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Respected sir /Medam my name is Mahesh I was 31 years age I have stop education on 2nd puc in 2004 bach bangalor univercity I have mailstone in 1999 in 7th class bord exam in my school I have a school taper distinction out of 625 in 619 Running in presently I have married I have 2 childrens also in this organisation I have joined in 2011 to still working in company I have to provide the Rent and school fees and travel expenses and medical expenses and cont I have mange family in my salary we have working in different part time work on food delivery 🚚 but I have been learning in organization about basic English practice, and Frist aid training, fire fighter training , communication skills and knowledge base learned in company now we have be in lietle bit small happynes in life due to family tecnstion about my wife helth issue in more disturb on my mind but have work experience large number days worked about this tings we have manage like both in mind tank you for giving opportunity for fort of good working relationship in management team work and suport for me in my life ones again thak for giving best wishes for me

Action / Drama
Mahesh Mahesh
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Chapter 1

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