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“So what kind of doctor do you want to be?” Chidimma asked Cindy.

They were all having dinner at the Eko Suites and hotel restaurant after attending a hilarious comedy show by popular Nigerian standup comedians like Basketmouth, AY, Seyi Law and Bovi; the evening was so enjoyable as most of the comedians threw harmless and funny jabs at Derek after the now popular episode that took place recently. Some popular Nigerian musicians like Wizkid, Olamide, Di’Ja and Tiwa Savage performed on stage too.

Kazeem had surprisingly attended too, he said he wanted to make some investments in Nigeria but he had left full of apologies before the comedy show ended but Mr. Isaac didn’t show up at all because of his busy schedule, he had however invited Derek to his house in Los Angeles, USA.

“The best in Africa,” Cindy responded picking up a Suya meat from her plate and smiling,

“You two seem to be getting along well,” Amara said and they all laughed, Derek had been all jokes and laughter throughout the day and Amara loved it when he is in that mood.

“Why won’t they get along well when Chidimma had promised to take her shopping in Dubai,” Derek teased and downed a glass of Martini.

“Oh, no wonder. So everybody’s travelling now except me, this is so unfair,” Amara said,

“Sorry Amy babe, it’s not our fault and besides I doubt if the agency would find it funny when you come in and say ‘hey boss, everyone in my house is going on vacation, will my own be different?’,” they all burst out laughing drowning the sound of African music blasting from the speakers at the restaurant.

“I just imagined Adam’s face if I tell him this. That reminds me, I told you about joining me in the agency and you said you’d think about it, is the thinking not yet overdue?” Amara asked.

“Don’t worry, I just have to sort certain things out, you know. Many big corporations need my expertise and I also want to go into advanced weaponry, I’ll just think it through and let you know, okay?” Derek said draping his left arm over her shoulders.

“Alright, I’ve talked to Adams about it and it seems CTAN is also in need of your expertise, so we’re joining the queue,” she joked, they all laughed heartily.

“I’ll look into your application when I’m free,” he teased. Amara suddenly stood up and dragged him up,

“Come outside, I want to say something to you,” she said,

“Hmmm, these two lovebirds are at it again,” Chidimma said smiling,

“Chidimma don’t let me get you,” Amara said and they all laughed,

The moon was at its best that evening, shining brightly with a promise of better things to come. And the nightly breeze never disappointed as it swept over the beautiful and never sleeping city of Lagos.

“The night is still young,” Amara said as soon as they were outside on the balcony,

“And so are we,” Derek said and they relished in the refreshing atmosphere,

“Amy, you didn’t call me out here to remind me of how young the night is,”

Amara smiled and held his hands, “Thank you so much, Derek,”

“You know I’d do anything for you, come here,” he embraced her and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I was so worried,” tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to blink them back,

“Me too Amy, I’m always worried about you but everything is now okay,” he said patting her back, “It’s going to be okay,”

“I love you,” she said. He cups her face in his hands looking into her eyes.

“I love you too Amarachi,” they kiss.

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