Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5-The Start of Everything New

Hazel had breakfast ready promptly at 7 A.M. to give us plenty of time to eat and finish getting ready for the start of our new routines. Rory and Jesse were so excited wearing their new clothes and shoes, and getting to go to their new school. It made me feel better knowing Ben, Andrew and Becky would be there with them the entire time. Apparently, this school is for people in high ranking positions anyway, so, the school is used to having bodyguards and tutors lurking around all day with the students. Gary is the one that does the driving for them until I find someone more permanent.

I gave the kids a kiss and told them to be good and I’d see them soon, then I sent them off to school. They seemed so happy that I know I couldn’t have made a mistake taking this position, even if it was forced.

Promptly at 8 A.M. Cera was buzzing at the gate so I let her in. Hazel had made me a lunch and gave it to me, but seemed a little unsure of whether or not this was something she should do. I thanked her quickly and put it with the rest of my bags by the door. After seeing Cera pull up, I could tell she was agitated about having to sign another NDA and still not getting the new gate combination, and she made these irritations known once we were on our way.

“Ms. Harvey I don’t understand why I wouldn’t have the combination to the gate when I am your personal driver. Mr. Winters hired me so obviously he finds me trustworthy, and I find it a little offensive that you, being new, treat me like I did something wrong.”

This caught my attention from the file I was going through currently. I closed the file calmly, leaned forward and told her exactly what I thought of her opinion.

“Well Cera, you being offended means little to me when it comes to the safety of my family, seeing as I don’t know you. You’re right, Mr. Winters hired you, but as to whether or not you stay my personal driver and working for this company, is MY decision. I don’t take well to the looks you give me when you think I’m not looking, and whether or not you think so, I know there’s something that didn’t come up on Mr. Winters search, and I intend on finding it. I have a very good radar and you, my dear, are flying way to close to the sun. Now, how long you stay employed here is solely up to you. You can keep your looks, and most definitely your opinions, to yourself and be paid nicely for a while longer until I find out what exactly you’re hiding, or you can open your mouth again and be fired now and I can drive myself. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mam.” Cera mumbled sullenly under her breath.

“Good. Now, I’d like to go to my office please. I have a lot of work to do and I’m sure you have a lot of complaining to do. Cera, let me give you a piece of advice. Just because you think someone isn’t looking doesn’t mean they aren’t. And the row of seats between us mean nothing. There are mirrors everywhere and I can see the faces you make at me, not to mention I can read lips and would love to see you try to beat my ass or get me fired. Keep squinting at me like that. I may be reading a file but I know what you’re doing.”

We drove the rest of the way in silence with her eyes forward and I had gotten through 7 personnel files by the time we got to the office. Traffic was heavy today, but leaving at 8 was definitely a good idea. I got there at 8:45 A.M. and apparently my presence had been announced before I arrived because as soon as I walked into the front doors and started towards the elevators, I could see everyone stopping to look at me and whisper like I was some sort of circus freak. Once in the elevator I punched in my code and the elevator took me straight to the top floor, 62. Man, the view from here as soon as I stepped out of the elevator was amazing. A wall of glass with the Atlanta skyline was in view.

I no more got a foot out of the elevator and was greeted by a receptionist, the one for Logan and myself I assume since she’s here.

“Good Morning, Ms. Harvey. My name is Berdina, and I’m your and Mr. Winters’ secretary and personal assistant. Please, let me know if there’s anything you need. I’ve put a French vanilla cappuccino on your desk about a minute ago so it should still be nice and hot, and I’m number 0 on your phone for the buzzer. Mr. Winters is number 1 on the phone” she breathlessly explains.

I made my way to my office and put in the combination to get into the door, then immediately changed it. Once inside, I set down all my bags and put my Beretta into the gun safe in my desk drawer, after changing that combination as well. Slowly, I started going through all the personnel files I had started earlier this morning. I had already gotten through seven and found one I didn’t like. That one had to be red flagged so I could go more in depth later.

