Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11-The General

Before we reached the front door of the facility I reminded my team to keep their faces on so as not to alert the General that we know anything. They all nodded they understood but I could tell it was something they were itching to not have to do for long so I promised them we’d get to dropping the charade as quickly as possible. That seemed to give them the added boost they needed to add the stone right before the General opened the front door to greet us.

We walked in and immediately Jill told the General we had to talk to him in the interrogation room privately about something we just learned over the past couple of hours. This intrigued him so he went willingly. I guess he never imagined that what we learned was going to kill him.

Once inside we closed the door and Jojo and Christiaan stood against it with Madison at their side. Jill walked over to look out the window for a few seconds before speaking. The whole time I was standing beside her to give her the extra push she needed to go through with this while the General stood in the middle of the room looking at her.

“What is it, Jill? Why do you seem so upset? What happened to you guys? Since when does my top squad look like they went through the washing machine a few times?” He was starting to speed up his talking to where we could tell he was getting nervous. Finally Jill turned and spoke to him.

“Do you think what happens to us happens for a reason dad?” Jill asked.

He said yes before he caught himself. Too late. He had already responded to her when she called him dad. He sputtered and tried to cover his tracks but it was out there. “What do you mean ‘dad’? Why are you calling me that?”

“Oh, come on. Drop the act. They know everything. When I got off the phone with you Rain was in the room with me before I knew it. She knows everything as do the others like I said. I told them everything about how you used to beat mom, to how you talked me into enlisting and getting information for you and even about how it was you that wanted Rain dead and not just retired. The only thing I didn’t tell them was why you wanted her dead so badly. That’s something I couldn’t tell them seeing as how I don’t know the answer to that myself. Why don’t you fill us all in on the missing pieces.”

He looked at her for a few minutes then grinned at us both. I could tell he was a lot more maniacal than I had originally thought. No man can give that awful of a look to his own daughter without needing to be put down like an animal.

The general looked amused when talking to us. “What is it you five are thinking? Do you think you’re just going to waltz in here and get a full confession from me and walk out without ever getting caught? Did you think I was going to let you walk out of here knowing the truth? I knew Jill would never be able to keep her mouth shut and she would blow her cover. She was never as good as you thought she was, Rain. I’m actually surprised that she fooled you this long. You. The super woman of soldiers. The best of the best.”

At that he let out a hard laugh and looked at us with such hatred. I stood straight up and looked up at him. He winced just by my look which I liked.

I told him barely above a whisper, “She’s much better than you ever will be. What’s next? Are you going to get rid of your own daughter too?”

He looked right at Jill before smirking and saying, “If I have too.”

That seemed to get a rise out of everyone. Jill’s mouth opened slightly and she paled. I leaned back against the wall knowing full well what he was going to say to that. I thought Jill needed to hear it from her own father’s mouth, though.

He laughed when he saw her reaction. I finally spoke up to distract him, and to give her a few minutes to recover. “Come on, General. If we’re not getting out of here alive then you should have no problem telling us the truth then. Call it a last request if you will.”

He seemed to like my attitude about saying we were going to die so he “amused” us. “Okay then, Rain. I’ll amuse you before you all die. I was a colonel in the Army when this all started. I was supposed to stay at that rank too. No one thought I’d get this far in the ranks, but look at me now.”

“Boring, General. How about you stop wasting our time and tell us how this got started.” I just love busting his balls.

He started to turn red but then calmed himself. He looked at me and smirked before starting again.

“As I was saying, no one thought I would get any further up the ranks. I didn’t like that very well. I was supposed to be the one you reported to, so I could debrief my superiors then I had an idea spring into my head. Like all great ideas do, it seemed like magic. I thought if I could get enough Intel from the inside, things that the teams wouldn’t report, things I could use to my advantage, then I could move further up. I was right. The president liked having information first hand. He liked not having to wait for things to move up the ladder and only getting bits and pieces of the story from the military officers that filtered things for lack of a better word. This gained me favor and I started moving up the ranks quickly. Soon I blew past all of the guys that used to outrank me. This was always fun for me because then I could send them off to Timbuktu and no one would think twice about it. Soon I was the only original one on this project.

“I knew Jill here could get close to you without you realizing who, or what she was. I just didn’t think she would blow it so close to the finish line. Anyway, when my president retired and a new one was brought in, he was just a little too gung hoe on meeting you and having you come back to fix certain things that needed to be fixed. He thought you would do a better job than just letting me do it. I knew then that as long as you were alive I would never be number one again; at least not with the president.

