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“Welcome aboard. With a flying speed of Mach 0.90, we have approximately seven hours and fifty minutes flight time non-stop to Dubai. Wishing you a smooth and safe flight,” the female voice on the PA system of the plane announced hurriedly, the instruction was repeated in Arabic language.

Derek was constantly checking the time on his phone; his boss had called him earlier on and he had quickly arranged as many reports and other important documents as he could into his suitcase before Segun rushed him to the airport.

He rested his head on the headrest of the elegant leather seat of the Emirate jet and looked outside the window as he got a window seat.

He admired the beautiful nightly scenery of the airport with its never-ending activity; landed planes were being guided to their hangars, passengers boarding and the late ones sprinting to catch up, the departure terminals filled up with expectant relatives and friends, floods of light illuminating their faces as they chatted noisily; whenever he had this kind of time to himself he would go over a lot of things. He decided that he had a long day and obviously needed a rest.

The Falcon 7 X jets which he boarded is one of the private jets belonging to G.S. Tech Corp. but it also provides chartering and transportation services to allied companies; with a capacity of about 13 passengers including the crew, the jet is furnished to an elegant taste with a lot of space to stretch out and on-board work desks, making it one of the best jets to use for business trips.

“All passengers aboard are advised to fasten their seat belts as we prepare for takeoff, thank you for your co-operation,” the female voice on the PA said, this time saying each word more carefully, she also repeated the same instruction in Arabic language just in case.

“Please sir, would you mind? There is a lady who wants to share the cabin with you,” a Chinese air-hostess in a crisp white and red uniform asked Derek, he didn’t observe her standing in front of him earlier.

“I really need to be on my own right now and that’s the reason why I requested that I have the cabin all to myself since there are not much passengers onboard. I’m a bit stressed…” before he could finish talking a lady walked in-between them and sat down beside him.

“Thank you, uh, Miss Ching,” she said smiling. The air hostess smiled and went down the aisle muttering something in Chinese.

“Whatever, I just hope that is not some dreadful Chinese curse,” she said while putting her seat belt in place,

“Am I dreaming or something? It’s really you? Um...” he wiped his eyes with the back of his hands and tried to recall her name.

“Derek, you’ve already forgotten my name? I’ll sob later and pretend it didn’t happen,” she was looking at him wide-eyed. Derek was trying his best to stifle his laughter.

“There you go again, it’s really not like that dear and it’s not what you think. I just have a lot on my head right now. Wait a moment, I’ve got it on my phone,” he flipped out his blackberry and checked through the recently added contacts,

“There it is, how you doing Ms. Chidimma?” he put on his best smile, she just kept on staring at him until she did what he least expected. She blew air right on his face from her mouth and he multi-blinked in surprise,

“I didn’t see that coming. What’s up, I didn’t expect to meet you again on such an expensive chartered business jet; meanwhile welcome aboard G.S.T. Corp,” Chidimma cut him off with a wave of her manicured fingers,

“I have gotten an overdose of that from Miss Chinese. Do you always go back to Dubai every day? You just came down to Nigeria for God’s sake and you’re already going back?” she said curiously.

“It’s an emergency, I’ve been on a vacation although with an assignment but duty calls and I have to answer. I guess it’s my turn to ask,” Derek said and pulled out a packet of bubble gum from his pocket and popped one into his mouth.

The plane vibrated slightly as it taxied along the runway before it gradually took off.


“Care for one?” he asked her,

“No, wait a minute. You chew bubble gum?” she scoffed,

“Uh huh, most of the time, keeps me going and who doesn’t love chewing gum? Where you headed and how did you get on the plane?”

“I’m heading for Dubai, UAE for another boring conference and I got on the plane through the door,”

Derek caught himself before he scoffed and shook his head,

“Alright, I’m gradually getting the hang of it,”

“Can’t we just recline back on our seats and discuss tech stuff? I heard G.S. Tech is so into Nanotechnology and cloning. Word on the Silicon Valley is you guys are now pushing for the use of human subjects,” Chidimma asked.