About an hour after arriving Logan knocked on my open office door and walked in. Immediately, my stomach started with that deep pull and I was glad I was sitting because I would have been shaking on my legs. I think he could sense this too, which made it all the more irritating, and yet somehow made that pull harder. He sat in the chair on the opposite side of my desk and I could smell him from there. Damn, this man always smells so good. For about 2 minutes we pretty much just sat there and had a stare down, then he finally leaned forward and spoke.

“So, Rain, how are things coming along?”

“Well, let’s see, I’ve had my family uprooted, had our world turned completely upside down within less than a week, I now have seven extra people living with me, a whiney driver that I’m going to fire as soon as I find out what exactly she’s hiding, an overly perky receptionist, and a company full of people that look at me like I’m a circus freak when they see me, because my guess is they knew someone was coming in to clean house but they didn’t know who or when, until now, which has them on edge. Oh, let’s not forget about 6 months of work to get caught up on as soon as possible, and a bodyguard sitting outside my office like I’m a kid being watched by a babysitter when I can take care of myself, though he is a good man and I don’t mind him lurking about. Does that about sum it up for you, Logan, because if not, I can always remind you I still have my degree I’m currently trying to finish.”

All the while he sat there with a bemused look on his face. Finally, I had had enough of the goofy looks and snapped. I slammed my fist on the desk which caused not only Logan, Justin and Berdina to jump but also another man, whom I assume to be Logan’s Bodyguard. When he stood up and started coming towards my office Justin jumped up and stood in the way, and it was a stare down between those two. I barely noticed because that was when I began my tirade on Logan.

“Just what the hell do you find so amusing Logan? You wanted me here and you got it. You wanted me into a different house and you got it. You wanted the extra staff at my house and I didn’t argue, but I will not sit here and have some stupid ass looking at me like he’s completely demented just because he got the answer to the question he asked. You don’t want the answers then don’t ask me because when you do ask me something, I am blunt and tell you honestly. It’s why you hired me remember? Now, wipe that dumb ass look off your face before I do it for you!”

That was when I noticed the stare down between Justin and the other guy, really noticed anyway. I didn’t take to well to that. I marched around my desk and past Justin, told him to sit back down because I was fine, he grinned and did as he was told, and I marched up to the Giant staring at me now and asked him what the fuck his problem was.

“Well Ms. Harvey, I don’t take well to people threatening my boss and best friend, and I’ll be dammed if I’m going to just sit by and let you hit him again.”

At this point Justin began laughing hysterically. “You knocked Mr. Winters on his ass?” he asked between gasps.

I started smiling at the memory and said yeah, but apparently big boy didn’t like that and started towards Justin, who started to leap up but before he got a chance to do so he found his opponent on the ground, face down with a busted mouth and sprained ankle. This made Justin laugh even harder, to the point where he fell back down in his seat. Berdina was trying not to laugh but you could hear her chuckle behind us.

Logan on the other hand wasn’t as receptive. “What the hell? Come on, now. I don’t go around banging up the man that’s supposed to protect you (not that he could if he wanted to) and Dante didn’t deserve that….much. Geeze, you feel better now?”

“Actually he did deserve it. I don’t take well to anyone coming at me or my people. He doesn’t like the way I talk to you? Tell him to get used to it! You talked me into coming here, so whether he likes it or not, I’ll talk to you and anyone else any damn way I please. If he doesn’t like that then he and I can always go another round.”

Dante shook his head no as he was slowly climbing off the floor.

“You know, Rain, we have a gym for that purpose, so you can beat up on a bag or someone willing.”

“Well, Dante’s supposed to be a big bad bodyguard right? That’s how he was acting, so then being pushed around by a woman my size shouldn’t hurt him at all. I mean, hell, I’m only five feet four inches and a hundred and twenty five pounds. If I’m too much for him, then you might want to rethink your choice of bodyguards.” I said as sweetly as I could.

“Ok, Rain, you’ve made your point. Seeing as how I’ve agitated you so early in the morning, I’ll leave you alone for a while and we can go to lunch to discuss some work issues later,” Logan exclaims.

