Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3-A Conversation with the Devil

I sat there completely dumbfounded after reading the contract. This man has to be completely and utterly insane. This contract has got to be a hoax! There’s no way someone’s going to take a simple secretary that hasn’t even finished their degree and put them into a position like this, much less with this many responsibilities and benefits.

Where the hell did I put that damn card he gave me? Shit, how’d I lose it knowing he was going to be sending me this paperwork and I was going to need to get a hold of him. WHAT THE HELL! Shit I’m so anally organized when it comes to anything to do with business and school, and yet I lose a simple business card that I just got handed 2 days ago. That’s bullshit. There’s no way I could have lost it. I emptied my purse on my bed, then my briefcase and still nothing. So I went back to putting everything back and organizing it in my purse and briefcase. Damn!

I finished dumping out the contents of the envelope that was sent over, and to my disbelief, although I’m still not sure why it’s disbelief because this man has come through on everything He’s said, so far anyway, there lay 7 Credit cards, four for business purposes and three for personal use. To be honest, I didn’t like the fact that this man that I’d just met was already controlling my life in so many ways, and in so little time. Also included in the Envelope was a top of the line Laptop that I have never even heard of yet being out in the States, and with my government connections that was hard to believe, a Smart Phone that is also top of the line, an Ipad, my new ID badge for work, a piece of paper with 5 codes written on it, and keys.

Well that’s odd. The rest I get are for business purposes, I think, but what the hell are the keys for?

I decided enough with the mystery, so I picked up the phone and just as I suspected it was already programmed with many different numbers, but most importantly, Mr. Winters’ home, fax, and cell number. Without thinking twice, before I had a chance to change my mind, I dialed Mr. Winters’ cell number.

*Ring*Ring*Ring* Finally after what seemed like forever, and in the middle of my inner battle between telling this man off, asking if he was insane, or wanting to jump him. He finally answered a groggy hello. “Hello, this is Logan Winters, Is there a problem at any of the Companies?”


I finally got up my courage to answer. Shit my black ops missions were easier than this. “Yes, Mr. Winters, I believe we do have a lot of problems.”

Immediately his voice cleared up and he sounded almost happier, of course that could have just been the inner woman in me wanting that to be true, since for some reason, even over the phone just hearing his voice caused that pulling in my lower belly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, even with my children’s father. That has to make me a bad person. What the hell am I thinking? What the hell am I doing? Shit! Well I have him on the phone now so there’s no backing out now. So, I put as much steel in my spine as I could and tried to complete this conversation with as little complications as possible.

“Ah, Ms. Harvey, I have been expecting your phone call, although, I didn’t expect it to be this late. I take it you waited to open the package until you absolutely had to because you were dreading what was inside, am I right?”

What the fuck? Does this man have a camera in my house?

“Actually Mr. Winters, I have many issues with your contract, things that I don’t believe can wait until Monday, and need to be addressed now.”

“Such as?”

God, just the arrogant way he says things, with that hint of amusement in his voice, annoys and attracts me even more, and I really don’t know why.

“Well, for instance, I have movers coming the day after tomorrow to move myself and my family to a place that I have no clue as to where yet, a live in Nanny and Bodyguards, a car service, You paying for my education debts and my children’s education, Their daycare, a spa and gym, as well as this new place, the high pay and benefits and personal and professional credit cards for starters. What the fuck are you trying to do, buy me? What are you thinking? Do you think this is somehow going to get me to sleep with you or something because if that’s what you think, you’re sorely mistaken and the small hit you took today will be nothing compared to what I’ll do to you the next time I see you.”

Again he is dying laughing at me. This enrages me even further.

“Look Logan, You’re not the only one with connections, there’s quite a bit I know about you, some of which, I’m sure, you don’t want aired, now stop fucking with me and tell me what the hell it is you really want!”

That seemed to get his attention. “Now Rain, there’s no need to make threats because I’m sure when it comes to certain things were equally matched. To be honest, I’m not insane, no, I just know what I want and I want you. To be clear, I know you’re the best, whether you have a degree or not, and as I said, you have the backbone to get the things done that I want.

“I want my company ran a certain way and I believe you can help me do that. I take care of my employees, especially the most valuable ones, and that’s what I’m doing now. It’s part of the job requirements so you may as well get used to it. As far as trying to buy you off, or sleep with you, no. I may be a self-absorbed egotistical prick, or whatever it was you called me earlier, but I am not a pimp and don’t treat anyone as if their my property, and if that’s the impression I gave you I apologize. I know I come off strongly, but as I said, I get what I want and what I want is you, at my company, Monday morning so we can get started.

“Enclosed, you found the credit cards, your ID badge, the floor your office is on, the laptop, phone and Ipad are for work, as I’m sure you figured out, so bring them with you on Monday. The paper with the 5 codes on it are as follows: #1. Is to get you into the building after hours if need be. #2. Is to access the elevator to get to your office. #3. Is the combination for the safe in your office which I fully expect you to change when you get there. The safe is big enough to hold your weapons you carry and any other important information you want in there assuming you carry weapons. #4. Is the combination to unlock your office door, which again, I expect you to change because I know how you are about your privacy. And the fifth is for the alarm system at your new place; again, feel free to change that once you get there.

Don’t worry about packing or unpacking, the movers will do all that. The car service will be there to pick you and the kids up at 9 A.M. sharp to take you out for a day on the town since it’s been a long time since you’ve done that. Get the kids new school clothes and whatever else they want, and get yourself new work clothes and whatever else you’ll need or want. There’s a designer coming to your new place on Sunday to help you pick out new furniture and such. You will meet your new Nanny and bodyguards Saturday when you’re all picked up. The keys I’m sure you’re still holding and looking at with that cute confused look on your face, go to your new place. Enjoy, and I’ll see you on Monday, unless you need anything sooner, call me on this number. You’re one of the few people that have my direct number so please feel free to call anytime with anything. And oh, by the way, I am curious, how did your military past not come up on any of my searches, when I have the best in the world? How can someone with your skill set get past all the red flags, and not have anything like that come up?”

“You may have the best in the world but I AM the best in the world in what I do. Those sorts of things stay off grid, to where no one can access those files, not even a spoiled brat like you, Logan, so do yourself a favor and drop that subject before someone drops it for you.”

“Yes Boss! Funny, I’m your boss and you’d think it was the other way around. I don’t know, I think I like it though. It kind of turns me on to have someone that isn’t intimidated by me, and speaks their mind even if it can be detrimental to their career.”

“First of all, please don’t disgust me, you’re not my type. Secondly, there’s nothing you can do to my career that I couldn’t do worse to yours, Mr. Winters, so if you want to make idle threats and compare the size of our balls, why not start right now, because I’m sure it’s a battle you will lose!”

“WOW! That was blunt. I’m not sure if you’re serious or just dishing it back out, but I’ll leave it alone, for now. As far as me disgusting you goes, let’s not play games with each other. You’re just as attracted to me as I am you. The only difference is, I don’t hide it. Goodnight, Rain. Oh, and call me Logan from now on, after all, we are going to be working together, very intimately, for quite some time.” *CLICK*

I stood there holding the phone in one hand and the keys in the other for minutes not sure what to do or say. How can this man just breeze into my life and take control? This isn’t me. I’m not this person that lets someone control her like this. What the hell is going on with me? Why does this man affect me so much? How the hell does he know I’m attracted to him? I’m pretty sure I hid that pretty well when I sent him over his desk and sent Rick into his lap. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I’ve apparently been out of practice with dealing with normal men seeing as how all that I’ve been dealing with lately are immature little boys that think with their dicks. I guess I’ll have to work harder on hiding that.

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