Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 13

CHAPTER 13-Rendezvous with a Russian

Three days later I was being discharged from the hospital, and to say that I was more than ready to go, was saying the least, however, as soon as we got out the front door I felt something off. The same man that I’ve seen around town a few other times was standing off to the side of the entrance near where Justin had parked the SUV. I noticed him before Justin and Logan and took note to the fact that he had no weapons drawn and wasn’t seemingly threatening by the way he was acting.

As soon as Justin seen the man standing there he automatically drew his weapon and began rushing the man. Instead of responding to the threats coming from my bodyguard he still looked at me and spoke in Russian. He asked if I was alright and if we had caught the person responsible for shooting me and my bodyguard. I told him we were both fine but the perpetrator got away that day, luckily for them.

All he did was smirk which made me a little uneasy but I still told Justin to stand down. Justin was apprehensive about doing so but listened with the utmost caution, while still half standing in front of me. He continued to eye every move this new stranger made, however, almost as if he was expecting him to try to assassinate me that very moment.

After what seemed like hours the man looked at me and spoke, again in Russian, saying he knew who shot me and had the person in custody. This man also informed me he was willing to follow me to any location to surrender this person to me. At first I was a little stunned by his forwardness but then it finally hit me who this man really was.

This was the new Russian Warlord. This was the man that had watched me kill his father in front of him so many years ago. That’s why this man knew who and what I was. The big question was why was he helping me?

After standing there staring this man down for a few seconds I nodded towards him and told him to follow us. He agreed and got into the vehicle beside us then preceded to follow us the ten miles through town to the outskirts to the safe house where I had stayed with my team not so long ago.

Once we arrived, we got out and Logan, Justin and I began to go in but we stopped short noticing the Russian was getting something from the back of the SUV he was in. I signaled for Justin to stand down because I knew even with the hole that was still only partially healed in my chest I could take this man out if the need came down to it, and frankly I didn’t want Justin or Logan to take the chance of trying and getting hurt.

About ten seconds later he came around the back of the SUV with a person in tow. Whoever it was had a bag over their head and was obviously not happy about being tied up because they were struggling against their bindings. This man had also stuffed something in this person’s mouth so they couldn’t talk. We got into the house with the Russian hot on our heels and he flung the person into the chair that was set up with shackles for interrogation.

After shackling the prisoner to the chair he removed the mask and revealed a woman. Jill’s mother no less. I was so surprised I couldn’t hide my shock which seemed to amuse her more than anything.

“Awe, poor Rain. What’s wrong? You never expected me to be such a threat to you, did you? Well looks like you’re wrong.” Patty said.

All I could do was stand there for a few moments looking at her. This woman that I’d met and been around so many times, that seemed like a mother to me was trying to kill me? It didn’t make sense to me.

“Why, Patty? Why, of all people, are you trying to kill me? After everything I’ve been through with Jill, and being around you, why would you all of a sudden turn on me and try to kill me?” I asked confused.

At those questions and my confusion she began to laugh hysterically. I couldn’t tell if she was going crazy or if she really thought this was that funny. After a few moments she regained her composure and slowed her breathing enough to talk to me.

“YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER AND MY HUSBAND!!! You of all people, you who barely speak with your own family excel in everything yet you can’t even sense when someone is out to get you. All this time Jill was coming after you and you never knew what was coming. She would have succeeded too if my idiot husband hadn’t blown her cover for his own selfish ambitions. Now they’re both dead because of you. Do you have any idea how hard this was for Jill to kill you? She loved you like a sister and didn’t want to kill you, yet you slayed her in cold blood.

“And my husband. My poor husband resolved to watching our only child die in front of his own eyes and knowing he could do nothing about it. I told my brother we should have killed you a long time ago when you first started excelling through the ranks and occupations, but no. Who listens to a meager civilian? Definitely not someone like the president of the United States.”

I must have raised my eyebrows a little because she then looked at me and said, “Don’t look at me like that, because I know you know he was behind this. Although you probably didn’t know he was my brother until now. Oh to hell with it. I have nothing else to lose. You want to know everything? I’ll tell you all you want to know, and most likely, some you don’t want to know.”

