The blazain hybrid

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A warrior who became part of the enemy

Action / Adventure
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The Blazain hybrid

Through out the world there was a war between the overworld and hell. the war had been raging on for decades. thousands of soldiers were merciless killed until a warrior rose up and banished them back to the underworld. after a century people built a portal to visit the underworld for lava and bastions they used this to bring down the devilish midnight dragon. Midnight dragon cult became allies of the overworld people and they built a civilisation together people from the overworld taught the midnight dragon cult how to build and the midnight dragon cult taught the overworld people how to teleport. Meanwhile in the underworld a new leader a merged from the fiery depths of hell and built a army of withering skeletons, blazes , forever crying ghast and zombified hoglins the were powered by the fallen stars of the night sky also known as black stars. during a cold dark winter night a warrior known as Fable ventured into hell. he was the king of the diamond army he had a red iris and a black sclera . he had messy white hair and an old leaver jacket. He wondered into the Blazains queen who had apparently been the strongest warrior in hell . She chased after fable and they were teleported by a portal into an abandoned woodland mansion . The Queen used one of her rods of fire to burn fable . He quickly dodged but it hit a nearby support beam. The building caught alight and the queen and fable were trapped . Sixteen hours later... Fable woke up in a hospital bed were he saw the queen next to him dead. Apparently most of his organs had been swapped with hers . They gave him a golden eye patch for his blazain eye . His left eye ( blazain eye) was a mustard colour. His right kidney was now blazain and also his lungs. This gave him an ability of a blaze he could now breathe in lava. After a couple hours he was allowed to leave. He put his leaver on and grabbed his sword which was made out of a mixture of diamonds, tungsten and Damascus. he headed home. On his way back people were running off in panic saying they are back
of course fable did not realise that they were talking about him until he got home and looked into the mirror he saw half blaze skin and half human he saw his skin peeling of on the blaze side he ran into his friends house and when he walked in his friends drew a sword to his neck and said “ go back to hell” but before fable’s friends stabbed him he drew his sword which had F on it and a prism then his friends spoke “how did this happen” Fable told his friend About what happened and how the blazain’s queens organs saved his life
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