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Frostbite. (OC 1)

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This story takes place in an alternate reality during the year 2020. It follows a young hero Jake Sullivan who has family issues and a smart-ass attitude. His father sends him to Alaska to discover the legendary ice crystal. Many have tried, all have failed, on a quest to clear his name and escape his past Jake embarks on a journey. Will he find the ice crystal or will he die trying?

Action / Fantasy
Hero Productions
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John the butler darted through the vast manor searching every room frantically. “Mr. Sullivan! Mr. Sullivan!” He exclaimed. The chubby butler moved his stubby legs quickly as he searched. Finally, he reached Mr. Sullivan’s quarters. He jerked open the door breathing heavily with his eyes scanning the room. His eyes stopped, and rested on the figure of a man resting on a luxurious armchair. He had jet black hair that was slicked back in a professional manner. He wore a crimson red robe that had streaks of black. His jaw was as solid as stone along with his collar bone. He had a poorly shaved grizzly beard and dark bags under his eyes. “Mr. Sullivan!” John cried, “ I can’t believe you would send young Jake to Alaska!” This mission is practically suiside! So many left but none have returned!” John huffed, still out of breath.

Mr. Sullivan inhaled and sighed deeply and looked John in the eyes. “Mr. Sullivan…” His eyes were sagging, he looked broken and tired. “Do you know what my son did 2 years ago, do you not?” Mr. Sullivan interrogated as he rose from his comfortable chair. “Do you know what he did to the family? To his brother? To me?!” His voice rose after every syllable. John recalled as he closed his eyes trying to forget that day. “That is not a reason to send him away to Alaska! He could die out there!” John tried to reason. Mr. Sullivan turned back to the fireplace and exhaled. “This is not just about the ice crystal, this is about my son. This is his redemption, and he knows it.


Jake felt like he was drowning in a pool of darkness. He thrashed around failing his limbs reaching out for anything. Suddenly an arm that was completely white in all of the darkness appeared from the shadows. He reached out and grabbed it. A face was slowly emerging while it was grinning wickedly. “Uh oh, my grip is slipping!” It mocked, “Please!” Jake cried as the creature’s grip slowly loosened until he eventually let go. “Sorry, brother.” The figure burst into laughter as he became a spec to Jake who was plummeting into the abyss. His whole world began to shake and a voice boomed in his head, “Jake, wake up!” It cried out.

“Huh?” Jake grunted in confusion.

End of the Prologue

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