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“Kim what’s going on there?” Amara said; she is on the hallway that led to the office of the G.S. Tech Corp CEO.

The main lights of the whole facility had been turned off since they began the evacuation, only emergency lights were on and it gave the whole place an eerie red color which made visibility a problem. She switched to thermal vision on the utility goggles,

“Much better,” she muttered and continued, pointing the gun ahead of her,

“Kim?” she called again pulling the mouthpiece a bit closer to her lips.

“We good here, most of the evidence is either destroyed or taken away but not all of them. We’ve also arrested a couple of scientists including the head of operations. Detective Johnson said he’s coming up to give you a hand,” Agent Kim said from the other end with rasped breathing.

“Hold on a sec,” she heard muffled footsteps from behind her and dropped her gun as two strong arms grabbed her middle from behind and threw her on the metallic floor; she rolled on the floor away from him, pulled out one of the small utility knives from her boot and a quick perfect throw sent the henchman sprawling on the floor.

She grabbed his gun, an FN F2000 rifle and shot a couple of rounds as another fully armed guy rounded the corner pointing a gun at her, but it only slowed him down because he obviously had a bullet-proof vest on; he began to shoot rapidly.

Amara ducked behind a metal cabinet and waited for some time, she heard clicks as he was reloading his weapon. Above her was a fire extinguisher harnessed to the wall, she slowly tipped it from underneath and caught it before it landed; on the count of three, she stood up and threw it towards his direction and shot it in mid-air, she could hear the guy groan before she shot more bullets in his direction.

She brought out her tablet-pc and continued towards the direction of the office using the map; when she got there, the door was open and she went down on one knee and pointed the gun inside before taking a look inside. She caught the elevator door just closing as a man in an Arabian outfit and dark sunglasses got inside with a box filled up with documents; she wanted to shoot but it was already too late,

“Agent Kim, I just got a visual on the target. He’s headed for the garage and he’s about to get away, check your GPS map, I’ll be right there,” she jumped over the huge table and knocked down a humanoid robot in the process, she pulled out two explosives and fixed them on the glass wall then she ducked under the desk as splinters of glass scattered all over the office when it exploded.

She looked down; a lot of things were going on at once, the CEO got into a vehicle and two armed men got in after him and closed the door. She had planned for that; she pulled out a specialized gun that contained magnetic GPS tracking devices and shot two trackers at the black vehicle, one at the roof and the other on the wheel.

Down below, police cars and armed security agents were all over the area barricading the surrounding of the building, and then she saw a red and black power bike speeding into the compound.

“That must be Derek,” she said and dialed the number he had sent her, she had been informed earlier on that he would arrive in a bike.

“Derek look up, I’m coming down right now. Just hold on for a minute,” she said and harnessed the hook of the climbing rope which she had on her belt securely around an iron bar, she doubted if it was long enough to get her through the five story building; she only had to try and hope for the best.

“All agents should evacuate the building,” she heard Agent Adams voice on her headphones, he had been with them online from the headquarters sending out orders when the need arises.

“I’m on it,” Amara responded and began sliding down the long rope, she heard shots behind her but thankfully, none of them touched her, she was suddenly jerked stop as the rope ended. She looked down and saw Derek on the bike motioning her to jump down the rest of the way;

“Agent Amara, the whole place is about to blow up. I repeat, the whole place is about to blow up,” Adam said once again.

It was just one story more to go and Amara swallowed hard before pulling out a jack knife and cutting the rope; she rolled as soon as she landed on a lawn to break the fall.

“Need a hand?” she heard Derek’s voice and grabbed his hand, soon she is secure on the backseat of the bike.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked her and handed her a helmet.

“I’m feeling a little light-headed but I’ll be fine. We need to get out of here immediately and I just saw the CEO getting away,” she said strapping on the helmet. Derek revved up the engine of the bike.

“Shit, then we’ve got no chance of catching up with him,” Derek said,

“I placed tracker on the vehicle, here’s the GPS location,” she handed him the tablet-pc.

“He’s not far off,” he attached it in front of bike. Shots were fired at them from somewhere and Amara grabbed him tightly as Derek sped off towards the gate.

“I need to get in a car, we can both do this,” Amara shouted above the noise as soon as they got out through the police barricade at the gate,

“I can’t hear you,” Derek shouted,

“Pull over beside that Ford car,” she pointed at a shiny Blue Oval Ford GT parked along the road beside a café, the owner was just getting out. Derek jammed on the brakes beside the car,

“Excuse me sir, can I borrow your car?” she said fixing her eyes on him and smiling, before the surprised man could say anything, she was already in the car and drove off leaving a trail of smoke behind, Derek smiled and made off in another direction.

“I’ve got a visual on them,” Amara announced as she spotted the black Audi Q7 SUV about to enter the major road. She wove through traffic and when she got a clear view of the car she aimed for the wheels and shot at it but the bullet just bounced off the body of the car,

“Shit, Derek its bullet proof and they’re armed,” one of the masked men came out through the roof of the car and started firing shots at her car. She ducks and avoided the bullets as best as she could, she could hear cars screeching, jamming on their brakes at the sudden shoot-out.

As soon as she was about to negotiate a bend, she was surprised to see the black Audi now facing her, the masked men fired more shots and her windscreen shattered in different splinters; she jammed on the brakes and reversed the car, the Audi followed her immediately.

“Jeez, where are you Derek? I’m trapped here,” the worst of it all was that they were on the wrong side of the road and she was having a difficult time dodging all the incoming cars, she was watching them through the front mirror. She studied the driver’s pattern and jammed on the car’s brakes while drifting a full 45 degrees, three shots took down the guy at the roof of the car.

“Incoming! I’m right behind you Amy. Just take out those front wheels for me,” she heard Derek and smiled; she knew he’s got something up his sleeves.

She aimed and shot the two front wheels of the Audi as they were heading towards her car and she reversed immediately. The wheels of the car were scraping the tarred road sending sparks all over. She saw a heavy truck coming towards the Audi at a very high speed and she drove safely through an intersection to the other side of the road.

The driver of the Audi was trying frantically to maneuver the car out of the way but the flat tires won’t let that happen easily; there was smoke all over the place as the Mack truck hit the front of the car, dragging it down the road.

“Quite a show, right? Let’s see what we’ve got,” Derek said as soon as he got in the car, Amara jerked in surprise,

“Jeez, you frightened me Derek,” she said slapping him on the shoulder, “how the hell did you do that?” Amara asked,

“When did you learn how to drive like that Amy? That was some James Bond shit and you look like Angelina Jolie in this outfit, mind if I take some pictures?” he said smiling broadly.

“I’m a special agent Derek and no pictures allowed. What’s our next move?” she asked and started up the car,

“Right now we need to get that scum bag and the documents to the Embassy, Detective Johnson is waiting for us,” before he could finish talking, she had already reversed the car and headed for the wreckage that was once the Audi, the tires screeching loudly.

Derek fell back on the seat forcefully and said ‘Ouch’.

“Put on your seatbelt honey,” Amara said smiling mischievously; distantly they could hear the sound of police sirens.

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