I was a little intrigued at this point so I walked over to the chair facing her and sat down while Logan, Justin and the Russian took seats to the left between the kitchen and the living room where we were. All three somehow managing to put themselves between me and Patty somehow even though she was shackled.

She started from the beginning. “I was only three when my family moved my mother and me here to America. Once we got here we were never allowed to speak another word in Russian again. We first started in Canada and got papers, then immigrated to the United States. It’s the easiest thing for us Russians to do, you see. It’s how most of us get in undetected. Anyway, we met up with my father and my brother and we settled in as one big happy family. My father had just finished his law degree and started a very successful practice. Then, he went on to politics. My brother soon followed in his footsteps only with more success. He eventually went on to become president. My father was overjoyed. I had my last name changed when I was fifteen to protect our privacy and to make sure I couldn’t be connected to my brother. I started working in the white house as an aide.

“When I was eighteen I met Chuck, the General, he was Second lieutenant at the time and was very good looking but was not very ambitious. To say he needed some guidance was putting it mildly. That’s when my brother had the idea that I marry this man and use him to push along with some plans that he had to get a program running to try to get things on a more diplomatic level with Russia and America, when really trying to cause a nuclear war to wipe out America. That’s why when the program started getting underway my brother and husband picked you to run it. No one thought you would ever get as far in the program as you did, much less be able to train as many soldiers in the ways you have. Turning the soldiers and making them think you’ve been compromised has proven to be an even harder issue. When you inspire loyalty, Rain, you do it well.”

The glare this woman gave me showed that she had so much hate in her that she could kill a nation without even flinching. It made me wonder what made this woman so spiteful. Then it made me think of myself. Is this what I was destined to become if I didn’t soften myself up to be loved and to love someone else in return? Either way I didn’t like the way things were going so I prompted her into finishing her story.

“I was the one that convinced Chuck to go along with this whole plan of ours. He hated hitting me but little did he know I was able to defend myself if I wanted too. Eventually his anger bubbling over caused him to start hitting me and it became second nature for him furthering the thought for Jill that she needed to protect me from her father. It made everything fall into place. And as much as she didn’t know it, she was Russian in every way so her fighting abilities came naturally. Her father was still unaware to our heritage so he was more than shocked at her self-defense and fighting abilities when the time came.

“I thought he was going to pop a vein in his forehead when you named her number two. Her uncle, Harold, the ex-president and my brother, couldn’t believe how lucky he thought he got when that happened. He thought for sure there would be a Russian on the head of Military affairs to protect and serve the way we Russians thought it should be done, but of course that didn’t happen. Not with you, little miss perfect, unwilling to let someone else take over and be better than you. So that’s when we had the idea to just kill you off. Jill was less than enthused to say the least, but her father persuaded her to get her head back in the game by beating me. She thought it was more severe than it actually was. As it turns out it was a lot of make-up and prosthetics to make me look worse than I was. It got her back to where we needed her to be. She went back at things full force thinking she was protecting me. And instead of succeeding, you killed her like a dog, you Bitch!”

“Is that it? Are you finished now?” I asked. She shook her head yes but the fire in her eyes was horrible.

I sat back and looked at her with such pity for a few minutes then I told her the truth. “I wasn’t the one that killed your daughter. I had no intention of killing her. I made her think I was going to so I could get to your husband. He was the one I wanted for setting me up and selling me out. In this business loyalty is everything and that’s something he seemed to forget. When we confronted him he was enraged about me finding out the truth so soon and drew on me. Jill jumped in the way to protect me and was hit. I dropped your husband and sat with Jill the few seconds before she died. Seconds in which she apologized for being involved in this whole scheme, and warned me not to trust anyone. She said she did it all to protect her frail fragile mother. A mother who, consequently, was the cause of her death. Isn’t it ironic? Jill did everything she could to protect a mother she thought was being abused and nearly killed, and in turn, that mother was using her and got her killed.”