“I have a lunch. Hazel packed one for me.”

“Okay then, I’ll order in and we can eat in the conference room and have this discussion. I usually have lunch from 1 P.M. to 2 P.M. if that’s okay with you. It’s easier to eat and discuss things when everyone else is supposed to be doing something else,” Logan says while looking around at anything but me.

“That’s fine. Make sure when you order in, order enough for Justin, Dante and Berdina,” I say to him mindlessly as I try to get myself back into a work state of mind.

“Um, Rain, they won’t be joining us for our discussion,” Logan embarrassedly stutters.

That tweaked my interest. “What’s your point? They still have to eat.”

Almost as if he were ashamed he says, “Well we do have an employee cafeteria on the 40th floor for that purpose.”

I may have looked at him too cross when I asked, “And what’s the point of them going down there when you’re going to be ordering food?”

Logan started walking away when he mumbles, “Point well made. I’ll see you at one in the conference room.”

I stammered out, “Whatever.”

I turned and stormed back into my office and slammed the door, and jumped back into work full force to get rid of my agitation. So much so, that I lost track of time and Justin reminded me when it was almost 1. I thanked him, went to the rest room in my office, which is convenient, and gathered my files and lunch to head to the conference room. After getting in there and setting my stuff down, I realized I forgot my drink, so I headed for the door intending to go back for it when yet again, that big ass door came open nearly knocking me over the table. “OH!!! FUCK ME!!!” Damn, it came out again and yet again Logan looked just as stunned as the first time, only with us a mere 2 inches apart this time. The door had already closed behind him and there was nothing there but us, breathing heavy.

He ever so slowly starts closing the distance between us, my hands flat at my side, and him, shaking at the knees from the close proximity I would guess. He was only about an inch from me and I could feel the heat radiating off of this man. Damn, he smells good. Oh my, the way it feels having his arms wrapped around me is just inexplicable. We’re nose to nose at this point and our breaths are mingled together. Coffee and coffee, but two different tastes.

Finally after what seems an eternity, but really is only maybe five minutes tops he speaks. “You know Rain, you’re going to have to stop yelling that out every time you’re in my arms, because it’s a very tantalizing offer and I’m having a hard time resisting.”

What the hell is wrong with me? I could have easily gotten away from this man, dress or not. I could have made him get off me. I could have made him stop talking and back away from my face but instead I just lay there and let him keep me in his arms like some love struck school girl.

Slowly, he inched forward and kissed me. I wasn’t even sure if he actually did at first, but that pull in my stomach got stronger, to the point where it caused me to arch forward ever so slightly. He liked that reaction and deepened the kiss more. Again, I didn’t stop him when I could have, which I didn’t understand, but at this moment I didn’t want to understand. All I knew was I wanted this. What was going on right now? I reached up and grabbed his hair and pulled his face into mine harder and he responded with a moan.

That made me arch into him even more, and I could feel his erection growing. This man is unbelievable with his mouth and the way he’s moving his hands. Oh my God, what was I thinking about? Shit, I know I was going to say something but I can’t remember what anymore. All I can think of is, I want his mouth and hands on me more than what they already are. I want these clothes off. Now!

He seemed to be reading my mind because the entire time I’m experiencing these fireworks in my stomach, he was easing my dress up my leg. Oh yes, keep going, keep going. I haven’t had someone touch me and make me feel like this in, well, I’ve never had someone touch me and make me feel this.

Then came the reality check. *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*

OH MY GOD! What the hell was I doing? I quickly scramble to get to my seat while smoothing my dress back down and my hair back in place and try to get a handle on my breathing. Logan just managed to get to his feet and sat in the closest chair he could find to hide his erection.

“Come in,” Logan manages to stammer.

“I’m sorry to disturb you Mr. Winters, but your food is here, and I have Ms. Harvey’s drink for her. She left it on her desk and I thought she might want it.”

I quickly thank her not knowing what else to say. “Thank you, Berdina. You can put it all on the table then take your lunch.”

