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This is my original work, feel free to get inspired by it. I hope you enjoy it. This is one of my very first stories that I have ever written, if there is a spelling mistake or any mistakes at all please comment and I will fix them.

Action / Romance
Cassandra Carboni
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Chapter 1

Cassandra opened the dorm room door, and it was there that she saw her fate before her eyes. A boy with blond hair and a flashing smile. Now her destiny was decided for sure. The mysterious boy turned to face Cassandra (Cassy) and gasped, “You are not my roommate like NO WAY.″ Cassy turned around took a deep breath, and then turned to face him. She tried to contain the awkwardness,

“Hi, I’m Cassandra. Your new roommate.”

Oh my god, Cassy thought. The boy turned to stare at the not-so calm girl he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. He closed his ocean eyes as if he were dreaming, she was the prettiest thing he ever saw, he knew she wasn’t into players.

“Where is my room?” she asked, “Hopefully not the sofa!”

“Yeah, about that” he gave a little embarrassed giggle. There was only one bed, after all, she did join late. Cassy wanted to die at this point, I mean who wouldn’t. Imagine being trapped in a room with the biggest bully/player in the school while you were a wannabe Graphic designer, she wanted to scream how would she survive. It was freshman year, so she was the odd one out since everyone went to the same (old) school, so they all knew each other. If she had to be honest the boy looked kinda cute, but she knew that he meant trouble and trouble was bad and would get her expelled, which means no college and no college means no future, and you get the idea.

A few days later Cassy found out the boy’s name and most things about him. Alex Podger was his name, but he would kill anyone that would call him Podger. Cassy and Alex were getting close lately and by now they were best friends. Of course, the boys were not in full approval at first, but Cassy and Josh didn’t care. Not one bit. There was this one girl though that understood Cassy (and knew everything about Cassy, she was like a major stalker). Adele was a kind sweet girl that always knew what was best to do in sticky situations, and she always knew whether something good or bad was going to happen and whether people were who they were saying they were. Cassy got saved by Adele more than 5 times! But like always there are the bullies. Stephanie, Nancy, and Rosie were the school girlies/bullies. They were loved by ALL. It was just so irritating that Cassy couldn’t stand them. How could everyone love them? Rosie had carrot ginger hair and loved the color pink, by like I mean obsessed, she was the leader of the group. Stephanie was a soft blonde kind of girl, she was always chilled and shy and she always minded her business, and lastly, there was Nancy, her pitch-black hair always made her look scarier than her reputation showed, she was the type of girl that you want to stay away from.

It was a normal school morning, yet something did not feel right. She felt around the bed with her foot but didn’t feel anything. There it was. The smell. Alex was making his special breakfast! She was overjoyed. She heard Adele speaking so it was obvious that Tommy was here too. Every person in the school knew that Tommy liked Adele and Adele liked Tommy but they still don’t know. Cassy could hear Josh’s voice and another two unknown voices. She walked into the living space and saw three other boys. “Er...hey. Alex, who are these strangers? You know I don’t react well to strangers,” Cassy mentioned, the boys stared. She hated people that stared at her like why they were looking at her, it wasn’t like she was speaking Spanish or something!

“Alex you didn’t tell me my cousin was here,” one of the boys spoke with his hood on. Alex looked super surprised. The boy took his hood off and Cassandra saw his face.

“No hell way, leave!” Cassy screamed. It was Josh why would he be here?

“Dear cousin calm down, I am here to tell you that you are going to be a wife,” Josh said. Wife? Was this a joke? Then she realized that from her dad’s religion the parents choose their child’s husband or wife, and there it touched her, they were doing things dad’s way since mother died. A car accident roughly ten years ago. However, she liked Alex. Alex was the one. She knew what to do and she hoped Alex would go along with it.

“I already have a future husband,” Cassy said casually.
“And who might that be dear cousin?” Josh said.

“Alex,” she replied, Alex looked at her wide-eyed, he was just so amazed. Cassy was secretly crossing her red fingers hoping he would support her.

“Er... I. Yes, Cassy is my fiancee,” Alex said, Cassy could tell he was blushing pink and red all over his face but she didn’t say anything.

A few days later, the whole school found out about that “secret” and Cassy and Alex were happy together, but you could guess who was not happy. Alex’s ex, Rosie, was going crazy and by crazy, I mean, super psycho crazy

Rosie wanted revenge and she wanted it now. But what could she do? All of a sudden, she knew what she needed to do to achieve her prize. At first, Cassy was careless that Rosie liked Alex but then she noticed that Rosie was trying to be her friend more and more often and Cassy was not dumb. She could tell that Rosie was probably doing this to get closer to Alex and to get attention. Cassy still didn’t care much. She knew Alex loved her and not that selfish and nasty little monster. However, when Rosie dyed her hair dark brown Cassy was getting more suspicious and the next thing, she knew they were twins. This part takes us to the point where Rosie wants Cassy’s life, and she means to take it by being Cassy. On the last day of summer term night, Rosie went to Cassy’s house, and tied her up, and locked her away in the wardrobe so she couldn’t get out. Then she pretended to go outside of Cassy’s house like it was her own. When she got to school, she looked for Alex and when she finally found him, she ran towards him shouting “Baby I knew this moment would come. The moment!”

“Hun, are you OK?”

“Yes, babe,”

“You never called me babe.”

This discussion carried on for ten minutes straight. Meanwhile, Cassandra was still stuck in that wardrobe and after a long time she woke up. She was just so confused about what had happened and she could only remember someone’s face. She realized that she was stuck in her wardrobe and she was tied up. She sniffed the air, and something stung her nose. It was Rosie’s smelly perfume. She must have done this.

Cassy felt around her wardrobe in case she had something sharp, but nothing came to hand. She felt for her pocketknife, but it was not there. Would anyone find her, or would she die in her closet? Cassy didn’t want to give up, so she kept on kicking the closet door. It was starting to break but she was getting more and more tired. A piece of wood snapped. She could feel tears rolling down her cheeks.

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