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“I doubt if Adams would let me go on this mission if I was in your shoes, I just hope he lets you remain with my team,” Agent Kimberly Achu said gallantly.

There were working on their different computer systems in one of the plane’s cabins with other field agents; they earlier got an Intel that Derek had been arrested in Dubai but he had escaped and he is still on the run. It was good news for Agent Amarachi Bradley.

“Kim, you of all people should know that Adams owes me a favor and it’s Derek we’re talking about here,” Amara said.

They were working on the fingerprint samples that were sent in to the agency earlier on to find a possible mismatch or anything that would indicate foul play.

“Hold on a sec, I think I found something,” Agent Kim said and zoomed in on one of the 3-D representation of the crime scene, “tell me you observed this too,” she said using the mouse to circle the area where the bar should be.

“I don’t see anything, just a couple of prints,” Amara said looking closely at the monitor screen. Kim cropped the print samples and also cropped the same print samples from the Iron Mountain crime scene and arranged them side by side,

“The fingerprints that really belong to Derek are just the tip of the fingers, the rest is a set of jagged whorls which doesn’t represent a human pattern,” Kim explained,

“So, my suspicions were true. His prints must have been stolen from somewhere, maybe from the corporation, the police department or even the embassy for that matter, and then it was recreated and planted in the right places for the cops to find,” Amara finally understood.

Even though the evidence was not substantial enough, it could at least get him off at some level since it was the only evidence they had on him. The next thing would be his alibi during the time of crime; Amara had come with the tickets of the conference he attended at the Eko suites and hotels on the said date, she had contacted Mr. Adefolarin Stan – Derek’s housing agent and he is willing to testify when the need arises that Derek had a house opening ceremony on the evening of the same day; she had made calls to the airport authorities for the documents that indicate that Derek just flew to Dubai from Nigeria recently at the request of his boss.

She wondered were Derek was and what he was doing at the moment, she just wished she could reassure him that everything would be alright.

An email appeared on the screen of the computer and she quickly clicked on it;

“Kim, come and have a look. I think Derek just sent in everything we need,” Amara announced and Kim leaned over her to have a look,

“Some kind of video and audio clips that proves his innocence and highlights some shady business going down in G.S. Tech Corporation,”

“It’s got some YouTube video link,” she said and clicked on the web link which was redirected to the video Derek made with Mr. Isaac Walsh,

“Jeez, 1.6 million views in just forty-five minutes? You never told me your cute fiancé was this popular?”

“The video just went viral and with it a Twitter hash tag that is trending right now #IVote4Candor_Derek,” she was so surprised; Derek is always full of surprises.

“You know what it means; if we have to act, then we should act now, who’s with me?” Amara said standing, most of the agents looked up from their computers; she had shared the files to all of them and had used the satellite uplink to send it to the CTAN headquarters.

“Amy, I’ve got your back,” Agent Kim said, patting her shoulders,

“Me too,” Agent Linda said waving her fingers and smiling,

“We’ve got your back, Amy,” rang from different parts of the spacious cabin,

“Thank you so much, I’m so pleased. The thing is, we’ve got the evidence now, we have to prove to the world what really is going on at G.S. Tech Corp; according to Derek, the facility is armed with various security devices and personnel so we have to get in using protocol ‘Camo 005’ to avoid giving away the agency’s identity. According to the map of the facility here, the main laboratory is underground so we have to get in there as quickly as possible before they even think about evacuation and the Intel we’ve gotten from reliable sources indicate that the stolen document from the Iron Mountain has a 65% possibility of being in the facility, I’ll take care of that one and let the headquarters know about the change of plan. Thank you all for your understanding and co-operation,” Amara explained.

Agent Kim issued final orders on how the mission would be carried out before they got back to their seats as the plane was about touchdown.

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