After Berdina left we both started breathing again, merely trying to catch our breaths from the earlier incident, which I couldn’t explain if I wanted to. We stared at each other for a while before either of us spoke.

“Look, Logan, I’m not quite sure why I reacted that way, but the fact of the matter is, it can’t happen again.”

Logan smirked. “Rain, you and I both know that you want me as much as I want you. The difference is, you haven’t realized it yet. I’ll be honest with you, Rain. I’ve been watching you for the past three years and to be honest with you, from what I’ve seen of you, I’ve fallen in love with you. Your children are just perks to me because I love children. You’re one of the hardest, most dedicated women I’ve ever seen, and you’re unlike most women when it comes to money. What I mean to say is you’re not a gold digger and don’t let money or power affect the way you think of someone. You treat a homeless man the same way you do a millionaire. Qualities like that aren’t something you find in someone every day. The longer I’ve watched you the harder I’ve fallen for you, which in all honesty, is something I’m very unaccustomed to, considering I haven’t had a serious relationship since the beginning of college. I’ve always been too busy and never found a woman that attracted my attention in a way that I didn’t feel like I was making yet another mistake in my life, and just getting myself into something with yet another Barbie that is only after me for the money, publicity, and prestige.”

All I could do was stare at this man. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What the hell is going on? I feel like I’m in some sort of an alternate universe. I wasn’t sure what to say to that. I stumbled through my next few statements still confused. “Wait, wait. What the hell do you mean you’ve fallen in love with me over the past three years? I’ve known you a week?”

“Well, it’s really not that complicated, Rain. I told you, I’ve been checking out all employees, and potential employees and your name came across my desk three years ago. I started watching you, and the longer I watched you, the more I started falling for you. You’re different. You’re not like every other woman. You’re not overly concerned about looking like a Barbie, or wearing the latest fashions, yet you still look presentable and responsible. Everything you make goes towards taking care of your kids and nothing for yourself. You work hard at your degree, and make damn good grades. Even though you don’t have a degree you blow past everyone in almost anything you try. You’re a quick study, and very brilliant. That’s the main reason I hired you for this job. Because I know you can do it. The more pressure someone exerts on you, the better you perform. And as far as I can tell, on a personal basis, you’re the best person for me. You are hard willed and extremely determined. As much as you think of me, when I’m around you I have no choice but to be the best me, which is exactly what I want to be. I’m not the person you think I am, Rain. I’m not this spoiled brat that you think of.

“Let me give you a brief history lesson about myself. I was adopted when I was a child. 10 months old to be exact. My adoptive mother was my biological mother’s foster mom. My biological mother was a crack head alcoholic when she was pregnant with me. Me turning out somewhat normal is a miracle. She turned me over to my “parents” after I was 6 months old, but not after my finding out what it was like to be beaten with a belt for being hungry and looking for food with my older brother David. He’s almost exactly two years older than me. He took care of me when I was a baby. My mother would leave me in the crib for days, soaked in urine and crying, hungry and getting bed sores, so finally after about a week of that my brother, David, got me out of the crib. He used the wipes to clean me up, and put me in the high chair. Of course he dropped me a few times in the process, but he went down with me so I didn’t fall too much. He would climb the cupboards and fix me cheerios since it was all that he knew how to make. I learned quickly how to adapt to my surroundings as well. Once I was placed with my adoptive parents I was kidnapped by my biological mother when I was 10 months old. I was kept in the floorboard of the car while the windows were up and they all smoked pot. I went through withdraws for days, after I was returned a week later. You see, my biological mother was trying to sell me to her pervert uncle that had a thing for little boys. Luckily for me the police got there in time. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take my brother with me. He stayed there with our mother. She wanted him. I reminded her too much of my father, who was a schizophrenic, bipolar loser who only cared about himself or at least according to her.

