The Impossible

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The story talks about an intelligence war between the two most powerful countries ... and a love story takes place between a Russian girl and an American man. Do you reveal their relationship ?? Is this considered treason? What is their fate ?? What surprises will happen to Evan and Sarah .. To find out about the events, follow the story of the impossible

Action / Romance
Reem Ayoub
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My name is Sarah Martin, I live in Russia and I work for the Russian intelligence service called GRU, and my team of two people and I and another young man work for our country, Russia, where I plan and it is implemented because I have very elaborate and precise war plans. The Intelligence Service has a very powerful protection network that no one can penetrate, and even if the person is not out alive, only one has been able to enter and exit accurately with an agent who works as a spy for them. It is an intelligence war between the two most powerful countries...

My teammate Shane Foster is so strong that he is never defeated. I plan and he executes the plans and resorts to killing most of the time but he is very strong and stronger person in the whole GRU and all envy his strength and the love of the leaders all for him and received many administrative upgrades but he refused because he likes to fight himself and he is handsome and has a great ability to penetrateagencies and infiltration into other intelligence services

Evan Clark from America works for (CIA)

((CIA American Intelligence), nicknamed (R-1), where (R) means that it is of a rare category, but the number (one) means that is the first of its kind, because Evan is of a special type, he is fluent in using all kinds of weapons, from pistol to grenade launcher and all art Fighting from wrestling and even taekwondo, and this is in addition to his mastery of six laps alive and full versatility in the use of disguise and (make-up) tools, driving cars, airplanes and even submarines, as well as various other skills. ... maybe this is why I love him so much I love him.. but what pained me is that he is from another intelligence agency and he is not allowed to marry. Love with all my heart but .....

Evan’s assistant is called Danny Clamartin, and he is very skilled in shooting and hand-to-hand combat, and he is one of the parts of Evan’s team, and sometimes he is jealous of him because the supreme commander pays more attention to Evan than he does, but he admits that Ivan is a rare man in the world and tries to learn from him and there is something that the two do not agree on. Evan does not resort to using his weapon except in critical times, unlike Danny, for he uses it all the time, but Evan admits that Danny is very strong and skilled in aiming, and a fighter fighter and clever too.. and what saddens him most when he learns that Ivan loves the Russian girl and it remains a secret because this leads to Evan was expelled from the guards and accused of treason against the state, and this is his punishment ... death and he is a very loyal friend

James Walker, a forgery expert, is a professional in every sense of the word in his field. He can forge the most powerful documents and electronic or magnetic cards. He is a genius in the field of computer. He can penetrate all systems, no matter how strong and complex. Never, even though Danny was underestimating him at first because he was young, but he proved the opposite when he forged a diplomatic passport with great precision and from that moment on the feat of the CIA team, which consists of the best three young men in all of America and everyone envies them for their privileges And the appreciation of the higher leaders for them ...

Tia, Evan’s daughter, was kidnapped 9 years ago. Evan gave up after finding her after learning that his wife had been murdered, so he thought she was dead, but she was surprised by her appearance in the last episodes and in some episodes .. but she hates him because he stopped searching for her and the CIA uses her as a weakness to Evan After he ceased allegiance to the CIA.

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