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The cool afternoon breeze blew silently across the field; from time to time a couple of grasses would be lifted off the ground and would be flown around the air, most of the time getting stuck in odd places. It was the kind of afternoon Derek loved as he aimed his gun at an eye level with the shooting range and shot twice. The second shot was the closest he had ever gotten to hitting the mark and he grinned behind the goggles and looked back to meet the approving nod of his tutor.

“Told you I’d ace the shooting training in a short time,” he nearly screamed above the noise of the other practice shooters in the shooting range, the big ear-muffs he was putting on didn’t help his hearing either.

The light-skinned guy who was his tutor smiled and nodded again, he pulled out a long box from among the pile of gun boxes and unclipped it open,

“Go ahead,” he motioned Derek.

He set to work immediately and coupled the sniper rifle and inserted a bullet in the cartridge, the bullets carried trackers with them and somewhere in the CTAN building, his sharp-shooting skills and aiming skills were being monitored and recorded.

He turned when someone tapped him, it was his tutor handing him his new Apple IPhone, which was ringing.

“Hello, who is this please?” Derek asked holding up the sniper rifle in one hand. The female voice that came online was rasped and breathy like she had run a meter race,

“Derek, I know that you must be mad at me but I promise you that it was never my fault or intention to betray you,”

“Calm damn, you’ve not told me who you are,”

“It’s me Doris,”

Derek searched his head for any clue he could lay hands on,

“Is it Dr. Doris I know from G.S. Tech Corp?”

“Yes, it’s me. Listen, I know that you may not have any reason to help me but I really need your help right now, my father, Dr Richmond would be on a death sentence because of what went down at the G.S. Tech,” she was now sobbing,

“I need you to stop crying first, what about Mr. Ahmed Mohammed?” he asked,

“He somehow managed to get himself out of all this and shifted the whole thing to my father, somehow the U.S. president had audio evidence that suggested that my father was forcing him to sign the deal, it’s now a political thing because he wouldn’t like any dent to his name. Mr. Ahmed seemed too powerful to be arrested, so my father had to take all the blame, I’m so confused right now,” Derek could hear her sobbing on the other end.

“Just take it easy, so you need an evidence to get him out?” Derek asked,

“Yes, he is just a scientist and was doing exactly what Mr. Ahmed paid him to do, I’ve talked to him and he said that he had never met the U.S. president in person talk more of trying to make a deal with him. I just need something that could help me take down Mr. Ahmed,” she said through clenched teeth,

Derek thought for a while,

“I’m only helping you because I’ve got some personal scores to still settle with Mr. Ahmed Mohammed but do not involve me in any of this. There are some evidences I withheld when I testified in the court before I was let off the hook as a criminal and I think the CTAN also have some things on him, I’ll just see what I can do and get back to you, okay?”

“Thank you so much Derek, I really wanted to help you back then but things got messed up, they discovered that I was helping you get away and they used it to set you up,” she said apologetically.

“Don’t worry, it’s all in the past now and besides I’ve been cleared and all the damages it had caused me had been duly paid for,” he said swallowing hard,

“I have to go now, bye,”

“I’ll get back to you, bye,” Derek said and she ended the call, he sighed heavily and stuck the phone into his pocket. He knelt on one knee and adjusted the focus of the rifle, he was about to shoot when his phone rang again.

“What’s all this?” he muttered and pulled out his phone, he made a ‘just one moment’ plea to his instructor,

“Hello, Detective Johnson it’s been a long time,” Derek said smiling,

“Yeah! How you doing Derek? I heard you finally decided to join the agency,”

“Of course, I figured I could help out especially in creating new weaponry,” he said,

“I really need your help to take down Mr. Ahmed, he somehow evaded arrest and is making another man pay for his crimes,”

“Why is everyone all of a sudden interested in taking down Mr. Ahmed, I would have jumped on the train myself if not that I’ve got my hands full,” Detective Johnson chuckled on the other end,

“It seems like Dr. Doris had contacted you. I’ve been trying to find her but I couldn’t, she went completely undercover as soon as her father was arrested. I’ll be glad if you can connect me to her, we can work this out together,”

“I’ll let her know of your intentions detective, any luck on finding the so called Messenger because that guy really pissed me off,”

“I’m still on it Mr. Derek and I’ll let you know of any development, thank you man, I’ll really be glad if you do this for me,”

“I’ll try my best detective,” Derek said.

“Alright, you have a nice day,”

“Same here,” he ends the call and put back on his ear muffs and aimed once again and shot. Three more shots and he was done for the day,

“You did well Agent Derek, I’ll send in your stats as soon as possible,” his instructor said, he starts packing all the guns back in their cases,

“Thanks buddy,” he said tapping him on the shoulder and began heading for the locker-room.

“Phew, what a day,” he thought aloud.


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