“I thought, when I was adopted, I was saved. But not so much. Things were ok for a while. But, the older I got the worse things got. It was always small things. A smack here. A quick kick in the hips when I was crouched down. It wasn’t anything that could be reported as anything big. My adoptive mother was very abusive mentally, emotionally and verbally, but only if my father wasn’t around. When he was home it was like we were one big happy family. My adoptive father is 17 years younger than my adoptive mother, and he couldn’t have kids, so when he met her it was a perfect fit. I needed a father and he wanted a kid. We were always very close. Once I got older things changed. My adoptive mother and I didn’t get along after I turned 18 because I quit taking her games. We fought and eventually quit talking. Soon after she convinced my father that I was the problem and we quit talking too. A few months later they both died and left me over 500 companies. Imagine my shock when I found out about these companies, because I never knew we owned anything.

“We moved to a different crappy house every year. I changed schools frequently and we were always poor, or so I thought. My father worked for a trucking company as a night shift dispatcher, slash fill in truck driver when needed. He would sometimes work 19 or 20 hours a day just to make ends meat. I was raised very poorly. Sometimes, we wouldn’t have certain utilities because the bill didn’t get paid and the services would be turned off. After they died, I learned the Trucking Company my father worked for, he also owned. Imagine the surprise of the other employees when they found out the guy they’d push into doing their work, was secretly their boss. Hell, they were probably as shocked as I was. That with all the other companies my father owned, he still let me grow up poor and feel like I was a freak every time I had to switch schools and be in a rich school, but be the poor kid. I was angry at everyone at that time, but especially my father. For as close as we were, or I thought we were, He still didn’t trust me enough with the truth. From what I was told after, my mother was unaware of all of this as well. I guess that was the reason for the charade right? Work all the time and still barely make it. I didn’t want any part of anything from them, especially him, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t going to let that many people lose their jobs so I bucked up and did what had to be done. I know I do come off as a spoiled brat, but I want what’s best for my companies, the employees and their families.

“As far as my wanting you is concerned, well, I’ve never met anyone that has this pull, like the one you have on me. When I first started checking up on you, when your name first came across my desk 3 years ago, I was immediately attracted to you. I was attracted to your picture and to everything you’d manage to accomplish in your situations. I’ve never met anyone like you and frankly the attraction I feel towards you, I’ve never felt towards anyone else. It’s like electricity when I’m near you, or even when I think about you. Not to mention there’s no way you can’t tell me you don’t feel the same way after the way your body reacted to me a few minutes ago.”

I sat there a little stunned from all of the new information I was taking in. I wasn’t sure what to process first. This was a whole lot of information that I’m sure he didn’t go around telling just anyone. That gave me my first question.

I asked very cautiously “I’m sure you don’t go around telling everyone this information, Logan, so why tell me this when you’ve known me a little less than a week?”

“As I’ve said, Rain, I’ve known you for about three years give or take a few weeks in there. Secondly, I trust you with this information because I believe you have the right to know who you’re working for and why you were moved so suddenly, why I’ve been so abrupt with everything so quickly, but also why I want you here.” There was an underlying tremor in Logan’s voice that he was trying to hide.

“And why exactly was everything so abrupt? I mean if you have been watching me for three years and knew what I could do, why wait so long and why now?” I knew I came across more aggressively than I had intended to but I don’t like the people around me keeping secrets, and especially ones about myself.

“Well, again I’m going to be honest with you. Firstly, the reason I waited so long was because I wasn’t sure I had the self-control to work side by side with you, every day and not touch you, kiss you, or tell you that I’m in love with you and show you. Secondly…”

“WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE HERE!!! You still have yet to answer my question when I asked you what made you think you were in love with me?”

“Yes, Rain, I’m in love with you. For the past three years I’ve sat back and watched your work, and how you went about your everyday life, and the more I saw, the harder I fell. I know that came out in a stalkerish way, but I definitely don’t mean it that way. I just mean, well, I really don’t know what I mean. All I know is, I’ve been drawn to you from the minute I laid eyes on you, well your picture, and could never figure out why. Now, can I continue with what I was saying?”

