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Rose was at the age of 8 when her birth giver got custody of her and her 1 year old younger sister Violet. What will happen when she gets the chance to meet her dad and her 4 brother again. Will they love and care for Rose and Violet or will they betray them. TW Rape Drug abuse Abuse Domestic violence If you don't like to read about abuse then don't read this I don't want to trigger people

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1: my past life

Rose POV

Hi my name is Rose willam I am 18 years old. I have red type 4 hair and have hazel eyes like her birth-giver also I am also 5'4 and some like to say I am a sweet and innocent child 😉

The only person I can be sweet to is my 10 year old sister Violet willam
Violet have black type 4 hair and dark green eye just like our sperm donor

Growing up I used to be a quiet sweet kid and I used to play with my bothers CJ, Terrance, Kaden, and Dylan I remember the last time I played with them

Flash back
8 year old Rose POV

They all were chasing after me in the sunflower garden and I was run as far as my little legs could carry me. Then I hid in the flower and then I seen the red sneakers walked pass me and then I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in then he came back he spread the sunflowers apart and seen me

He said " I found u my little rose the tickle Monster have found" with great amusement in his voice
Then I start to scream and laugh
And I say "no kaden don't tell them I'm here"

Kaden said "he guys she over here"
Then CJ, Terrance, and Dylan came running over with a big smile of there faces

They tickle me for so long
Then dad called all of us back in to tell all of us the terrible news
That changed our lives for ever

Dad said with sadness in his voice "you my little rose have to live with my mom because they are getting a divorce
The color drain for my face and I just then I asked while I had tears running down my face " is anyone else coming with me" and he said "yes my little rose your newborn sister is goin with you as will"

Two weeks later I said goodbye to my sperm donor and my lovely brother (note the sarcasm) my new life started

Two years later

10 year old Rose POV

I woke up and i remember it was my birthday, I was turning 10 I got up and I thought it was going to be just like last year where I got a cake and then had so much candy that I had I sugar rush. I went down stairs and I thought mommy and Violet was hiding to surprise me but what happened next really surprise

End of flash back

430 words

This is my first book I have ever written
I love to hear what u like and what u didn't like and don't be shy to tell me if a made A grammatical error

I don't give anyone permission to take or rewrite my book

If you have any questions plz reach out to me

Other than that I hope u like my book and thx for reading
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