“I plan on running for office soon. Did I tell you that? I don’t like having someone in office that wasn’t a soldier. They just don’t know what it is that we soldiers do, and they can’t understand what it is that needs to be done. They don’t understand the hard choices that have to be made. All anyone cares about anymore is politics. I can make the hard choices. If a few men have to die to get things done then so be it. This country has grown weak and senseless. All we’ve become is a land of pansies. I can fix that. Our former president was trying to fix that. Hell, no one ever thought this program would get this far. It was supposed to be just a political stunt. No one ever imagined it would become a success with a woman running it. Especially not such a young woman. We all thought you would fall flat on your face and run home to play house like every woman should. A woman’s place is in the kitchen.”

“You do know, General, that the kitchen is where the knives are, don’t you?” I hated stereotypes more than anything.

No one would imagine three petite women would be the most deadly people in the world, yet here we are. He seemed a little enraged at my interrupting him again.

“When I become president I’ll take us back to the way things were in the good ole days. You know, when women had to ask for permission to talk.”

“Don’t you mean IF you become president? You see General we’ve been taping this entire conversation and You’re the one that won’t make it out of here alive today.” He really didn’t like the new information I gave him.

He began turning ten shades of red before his anger finally erupted and he drew his gun. A 9mm Beretta. Right at the same time Jill jumped in front of me screaming no was the same time we heard the pop. I drew my Beretta and shot the General in the neck right before Christiaan, Madison and Jojo got over there to knock him down. The guards were rushing in and stopped short to look at the scene while I was lowering Jill to the floor and trying to holster my weapon at the same time.

Jill looked up at me and then down at the hole in her chest. I said, “Damn, Jill. Why’d you have to do that?”

She said ever so weakly, “I told you, Rain. I wasn’t going to let those kids grow up without their mother. I would have found a way around killing you. I was never going to hurt you. I’m sorry for what I did to hurt you so far. Maybe now you know what side I was really on. I just wanted to help my mother. I didn’t mean for things to get this far. I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

“You didn’t disappoint me, Jill. You went above what I ever would have imagined you would for me. I know how much the kids will appreciate it and you’ll never know how much I do too. You gave me another chance to be with them. You were still like my sister and you should know, I wasn’t going to kill you. I just wanted your father.” I told her.

She smiled up at me and shook her head, she said “I know”, then she was gone.

The General died almost instantly. Lucky bastard didn’t feel much of anything. I have to start aiming lower to make them suffer more.

I ordered the MP’s to take Jill’s body to the coroner as well as the Generals. I told them I was going to speak with the president and would brief them all later as to their next assignments. They all shook their heads yes and began going about their work while my team and I left to meet at another safe house to talk to the president directly.

When the President arrived a few hours later it was a completely different atmosphere. His guards were looking at the four of us with itchy trigger fingers. I think because they knew we could take them all out quickly if we wanted too. Once he was in and looking at me to start I looked at his guards and said one word to them. “Out!”

His head guard spoke up then, “NO! You can go to hell if you think we’re leaving him alone here with you.”

The President spoke up then. “No it’s ok John. You go into the other room while Ms. Harvey talks with me. If she wanted to hurt me she could’ve already done that. There’s nothing you guys could do to stop her. I know that as well as you do since you guys didn’t get picked by her to be in her unit.”

They didn’t look happy but did as they were told. “Madison. Christiaan. Jojo.” They left as soon as I said their names and followed the president’s secret service men out and stood in front of the door preventing them from coming back in until I said so.

“Wow. I never would have imagined that such a young, beautiful woman could be so dangerous. You really don’t fit the image I had in my head when I heard people talking about you. For someone that’s the best of everything and as utterly dangerous as you are, I would have imagined you would be a lot more…butch I think is the word I’m looking for. Not to mention the way your team knows exactly what you want from them without you saying it. All you have to say is their names? Wow. Too bad you can’t train my guys like that.”

“Sorry Mr. President but I don’t train circus monkeys. Now if you don’t mind I think we need to get down to business.” I said bluntly. He shook his head.

“Did you know the General was planning on taking you out?” Again he shook his head.

“Well now you know.” I said in almost a laugh.

“Where is he?” The president asked fearfully.

