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Chapter 2: where it all started

10 year old Rose POV
I woke up and i remember it was my birthday, I was turning 10 I got up and I thought it was going to be just like last year where I got a cake and then had so much candy that I had I sugar rush. I went down stairs and I thought mommy and Violet was hiding to surprise me but what happened next really surprise
End of recap

10 year old Rose POV

I turned the corner to see my mommy with a strange man eating each other faces

The tall men said "oh hi sweetheart you look very pretty" with a creepy smile on his face

I look at mommy and I seen that she had dark marks on her arm and just look very tired and sick

I looked at the man and turned around to go back to my room. I walked through the hallway and I started to cry then I sat on my bed and wonder who was that men and why was mommy looking so sick

‼️TW Mention rape‼️
Then I heard my door open up and I seen the creepy man with his odd smile

"how old are you sweetheart" the man asked while getting closer to me
I started to get very uncomfortable
I said " I-I'm turning 10 year old today"
He whispered something I couldn't hear
He went back to the door and locked it
I started to look for an escape but I couldn't find one since we are living on the 3rd floor in the apartment complex

3rd person POV
That was the day Rose innocent was taken away from her. She cried all night long and was scared not only for her but Violet as well

When I got to school on Monday my best friend Ashley asked me "what did I do for my birthday?"
I thought back to last night


The creepy man who just to a minute put his private part in mine told me "don't you tell anyone" with a Tone that is daring me to say anything in protest

End of a flashback

I look at Ashley and said " my mommy and I had chocolate cake"

Ashley said "oh that cool"

‼️Tw abuse and rape suicidal thoughts‼️

Over the course of the next few months my mommy started to with hitting and slaping over the course of the next few months it progressively turned into punches and kicks. There were more men coming over and one time they were about to get to Violet then I tried to stop but mom just beat me up and made me watch a grown man hit and rape my sister

Some times I wonder what would have life been

End of TW

After that day I turn into a "bad kid" as the cops and teacher would like to say I started to underground fight so I could make money
at age 14 I tried to not get caught by the police so I could be about to pay for college and for me and Violet out of the hell hole

I was age 16 at this time
I came back home from one of my underground fight it was about 3 am and I start to hear police sirens and seen the cop cars turn into the Direction I was going

I didn't think much of it so I continued on with my walk

Then I look at my apartment complex and I walk on the gravel pavement and ask the police officer "what is happening"

The there was a drug overdose in apartment 311
Then I look at him and I ran to see where my sister was.


624 words

Don't be sky tell me if I have any grammatical errors

If you have any questions plz reach out

Thx you for ready my lovely bunnies
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