Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2-Terms of My Contract

A note was included with the rest of the paperwork. As I took everything out the note caught my attention first and foremost.

“Dear Ms. Harvey:

Here are the papers I promised to send over. Please look over them carefully and on Monday let me know if you have any changes you’d like to make to them.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday,

Logan Winters.”

I flipped to the next page, Job Requirements:

I.Ms. Harvey is now the Vice-President in charge of operations of all companies owned by Mr. Winters, past, present, and future, and will stay such until Mr. Winters finds her work to be insufficient, or Ms. Harvey decides she is no longer interested in working for Mr. Winters.

II. While working for Mr. Winters, and if in the event of leaving the Company she must wait at least six months before accepting another VP position with any other company, especially a competitor.

III.Ms. Harvey will oversee Research and Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Head Hunting, Business Contracts, Asset Purchasing, Business Separations, Collaboration, Construction, Consulting, Distribution, Employment, Franchise, Indemnification, Joint Venture, Leasing, LLC,
Loans, Management, Manufacturing and Supply, Mergers and Acquisitions, Non-Competition, Offer Letters, Partnerships, Promissory Notes, Sales, Services, Severance, Shareholders, Stock Purchase or any other function deemed necessary by Mr. Winters.

IV.All decisions for any financial aspects have to be approved by Ms. Harvey.

V.Ms. Harvey will be required to carry a work PDA and any other office equipment deemed necessary by Mr. Winters.

VI.Ms. Harvey will oversee all Human Resources decisions and can revoke any and all decisions made by anyone in the company excluding that of Mr. Winters himself.

VII.Ms. Harvey will dictate the amount of funding that goes to each charity including Military personnel or their families.

VIII.Daycare will be provided on site, free of charge, in the building, as is for every other employee.

IX.All employees’ children are subject to receive scholarships to any school of the employee’s choice as long as the child seems fit for the school and it is approved by Ms. Harvey. (You’re children have already been accepted into the school for extremely gifted toddlers starting Monday morning. Tuition for this school comes out of the Company’s funds. A car service will be around to pick them up for school, as well as you for work daily, as approved by me. They then, will be transported to the onsite daycare facility as to be close to you so you can see them as much as you would like. Also a full time Nanny/tutor/pediatrician is going to be moving into your new house with you, this weekend so you have 24 hour help with the children, so all responsibilities, professional and private, can be taken care of without any interruption or hesitation, and without worry for a suitable caregiver.)


I.As stated above your Children’s tuition is on the company, as they have already been accepted into the School for gifted preschoolers.

II.You will have a car service take you around from this day forward, to make sure yourself and your family get to where they need to be swiftly and safely, as this job has the possibility of coming with some dangers.

III.From here on out, you and Your Children will each have their own personal bodyguard provided by the Company, which will consist of 24 hour surveillance.

IV.You will have movers at your apartment on Saturday morning to move you and your family to a better place and a more secure location, compliments of the Company.

V.Each year you will receive 1 months paid vacation starting the day this contract is signed to be taken at your discretion.

VI.All equipment needed for Company use will be provided by the company and expected to be used.

VII.Your degree will be paid for by the Company as well as all your student loans repaid as long as you are working with Mr. Winters.

VIII.You will be provided with multiple Credit Cards that are enclosed in this envelope and just need to be activated. All are for business use and expenditures except the three kept separate which are for personal use while you are working with the Company. Keep in mind none of these cards have credit limits. Seeing as how you’ve managed your finances in the past I have no worries this is a benefit that will not be taken advantage of. However, I do expect you to make a certain amount of purchases on each card each month to keep them active.

IX.My Company has its own Salon/Spa for employees, free of use, as well as an onsite Gym, both of which are on the 25th floor, and pass keys are enclosed in the envelope, as well as your new Employee Id which you will need to get into the building and onto the elevators each day.

X.Your office is on the top floor, floor 62, adjacent to my office with only a meeting room and a receptionist. You must have a password to put into the elevator to get to this floor as well as your name badge.

XI.All Furniture will be picked out and arranged for you before Monday when you arrive, however, anything that is unwanted will be returned and the office will be set to your requirements.

XII.The Entire building is equipped with a video surveillance system, so you can look in on the Daycare facility through your office computer at any time as well as check in on any employee or part of the company.

XIII.My buildings are set with only the best security detail there is available. You have the authority to use this security for whatever you deem fit.

XIV.Starting Salary for this Position is $480,000.00 anually.

XV.You will be provided with full Health, Dental, and Vision insurance for yourself and your family at a low premium and a 401k that has a minimum of $250,000.00 deposited into it as a bonus for new employees of your stature.

Printed Name of Potential Employee Date

Signature and Date of Potential Employee Date

Signature of Mr. Logan Winters Date


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