glass panel on the cover of the book,

The Saudi quickly placed his right thumb and then his left index finger on the glass panel just like he did before and the glass panel lit up with a brief flash of red which quickly dies away.

The Messenger quickly closed the leather bound book and in a flash, he was gone. The Saudi smiled and brought out his phone,

“I think we have everything we need, doctor,” he said.

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