The witches

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Witches and a girl the girl off to save the world from the witches magic potion the witches are listening to their master witch which is called the grand high witch and a big mind blowing ending is coming

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Once apon a time said Emma’s grandma their was a little girl her name was Erica and she was shy and her father was a painter one day her father told her to go get some egg’s and little did she know their right beside her house lived a witch and the witch was going to get her so when she went to get the egg’s the witch got her and the witch put her in her father’s painting and when her father got home his eye’s grew big and he pointed at the painting and after that Erica grew even though she was in the painting and one day when she was old she disappeared from the painting and now in every Country state and county their is a witch the end) wow said Emma for real yes for real said grandma so their is a witch in every Country state and county yes said grandma so like if I tought I saw a witch then what would we do oh we would move to another state oh grandma don’t be silly oh I’m serious really said Emma yes now shut your eyes and go to bed ok said Emma in a groaning way now I’ll see you in the morning said grandma and in the morning Emma woke up got reddy ate her breakfast and went outside and in her treehouse and a lady walked up and said I have a friend and at that moment Emma new that she was a witch and she told her to come down from the treehouse Emma said no and then grandma saved her grandma called her inside and Emma told her about the witch and Emma’s grandma looked like she chocked on her water we have to leave.said grandma ok said Emma. So the next day they went . And they went to New York .and they were staying in room 494 . And a man that worked at the hotel came and told them that to not go in the Theater room because a new company was having a meeting . And of course they said ok. And after that grandma told Emma to go explore the hotel. And she did. She did not know were she was going and she went in to a room. And then a lot of girls came in. And she hid . And then one of the girls got on the stage . And she said you may remove your costumes .and at that time she new the new Company was about witches! And all of those girls were witches! And then the grand high which announced that but then she saw Emma . Emma ran around everywhere but then they caught her. And turned her into a mouse and she ran to her room. And got her grandma and her grandma got very upset and they decided to stop the grand high witch and that ment that all the witches would be stoped. And then the world would be in peace. so they got to work. And tied Emma to a rope and let him find the grand high witch and she did. And got the magic potion. And then the grand high witch announced that the witches would have lunch at the hotel dining room. And then he had an idea and it was to put the potion in the food they were going to eat. And so Emma got the potion in the food. And then it was time to eat. And the witches started turning into mouses. And grandma came over and trapped the grand high witch in a jar. And then she stepped on the grand high witch. And she was killed so that ment the other witches were melting and the grand high witches spells were broke to and Emma was a girl again!And they went home with a peaceful life THE END
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