The eyes of the midnight dragon

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The enchanted eyes of the midnight dragon has attracted the attention of the army of the underworld Fable and the the commanders of the dragon cult are ready to die to protect the life’s of the world if the underworld take the eyes the overworld stands no chance against the forces of hell

Action / Adventure
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The eyes of the midnight dragon

I’m the depths of hell to dragon cult members are patrolling hell when the overheard two withering skeletons talking about the eyes of the midnight dragon the quickly get back to the cult and tell the commander about what they heard they knew it was serious so they called in Fable the blazain hybrid to help them protect the eyes the eyes had an ominous aura. The eyes had enough power to destroy earth 2 times and if it fell into evil it would kill everybody so it was kept in a vault in the underworld the warrior had half of his army lined up to get the eyes back he had blazains ,withering skeletons zombified hoglins and ghasts he had a portal that led right to the vault all he had to do was light it . In the overworld all the commanders and soldiers of the dragon cult were lined up outside the vault ready to protect the eyes Fable had his sword in his clutches ready to slay the underworld beast they only had one chance or the fate of earth was sealed. Click. the warrior lit the portal and soldiers came charging at the dragon cult members. Fable snuck into the portal to find the warrior on the other side waiting for him “I Knew u would come . why are you helping the dragon cult? U should be part of the underworld. You are part blazain ” remarked the warrior fable replied “I am a human part of the diamond army. the queen of the blazain saved my life but I’m still human and I cannot let you destroy my home” “ I don’t want to fight you yet Fable the time will come when we’ll either fight each other or fight together . That’s up to you ” stated the warrior then he disappeared. In the overworld the underworld warriors had one of the midnight dragon’s eye they scattered into hell.
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