I shook my head yes because I was still a little blown away. “Okay then, secondly, the reason for moving you here now, was because I was concerned for yours and the kid’s safety. Thirdly, my being able to work beside you without letting you know how I felt wasn’t important any longer, what was important was the fact that I have someone in here that I know I can trust and can do what I can’t, and that’s make the hard decisions when it’s needed. I’m not calling you a cold hearted Bitch nor am I implying that, because personally, I believe the complete opposite, however, you’re better than most at compartmentalizing your life and what’s necessary to get things done, just like you did with your life and your Children.”

A light bulb sprang on just then. “Wait a sec; I’m still stuck on the safety of myself and my children part. What’s that mean?”

“Well, that means that when I first read your file and fell in love with you, I made it a special project to make sure I kept a special eye on your life. I wasn’t doing it to control your life like I’m sure you’re imagining, but to protect you. As I said, I’ve never met anyone that has ever had this effect on me, and when you did, I made sure I wasn’t going to let anything happen to you,” He exclaims.

“So what’s this impending danger that’s so pressing?”

“Your ex.” Once those words left his mouth I felt as though all the air had been sucked out of the room.

Two words I never would’ve imagined, and they echoed in my head like a bell going off. I haven’t given this man an ounce of thought, danger wise, since the day he left.

“What does Robert have to do with anything?!?” My voice was nearly a whisper.

“He’s resurfaced in the area and has been following you for some weeks now. I know you can sense someone following you because I see the way you react, not to mention, you of all people know how to shake a tail. My people have watched from a distance to make sure he never tried to make a move on you or your family but he’s like a pit bull and closing in. He wants something and we don’t know what. I’ve been through every bit of your financials, and lists of your belongings, and for the life of me, myself nor my people can figure out what it is he wants from you. Do you have any insight?”

“Let me give it to you straight, Logan. He wants me dead at all costs. He was in hiding after the last incident, where he damn near killed me, which I was pregnant with Rory at the time, by the way. He knew I wasn’t going to be the only one coming for him and he had a lot of heat on him. Right now that heat is all in different countries at the moment so he feels safe to come out and try to finish what he started.” As soon as I started talking Logan went pale white as if he had seen his parents rise from the grave.

“Why does he want to kill you?” It was a choked, hoarse statement.

“Putting it simply, there are some things people excel in and other things they sink in. I’ve come from a family where my father has always told me I was going to fail at whatever it is I did, and would be better off just disappearing from everyone’s life to make it easier on everyone. He was upset when I had kids because ‘that just gave me more lives to mess up’ and when I was with Robert, he said he was too good for me and all I was going to do was corrupt him and run him off like the other guys I dated before him. The guys before him just couldn’t handle a woman that wouldn’t take their bullshit, which is Robert’s problem. I never took his bullshit and called him on it. I excelled in my military career while he was number six, but was still good. I was the one that convinced the higher up’s to keep him on in our unit. We got close and were on leave deciding whether or not we were going to renew or contract when a mysterious bomb went off killing some of my guys. They never found the bomber only the fact that I was supposed to be in the bar that the bomb was placed, in the very seat the bomb was under no less. I didn’t follow my instincts then, because at that point I was already 5 months pregnant with Jesse and Robert didn’t know. When I told him, he pretended to be happy, but in all reality he wasn’t. I was just too blind to see it. I wanted the happy family so badly I looked past the obvious warning signs. Robert re-enlisted whereas I stayed out. This put him in the number five slot for our unit. To say he didn’t like the fact that I was the best at my job was putting it mildly. He would sneak in the house occasionally when he thought I couldn’t hear him, because he wasn’t supposed to be home yet and would try to sneak up on me, I think to make it look like a home invasion but he was never able to outdo me.

“Jesse was almost a year old and it was easy to see Robert was getting tired of playing the Daddy role and when Jesse was crying about something, Robert slapped Jesse. That was the end of it for me. I literally threw him out on his ass after beating him senseless, and then tossed his shit out on top of him. Unknown to him was the fact that I was pregnant with our second child. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, since I had no one. So I found a daycare and took my military settlement and rented a different place so I was away from where Robert was used to me living, I found a job, and started night school to finish getting my degree. My father still thinks I’m going to fail, and openly tells me this frequently. It just gives me the motivation to keep going. Now Robert’s back and trying to kill me is what you’re saying? Why? It doesn’t make sense, unless he just wants to be the best by taking out the best.”