The female voice on the PA finally announced that it was safe to unfasten the seat belts. She pulled a lever underneath her seat and it lowered into a reclining position

“Oh, I see what’s going on here; ambitious tech reporter trying to get some privileged Intel. I really need some sleep right now Chidimma, what’s that on the tv?” Derek was pointing at the plane’s television; he equally lowered his seat and put his arm behind his head.

“Are you trying to say that you’ve not heard about him?” she asked surprised,

“No, I’ve not seen the man before. Why?”

“That’s odd. Name’s Isaac Walsh, a popular futurist and Trans humanist extremist; I prefer to say ‘doomsday speaker’. He’s up against a lot of huge technology giants for what he calls ‘Socially Immoral Technologies’ (SIT) and a possible involvement of the Free Masons,”

“Hold on a sec, he’s saying something,”

’…right now, Cyberdyne Corporation, G.S. Tech Corporation, NATO, Initech Corporation, Tyrell Corp and five other hi-tech giants are collaboratively taking this idea of extending human life too far. Ray Kurzweil predicted that in 2040 or 2050, that idea may finally be actualized but hello, this is not 2040.

Current information from reliable sources indicates that the United Nations and other concerned international authorities including the United Arab Emirates NASR (National Authority for Scientific Research) are yet to license these tech companies to start making use of babies and real human beings to embark on these horrible technologies but there is evidence of such shady researches going on.

Thousands of people keep on disappearing every day, more cases are witnessed in Africa. When this long life giving elixir or a cup of tissue-repairing nanobots is finally available, the elites and the rich get it all notwithstanding all the lives that has been lost in it. It is just not okay in every moral sense of it unless the world government passes a law which would make this technology available for healthcare and most especially for cancer patients but I don’t see this happening in the near future because all they care about is profit, every other thing can go to hell.

If this madness continues, the world would get to an insane stage whereby we lose control over every single robot because these things have the ability to evolve with time, our own scientific inventions would enslave us and not just that, we could all be wiped out.

Global overpopulation is currently under control and even before 2050, the world’s population would be somewhere near being stable; lives are damn important for God’s sake and these people have families, they all come from somewhere. G.S. Tech should go grow their own test subjects and stop messing with people’s lives…”

Derek stood up and turned off the television,

“Why did you do that?” Chidimma asked; Derek shrugged and lay down on the couch in the cabin.

“That guy must be crazy, I’ve been working for G.S. Tech for a long time and all that shit he said is a lie,”

“Have you considered the possibility that they might be hiding a lot from you?”

“For your information, I am one of the top and most trusted employees at G.S. Tech, and as far as I know, nothing has ever been hidden from me and I believe that was why you’ve been trying to get something out of me,”

Chidimma chuckled and shrugged, “Just think about what I told you, I have my own sources too. Maybe you’ve never asked the right questions or looked the right places,”

Derek’s phone began to ring, and he pulled it out of his pants; Amara,

“Yeah baby, hello. No, don’t tell me you believed all that shit being said on the TV,” he paused,

“there’s nothing going on, these are just some conspiracy theorists trying to make some money from TV shows, the world never runs a shortage of them; I don’t even know a damn thing about free masonry, I’ll be fine. Can you do me a favor? I think someone hacked into my phone and has been sending these messages; I need you to know who the guy is and what he wants. Don’t bother yourself anymore and don’t sign up for any of those crazy stuffs, okay? Bye, love you too,” he ended the call. He laid back down on the couch.

“Goodnight Derek, just think about what I told you,” Chidimma said and closed her eyes,

“Goodnight, you’ve said that before,” Derek couldn’t sleep, a thousand thoughts were running through his head.

He looked outside the window brooding over his thoughts; his instincts told him that something was not right.

He had been called to come over to Dubai by his boss on some emergency and now the show, and this Chidimma reporter saying her sources were right. He could only wonder what kind of emergency would make Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, the G.S. Tech Corp. CEO to call him back on such a short notice. Or was what he heard somewhat true and they were trying to cover the tracks.

He only had to find out and he just couldn’t wait to get to Dubai and get the answers he needed.

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