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.Everyone hates the bad guy -no surprise there- but are they really the enemies? How one's can tell the devil from it's victim? If his finest trick is to persuade us that they does not exist. ===== Lazuli Azure. Part saint, part sinner; part innocent, part corrupted. After she faced the wrath of reality she overcome neglect, physical and emotional abuse. Despite her rotten luck, she tries to fix her self yet things only got more complicated. As truth hunts her down, will she be able to protect the people around her or continuously push them away. Only her endearing caustic humor can redeem them all in the future. If indeed she has one...

Action / Humor
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"The kid was traumatized"

Groan and snort was followed by a folding chair flying across the room.
Obviously someone kicked the defenseless thing.

"We ain't gonna get anything significant or logical connection out of her."

"For Pete's sake, Kurt, did you have to do that?"

One of the cops walks in with a steaming cup of coffee. The ones in a styrofoam cup. I concluded half of it contains phlegm who ever made that shit.
I scrunch my nose disgusted by that thought.

In front of me was an abstract of black coffee spills above the metal-topped table. It reminds me about my first try in making canvas. It was the shade of dead rose splatter.

I found it charming. Others say it's disturbing.

It really complimented the brown crust on some links under the cuffs and the little bright red puddle below my wrists. They were too tight.

Animatedly their private eye, Ron, yells at Kurt to back off. Never judge the book by its cover. He might look like an old dozing tortoise but damn. This turtle slaps like a bitch.

If only their weary gazes can filter the HATRED and DISAPPOINTMENT out of them. That might actually fool me that they care.

But they got no sympathy for me.

I don't expect him to either.

I told him before that I was only good for nothing.

Likewise, I saw it coming. The words appear in bright capital letters. Hovering against the blinding LED lights.

My head filled with harsh white light obliterating the image behind it.
It was hard to recognize.

Must be a memory or a dream. They asked me again with all the same questions. They want to know what happened before the explosion.
Too bad the only survivor can't give them the proper details. Me, the stupid witness who can't make anything right. Even a lousy testimony was too complicated for me to deliver.




My parents predetermined titles.

It's kind of funny how they tell us how to live. Putting false confidence so you could feel alive. Living in gender roles yet with absent minds that impose and deceive progress under their manipulation.

All of this and for what?

Questions flooded inside my head. Making my hands to shake. I balled them. They were cold as ice. Soon I'll be drowned yet no one on the outside will notice.

A simple silent death.
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