“Dead. I killed him a few hours ago. Right after he killed my number two. She was his daughter. He was the one trying to kill me and was trying to use her to do it. She took the bullet for me. He was trying to kill me because of something YOU said.” I didn’t try to hide my anger when I said those words to him.

“Which is? I didn’t say anything to him about wanting you dead. All I wanted was to meet you and possibly have you do some house cleaning I guess you could call it.” He exclaimed almost fearfully.

“Exactly. You told him you wanted me to do it instead of him, which is why he was pissed and tried to have me killed. Along with my children. My words were dripping with venom at that point.

“Did you actually threaten my life when he went to you with the job offer four years ago? He said you wanted to stay in retirement and refused the job offer by saying you would come for my head if I didn’t leave you alone. I have to say, I was slightly scared.” This man that runs our country looked so small while saying these words.

I rolled my eyes when he said this. “You do understand how stupid you sound by even asking that, right? I may have been retired but IF he had come to me with a job offer, which he didn’t, I wouldn’t have threatened my president. I still know my place. I am however coming for the prior president. Apparently, this little game they’ve been playing has something to do with him.”

He paled slightly but quickly regained his composure. “You’re right Ms. Harvey. I do understand how stupid that sounds now after meeting you. I am sorry that the previous president was or is in on this plot to kill you. Is there anything I can do to help you? After all, it’s the least I can do after everything you’ve done for this country. And knowing you never threatened me makes me feel a little safer now. Now that I know you’re on my side.” He chuckled a little. “I know. I sound like a pansy.”

“Well, I’m not going to lie; you kind of do but not everyone can be the soldier. Give me a direct line to reach you at so I don’t have to threaten people to get you on the phone and when the time comes I’ll let you know what you can do to help me.” I was glaring at my watch at that point knowing we’ve been there too long as it is.

He gave me a direct number to get a hold of him and left with his men while mine went with me in the opposite direction.

Christiaan asked, “So what are we doing now boss?”

“Well, first of all, you three are going back to the safe house for a few days while I go back to see my kids for a few days and brief my security team there on what’s going on. I want you guys to get ahold of 6-15 and have them brought to my house along with you three when you all arrive. Then, on Saturday, we’re going hunting.” The others could taste the hatred in my voice and knew that what was coming was going to be harsh.

At that they left to do what they were told and I took a taxi home. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next but I knew that whatever it was I was going to have to work fast.

I walked into my front door and Gary practically pounced on me before realizing who it was coming in the door. I was glad he was doing his job, but I was a little thrown off that he didn’t notice it was me sooner.

He figured out it was me when I had him against the wall. He started apologizing immediately and then it dawned on me how fast things really happened. I guess not many people react as quickly as I do to anything. I let him go and asked where the kids were. He said he was on his way to go get them when he seen the door opening. He wasn’t sure who was coming in so he tried to jump me. I do have to admit, he is still pretty quick for an old man. I gave him strict instructions to bring the kids straight home so I can surprise them. I haven’t been away from them for very long at all until now so these past five days feels like a lifetime.

He did as he was told and forty minutes later he was pulling back into the driveway. Jesse kept a hold of Rory’s hand saying they weren’t supposed to be coming home yet. He looked a little stunned as did Dante, Justin, Ben, Andrew and Becky but they made their way inside quickly like they were told.

As soon as the kids opened the door and seem me they started screaming and running for me which the bodyguards couldn’t notice, so when they heard the kids screaming and running they were all four trying to squish through the door at the same time to get into the house quicker. All I could do was laugh and hug my babies.

As soon as the guards realized why the kids were screaming they were grumbling about not being told and thinking they were in danger. About five minutes later Logan was barreling into the driveway as quickly as possible and running into the door yelling for Gary about the kids being gone before he seen me. After he seen me it was like the kids all over again. He ran for me and picked me and the kids up hugging us.

“Are you done? Is it over?” He asked quickly.

“No, I’m only half way done but now seemed like a good time to come back and see the kids for a couple days.” He got this almost hurt look on his face; maybe because I didn’t include him into that statement, but it quickly vanished.

I think just the fact of me being home was enough for him for now. I think he also knew I wasn’t ready to say that I loved him yet. Either way, he let it go and showed me he was happy I was there. I was starting to realize that this man is the man I’ve been waiting on.

When all is said and done, though, no one will be safe until this is over and everyone involved in this scheme to kill me was dead. That meant I was going hunting, again, very soon. I still had someone on my shit list and wasn’t going to stop until he was dead.

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