The Wicked

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A year after the events in The Chosen One, The Wicked introduces and follows Zoie as she lives with the secret of being a mutant. As her life takes an unexpected turn, Zoie discover that the terrible life she lived was all a lie resulting into her following the path of wickedness.

Action / Scifi
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He was enchanted by her.

She was bewitched by him.

He smiled softly as her head laid against his broad chest. The both of them swayed from side to side, hand in hand, as the sound of the rain and thunder roared throughout the large yet empty castle. He always looked forward to this moment.

She listened to the sound of his heartbeat. Despite the haunting piano playing in the background, she danced to the sound of his heart pacing. She relaxed under his grip as he sweetly hummed melodies into her ear. Zoie did not want to wake up.

He watched as the beautiful woman in his arms slowly closed her eyes and allowed the sound of the music to take control. She was his world. He’d yearn for her throughout the day, impatiently waiting for her to close her eyes and drift off to sleep so they could see one another again. To her, he was just a vivid persona in her imagination. To him, she was something much more.

Living all of his days in the dark and gloomy place filled with a numerous amount of inhabitants, he knew that their time was coming. He knew that his life would change after all of these years and he knew that the beautiful girl in his arms would be the cause of it. She was the answer.

Zoie didn’t want to let go. It was always like this with her. This moment was the only time she felt completely safe and happy yet the sound of the vociferous alarm clock caught her attention alarming her that it was time to wake up. Opening her eyes, she looked up at the man. He stared at her with bright blue eyes and hair as white as snow. To her, he looked to be something far from human. He was simply too beautiful.

“It has been a year.” Zoie mumbled as she looked down at the marble floors. “Could you please at least tell me your name?”

“In due time, little one.” He mumbled as he leaned down and placed his signature kiss upon her nose. He wanted nothing more than to reveal his true identity to the girl but he knew that she was simply not ready. Slowly, he let go of her hand knowing that it was time for her to retreat back to reality. Nodding her head, he watched as Zoie released another sigh before slowly walking out of the large ballroom.

“Goodbye Sir.” She said as she stood in the doorway.

“Until next time.” He replied as he bowed his head slowly. He watched her pull the large doors open and disappear as the sound of the doors slamming shut replaced her departing footsteps.

He knew that he would have to tell her the truth sooner or later but he knew to wait until the time was right. She was far from ordinary for she was his Queen and the beginning of a new generation of Titans and he was Kronos — The Lord of Harvest and the leader of the first generation of Titans.

He was more than ready to return and seek vengeance with his Queen at his side.
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