The elite guard

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Set in the future year 4356 a bunch of countries become one after a spark of revolutions . We follow the journey in the kingdom of Aetruroteron of a special guard force for the kingdom called the elite guard who's job is the protect the kingdom from any threats . But when a new member comes a new threat will arise one that the kingdom hasn't seen for years .

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A long time ago in the kingdom of aetruroteron the citizens lived A normal life quietly and peacefully until the year 2567 .

Few people began to developed abilities that are known as elites .

To be born a elite is very rare only few amount of people were born one and they were mostly women out of the few men .

Their abilities showed when they reached puberty and girls one week after getting their first period.

People soon were scared of theses elites so king gascon ordered that any elite was to be in a mandatory guard unit by the age 16 which he named the elite guard .

If anyone refused the punishment was to be death .

Author warning future stories and chapters will include themes of abuse , smoking , violence , gore , cheating and explicit sexual themes
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