Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 15

CHAPTER 15-Confronting the Former President

I said good-bye to the kids again and we headed out towards Chicago this time. Logan was a little unaware of why we were headed there but he never asked me, he just kept driving. He was making sure that he was sticking along on this mission for as long as he possibly could.

After about seven hours we pulled over into a small diner to get something to eat and for Logan to basically question me about the events that will be occurring within the next few days.

I waited until the waitress walked away and that was when the conversation really got serious.

Logan started, “Look, Rain, I don’t know how you think you’re going to find the former president when most of the people in the CIA and NSA don’t even know where he is. Just because they’re no longer president doesn’t mean they’re not still protected like they are. I just think this is going to be a lot harder than you think and it might be better if you let me call in some of my contacts.”

“No offense, Logan, but your contacts aren’t even half as capable as mine. I’ve been to almost every country all over the world and made contacts everywhere, most of which are very influential people. I don’t want you involved in this anymore than you already are. It’d be best if people didn’t even know you knew anything about this, so me using my own contacts and calling in my own favors is the best thing for me to do.” My response didn’t seem to set the mood any.

“Okay then, what’s the plan? Why Chicago and what are we doing there?” He asked sullenly.

“I have a contact inside the Secret Service that says the former President is at home in Chicago. He’s supposed to be there for the next few weeks because he’s throwing a huge fund raiser on Saturday. That’s when I’m going to make my move. He needs to be confronted for everything he did. The only way to do that and get any real answers is to do it privately. He has a thing for Cuban cigars that he keeps hidden in his private office, in a separate drawer of his desk. My plan is to get into his office and wait for him to go for a smoke break. Then, when he’s not expecting it, I’ll confront him. What happens from there is solely up to him.” At that I began eating.

For a few minutes Logan just sat there looking at me as if I were speaking a foreign language. We ate in silence and he paid the bill, but we still sat there for a few more moments just looking at each other. I knew what he was thinking and I didn’t want the explosion to come inside the diner so I got up and walked out. I had no more made it to the SUV when he was spinning me around to face him by my elbow.

“Why you? Why do you always have to go off and play hero? Why can’t someone else do this? You have a team of highly trained soldiers ready to do anything for you, including die and yet you’d rather risk your own life and do things yourself? I don’t get it. Please try to explain this to me so I understand what’s going through your mind. I already almost lost you once; I don’t want to go through that again.” He was almost sobbing.

All I could do was look down at that moment. He was right. I did have a team of people that were ready and waiting to do anything I wanted them to do, but was it really fair of me to ask them to fight my battle? No. I definitely couldn’t do that to anyone else. This fight belongs to me and me alone. It all started with me, and now, it will end with me.

I looked up at Logan with as much love as I could and tried to explain things to him to where he understood. “Logan, let me ask you a question. If things were different and there was someone from your past coming after you and endangering all of us would you let me fight that battle for you, or would you take care of things yourself?”

He looked horrified. “What are you talking about? You know there’s no way in hell I would ever let my past hurt you. Any fight that came along would be my fight and I would fight it by myself. I would never ask, nor expect you to fight my fight for me.”

“Exactly my point, Logan. This is my fight. It always has been. I was the one that got set up. I was the one that put the others in danger and if I don’t finish this then they’re all going to be killed in one way or another. I refuse to let them die because I didn’t do everything I could to end this. If you’re going to love me then you have to love all of me and understand this.” After that I went silent.

Finally he understood and shook his head in agreement. I really doubt he liked the idea but the fact that he understood meant something.

By the next night we were in a Hotel less than five miles away from where the retired President’s house was. His fund raiser started in two hours and I was finishing getting my gear together and on when Logan came out of the bathroom dressed in a tux.

“No, Logan. This is where we part ways. I let you come this far, but this is where you stay. Besides, I won’t be enjoying the evening’s festivities if you get my drift. I should be there and back in less than two hours. If it takes me longer than call Madison, Jojo and Christiaan. They’re on stand-by and know what to do. Not that that will be necessary though. This man will be all too easy for me to dispose of.” I said.

“You do know you’re talking about the former president of the United States right? How can you say he’ll be easy to dispose of? Besides, do you even know where his office is in his house? Not to mention he probably has at least one hundred highly trained secret service members there guarding the place.” Logan asked almost in a panic.

I smiled at him a little too sarcastically I think because he seemed to take it the wrong way. When I saw the fury building in his eyes I calmed him and told him what I knew.

“Look, Logan, I don’t go into any situation without knowing exactly what I’m getting myself into. His office is on the second floor of the west wing. The secret service men he has there, well there’s only seventy-two and all of which aren’t as good as me or my team. As far as disposing of him, well, he’s an old man with heart problems. It’s easy to make things look like an accident.” My words were dripping with disdain at that point.

“You say these men aren’t as good as you and your team but you don’t have your team here. It’s just you against seventy-two men. Not to mention you’re not exactly dressed for a party so how are you planning on getting to the second floor unnoticed?” Logan asked confused.

“You know, Logan, your lack of confidence in me is almost insulting. If it wasn’t something I was used to, I think I would be insulted. However, I know you don’t mean things that way and I’m definitely the best of the best, not trying to sound conceited, so I think I’ll be okay.” I smiled at him then softening his resolve some.

We set our watches to the same time and I told Logan if I wasn’t back by 11:35 p.m. then to make the call to my team. Then, I left to trek the five miles unnoticed.