This enraged Patty so much that she fought against the chains so violently she ended up breaking one of her wrists. She violently screamed out in pain and swore she would kill me if it were the last thing she ever did on this earth. At that, I had Nickoli unshackle her, and as soon as he did she grabbed for whatever object was closest to her, which happened to be a lamp and swung it at me with such force that it spun her completely around in a full circle when she missed. I immediately put her in a choke hold and told her I was sorry about Jill, but she was getting what she deserved and then some, considering Jill didn’t deserve what Patty put her through. I let her struggle for a few seconds, then, with one quick jerky movement, I snapped her neck and she crumpled to the floor.

I immediately called Madison to fill her in on what had just happened and told her to have someone come clean up this mess before things got worse.

After hanging up I turned my attention back to Nickoli standing in the corner quietly. “Okay, Nickoli, you have my attention. You brought me someone I was after and gave me something I needed, what is it you want from me?”

At first I didn’t think he was going to answer because he just stood there looking at me and the dead woman that now lay at my feet. Finally, he looked up and looked me dead in the eye before speaking.

“Ms. Harvey, a few years ago you saved me and my people from my father’s tyrannical rein. We surely would have made war with the U.S. by now if He were still in control for He was friends with your ex-president. They were trying to destroy the United States. I was the only one that knew you were coming that night. I knew exactly where you were coming in and I was supposed to be there to kill you so my country could consider it an act of treason to declare war. I, however, knew I would be no match for you and wanted the war to end, so I made a different call.

“I decided to be in a different location when you were supposed to be there. I figured you would already be gone when I got to my father so when I saw you weren’t I pretended not to see you and walk down the hall and back to give you time to get away. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t concerned for your safety, but that of my men’s. I knew you would take them out and I didn’t want any more innocent people to die. That’s why I ordered you to be off limits and for no one to come after you. When a call came in saying they could kill you and you had put a hit out on me I needed to see it for myself so I came to America and followed you for a while.”

I simply raised my eyes to him. “Do not get me wrong Miss Harvey; I am under no false pretenses. I know you knew I was there following you but I needed to be sure of what I was seeing. I was going to leave the day you were shot but I saw this woman following you around for a few days so I kept track of her. By the time I got close enough to capture her she had already shot you and there was nothing I could do. I shot out a few shots as she was standing over you to make sure she didn’t kill you or injure you any more than she already had, however. I called 9-1-1 and tied her up. I kept her in this very safe house until I knew you were supposed to be getting out of the hospital today. I followed you here, so I knew this was a safe house. I didn’t think you would mind my holding her here for you to interrogate.” With that Nickoli ended his conversation and put his head back down.

“You still haven’t answered my question. What do you want in return for her and this new information?”

“Miss Harvey, it’s simple. All I want is peace with your country. With you as an enemy we would all be sure to perish. Russians are strong brutes but were not dumb. We know when we’re out matched, and as long as you’re in the game, or training others, then we’re outmatched. All Russia wants is to be an ally of America. I want you to take that offer to your president and if and when he accepts that offer, I would like for you to bring me his terms or if you choose not to be the middle man then to set up a mutual date and time we can discuss this. I trust you to keep things equal and for our side not to be taken advantage of.”

I looked at this man for a full five minutes before making a decision. Once I did I simply shook my head at him He walked out the door and disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Moments later Madison appeared with a containment team to clean up after the General’s wife.

I gave Madison a rundown of what happened and she seemed just as shocked as I was at first, then when she asked what he looked like and I told her she paled. I asked what was wrong and she said that Patty had come close to breaching security once because she was friends with Hazel, unbeknownst to Hazel she was an enemy, but that Nickoli, posing as the new gardener, took a shot towards where she was walking to get the security team running in that direction and sweeping Patty out and away from the house. It was the day of the shooting.

“I’m so sorry, Rain, I didn’t think anything of it at the time with the shooting. We were all so worried about you that we didn’t even think twice about it.” Madison quickly stammered.

“It’s ok, Madison. Obviously, Nickoli was protecting more than just me. He was making sure he paid me back for getting rid of his little problem, and from what I can tell, he doesn’t like anyone messing with kids.” I said even though I wasn’t completely sold on the idea that all he wanted was peace.

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