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Inside the Truth

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Thalia Porter never imagined she would end up in Roppongi, Tokyo. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring bustling nightlife she's unaware of the unfriendly edge of Roppongi nightclubs. There she meets the devil himself. Okabe, Takeshi a nefarious Bōryokudan leader. Will she be able to survive this man's devilish craving for her or his alarming craving for blood?

Action / Romance
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I watch as my breath fogs up the window, I can feel the rapid beating of my heart as it threatens to burst from my chest.
“Where are they taking me?”
My mind feels groggy as all of the possibilities swirl around; causing me to shrivel into myself. My wrists throb from the handcuffs as my circulation is swiftly ebbing away, giving way to dull pain. Salty tears track marks down my cheeks.
“Why? Why me?”
I feel myself beginning to hyperventilate as the truck begins to roll to a stop, the gravel outside making for a bumpy ride.
“ no no NO NO NO!!! This can’t be it, I can’t die yet. I can’t leave my parents behind, I haven’t gotten to experience life yet. HELL, I’m barely 23, hardly a fruitful existence.”

In the grand scheme of things, I shouldn’t have danced with death. I should never have given the devil my name nor let him into my very soul, into my home..... but God was he deliciously tempting. Truthfully, in the end, I would do it all over again if it meant he was finally mine.

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