The Devil's Roses

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Two different worlds. She give justice with the law. He give the same thing without the worlds rules. She is a young detective after serial killer. But what happen when they meet? Where will their lies leave them? What will happen when they catch him? -------------------------- "It wasn't me this time, are you deaf?" What the hell? "And why I should trust you?" I wasn't turning around this time. -------------------------

Action / Drama
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Hello guys. I'm new here and I will need time to get myself confort here.

I mainly write criminal books. And Weeks ago I decided to share it with you.

My story is posted on Wattpad too. I'm thinking about ending it with 1 book there but making it series here.

English is not my mother language so I'm truly sorry for the mistakes.

Mature themes and strong language are so much in here. Read on your accepting.

I will update Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 1 or 2 chapters per day.

Hope you really like it.

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