Street fighter

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Alexis is a nerd by day and a Street fighter by night they call her death angle she undefeated she has been since she stared Street fighting. Her parents are dead they die in a car crash on her 14 birthday. she learned how to fight since she was 10 years old. she also has a little brother 1 year younger then her his name is Max. she get bullied in school. The bad boy Ryder doesn't trust people easily he only has three bestfriends that he trust with his life. What happened when he start to notice the nerd and also has to work on a group project. He has a secret that he has to keep safe from Alexis. He is the gang leader of the red diamonds. also english isn't my first language. *I dont own any oh these photos*

Action / Romance
Ashley Espinoza
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Chapter one

Alexis -
Parents dead
Street fighter: death angle

Max- hacker
Family- Alexis
Parents dead
Popular In school
Plays football and basketball

Ryder- leader of the red Diamonds
Family- Ace Jesse and Ian
Family dead
Popular I’m school
Play football and basketball

Jesse- second in command
Age- 18
Family- Ryder Ace and Ian

Ace- third in command
Age- 18
Family- Ryder Ian and Jesse

Ian- snipper
Family- Ryder Ace and Jesse

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