The Broken Fire Lieutenant

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The Broken Fire Lieutenant By Selena Clymo Fresh out of Fire Academy, cocky firefighter in training, Dominique Sharpe, moves from her tragic hometown in Wisconsin, to her new home, San Diego. 3 years ago, 18 year old Dominique enlisted in the military and went to Iraq. While there, she was injured and put on bed rest for one year. After getting off of bed rest and back to normal, she only had to deal with ptsd. It was awful at first, the nightmares. And they only got worse. Dominique, Now 22, while off duty in San Diego a fire erupts in Dominique’s apartment. Friendly neighbor and coworker Jace Harland offers a room in his house, and having nowhere else to go, Dominique can do nothing but accept. Will Dominique be able to handle Jace’s infuriating personality, or will she crack under the pressure of him, and their job? Or will her past interfere and destroy it all? Find out when you read, The Broken Fire Lieutenant. All Rights Reserved

Action / Romance
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PTSD is like drowning in your own memories and past. And you can’t escape. You’re clawing at the walls of your conscience, unable to get out. I’d been having lucid nightmares for the past year, ever since I’d been removed from bedrest. Three years ago, I, 18 year old Dominique Sharpe, enlisted in the military and was deployed in Iraq. While there, I was injured and then stuck in a hospital for a year. Now, the ptsd happened every other night. Sometimes, after a few nights of silent sleeping I’d think it had gone. But then it happened again, and so the cycle continued.
After I was out of the hospital and well, I’d decided to retreat from the military, but I still wanted to help the world in any way I could. I was going to be a firefighter. Now, fresh out of Fire Academy I’d moved to San Diego, California for a new life. I’d always wanted to be a firefighter, like my father had been. He died when I was 17, and the year after I threw myself into the military to run away from my loss.
I’m a cocky 22 year old woman. I have wavy black hair, emerald eyes and olive skin. My brother, my best friend Dean, ‘Jinx’ had always told me my personality shined brighter than the sun and my sarcastic rudeness was louder than a fire alarm. It was true. My sarcastic disrespect could be very threatening when I wanted it to be.
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