Frostbite. (OC 1)

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This story takes place in an alternate reality during the year 2020. It follows a young hero Jake Sullivan who has family issues and a smart-ass attitude. His father sends him to Alaska to discover the legendary ice crystal. Many have tried, all have failed, on a quest to clear his name and escape his past Jake embarks on a journey. Will he find the ice crystal or will he die trying?

Action / Fantasy
Hero Productions
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John ran through the vast manor dashing into chamber after room searching for his master. “Mr. Sullivan! Mr. Sullivan!” He shouted out. John hurried into Mr. Sullivan’s quarters, and there he was. Sitting next to the furnace with the wood cracking and popping. “Quiet down John, have a seat next to be by the furnace.” His voice was like ice.

“Quiet down! How can I quiet down now that I know you’ve sent young Jake to Alaska! Are you okay with sending your boy to this risky mission! It’s said that all who have traveled to locate the ice crystal have never come back!”

Mr. Sullivan turned around and looked. John dead and into his eyes. Like a predator looking at his prey, not an ounce of regret in them. “You are nothing but a mere Butler to be giving me orders on how to raise my boy.” Mr. Sullivan said, “You recognize what my boy did 2 years ago do you not, John?” Mr. Sullivan said circling around John like a lion trying to find the right angle to attack. “Do you not notice what it did to the family John, what it did to me?” His voice was building with every sentence, the anger heard higher and higher. “That is not a reason to send your boy to Alaska! He could perish out there!” John exclaimed. Mr. Sullivan drew a serious breath and responded, “This is not about the ice crystal, this is about my boy. This is his redemption, and he knows it.”

“Jakeeee. Jakeee.”

“Huh Jack, is that you?”

“Yes Jake, it is me. You failed me. HOW COULD YOU JAKE! I HAD A FUTURE AND YOU RUINED IT!”

“No! That’s not true! It was an accident! I’m sorry!”

“Join me, Jake. Come with me.”

“No, get out of my head!”

“Jake wake up.”


“Jake wake up! Wake up!”

End of the Prologue

Author’s Note- Hi everybody HP here! Are you excited for Frostbite? I know I am, the chapters might be a little short because I’m not used to writing extensive and long chapters. I prefer brief chapters with cliff hangers. Thank you for stopping by to read my story and there will be much more in the future! Happy readings 😁- HP.

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