Once I got there I took note of the guards patrolling the grounds and the ones that were passing by each window. Luckily for me, no guards were allowed in the private office so it was easy to make a plan on how to get there without being seen.

The west wing was around the corner from the front of the house so there weren’t any lights shining on the ground or around the trees. I took count and the guards made their sweeps every five minutes giving me plenty of time to get past them. The only hiccup was that they only had about thirty feet to cover each. So I counted down and waited for my guard to pass then as quickly as possible low crawled across the dark lawn without making any sounds.

Once against the house came the tricky part. I had to climb a very narrow tree without making it move much more than if the wind was blowing it. Then, I had to open the windows, get in and close them back before any of the agents seen anything moving. Once inside I walked around doing my sweep, checking for anything potentially dangerous. One of the advantages I had to doing so many night missions was my eyes adjusted quickly to the dark making me almost have wolf vision. I guess another reason for the knick name.

After about ten minutes of checking the room I sat down in the desk chair and waited, but I didn’t have to wait long. About two minutes later the door opened and closed quickly and on came the light. The former president went straight for his desk drawer only to find it empty. At first he looked a little confused but when I turned the chair to face him he paled instantly knowing full well what was happening.

“How the hell did you get in here? How did you find me?” He asked.

“Quiet now, George, you don’t want to alarm any of your guests; after all this is a fund raiser.” He just looked at me at first, then he started to sprint head long for the book shelf where he had a .45 hidden in a book.

“Too late, George, you don’t have a single weapon in this room that’s where it’s supposed to be. So, now instead of wasting more time, how about you sit down there and we have a little discussion.” He eyed me very cautiously but moved slowly to the chair across from his desk.

“Look, Ms. Harvey, whatever you want, it’s yours. I’ll give you anything if you just leave now.”

I laughed at this. It actually was quite funny. “No, George, I’m not leaving just yet. I want to know why you started this program getting your sister, then your niece, involved in all of this, in turn getting them killed.”

He paled as soon as I mentioned they were dead. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you killed them. You always were the best. Look it’s this simple. This program wasn’t supposed to work. It was supposed to cause Russia to have to take over and for America to follow them. No one ever expected you’d be as successful as you were, well are. I certainly didn’t, that was why I picked you to run it. Times change and people need to as well. America is one of them. We’ve grown weak and dependent and we need to stop that. Granted you changed a lot, but you didn’t do what I wanted you to do so you had to go. My sister and niece were just casualties of war. I wouldn’t change that either.”

While he was talking I could see his wife just outside the doorway listening to the entire conversation. She walked in when he said that and he turned looking more stunned than when he saw me.

“Dear, please let me explain…” He stammered.

At that his wife screeched, “Just don’t! You told me you had no siblings. You said you were American and wanted what was best for America. You sent your own sister and our Goddaughter, your niece, into harm’s way just to further your political career. YOU BASTARD! If I didn’t know she was going to kill you, I’d do it myself. You’re not a man. A man never would have endangered his family and definitely wouldn’t have set up a young woman who’s served this country more than you ever could have dreamed of.”

He definitely looked defeated. He slumped his shoulders and looked at her for sympathy but instead she looked at him with fire. Then, she looked at me and shook her head. She never flinched when I walked up behind him and injected him through the back and into the heart with a lethal dose of epinephrine. He immediately began having heart attack symptoms and fell to the ground. We both stood there watching him convulse before he stilled.

I leaned down to check his pulse and he was gone. I looked back at this woman that just watched her husband be murdered in front of her to see what she was going to do next.

“You know, I was unable to have children so when Jill came along and we became her Godparents I was overjoyed. I put all of my energies into her like a mother would do and was so proud of her when she made your elite team. Did you kill her?”She asked me.

“No. Her father did. He was aiming for me and Jill got in the way to protect me. I killed him, and her mother.” I said matter-of-factly.

“Good, I’m glad they’re dead. They definitely didn’t deserve someone like Jill. She was definitely special. Please wait here. I need to go to my room to get something Jill left for you in case something happened to her. I promise, this is the one room no one comes in so I will be the only one coming back in here.” She added when she noticed my hesitation.

I agreed, but then again if this woman sat there and watched me kill her husband without blinking then she has to be tougher than she’s letting on. About two minutes later she reentered the room and handed me a box.

“You had better put it in your bag and open it later. People are starting to ask where George is and I don’t know how much longer I can stall them.” She hurriedly said.

“Before I go, mam, I just want to know something. Are you Russian?” I asked out of curiosity.

She smiled a very sincere smile before speaking. “Yes, I am. No one knows. George didn’t even know. The fact of the matter is, I was sent here to see what made this country so successful, but I fell in love. Little did I know it was to a traitor. Either way you killed the man that killed my Goddaughter so now I owe you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it you get in touch with me. This card has my direct number on it for here and one for Russia along with my Russian name and address. Now, I’m going to create a distraction screaming George had a heart attack, so you better take advantage of that and get going.”

I smiled at her and thanked her. Now I have another contact I can add to my list. I had just gotten out of the window and closed it back when I heard her scream for help. All of the guards in the yard took off running for the house as well so I had a quick and clean way out.

I returned to the hotel at exactly 11:30 p.m. with five minutes to spare and Logan looked as if he were freaking out. I gave him the rundown of the night’s events and he seemed more than shocked to say the least.

It was finally over and we could go back to our old lives. We both seemed more excited about this than I would’ve figured I would be. Either way, the worst was behind us and we could sleep peacefully tonight.

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