“I don’t have answers to those questions yet, Rain, but believe me, I fully intend on getting them. Robert found out where you were living the day before I moved you, hence the reason for the bodyguards so quickly, and moving. I would rather be in agony everyday working beside you knowing I can’t have you, than watch something happen to you knowing I could have prevented it and you not be around at all anymore.” It was the most sincere thing anyone had ever said to me, notwithstanding the agony part I was sure I’d be feeling too working beside a man I didn’t want to get into a relationship with.

“As much as I appreciate the thought, Logan, I think you underestimate my self-defense abilities. However, I am grateful you took the precautions to protect my children. They absolutely love the bodyguards you picked for them, and as far as I can tell, the Nanny, Cook, Butler, and Housekeeper are all good choices. Cera is the only one that raises any red flags for me.” Logan sort of gave me a smirk when I finished that statement.

“That’s exactly why I hired her, Rain. You see, she was a little too adamant about being YOUR personal driver before I even mentioned that I was looking for a driver for you. Then, her file is fixed, that much I know. My government guys said she has a phony file which means one of two things. She’s a spy, or she’s an assassin hired for you or me, and from what you just told me, my money’s on you. I knew you would know there was something wrong with her right away but I also thought you would be able to figure out what it was since my people can’t seem to crack that one.” At that he shook his head.

Another thought sprang into my head and I asked him, “Logan, just out of curiosity how did you know I would be able to figure out what was wrong with Cera when you didn’t know about my military past yet? And what Government people are we talking about here?”

He smirked again before answering me. “The government thing we’ll discuss later but as far as Cera is concerned, well women have better intuition about other women than men do. Not to mention, if you didn’t have good instincts you wouldn’t have made it through Stiltner Software and Design as quickly as you did or have come up on my radar.”

God I really hate arrogant men. Although this one may be negotiable.

After our discussion, we got back to work while eating lunch. We didn’t dispatch and go our separate ways at two like we had originally planned because we didn’t realize how much time had passed. It was 5:15 P.M. when Berdina came in and said Becky was here with Rory, Jesse, Andrew and Ben. I jumped up realizing how much time had passed but was surprised at the amount of work I had gotten done with Logan. We had gone through 96 personnel files, with only six more drawing red flags for me and being set aside. As we were going through these files I was labeling each with a colored label, which Logan didn’t understand, but that was something I would explain later.

“Is it okay for me to officially meet your children, Rain? I mean I’ve seen everything on paper but that’s not really the same as meeting them?” Logan asked.

I hesitated at first but then decided this man did everything he could to protect us from something I didn’t even see coming, and he’s being overly generous to my family, letting them meet him isn’t going to hurt anything. Besides they’re terrific judges of character and can spot a bad person a mile away, so if they react that way to him then I know there’s more to Logan than he’s letting on. I shake my head yes and beckon for Berdina to bring the kids in the conference room where we are and she does so, followed by Ben and Andrew hot on her heels, which I think intimidated her slightly. Jesse and Rory ran to me and began telling me all about their day at their new school and the new daycare and what they’ve done. Once they slowed down, about five minutes later, I turned them and introduced them to Logan, who had this almost fatherly smile on his face the entire time he was watching them ramble.

Jesse looked up at me then walked over and inspected Logan before climbing up on the chair in front of him and staring up at Logan intently. Suddenly, Jesse leapt into Logan’s arms and wrapped his arms around Logan’s neck. I stood there shocked.

Jesse just stayed there for a couple of minutes then pulled back and looked Logan dead in the eye and said, “You’re going to make my mommy very happy and be mine and Rory’s new Daddy.”

At that point I nearly shit myself as did the others in the room except Logan. He seemed perfectly calm.

He looked right at Jesse and said, “Well I hope I can be someday, but for now I’m just your mommy’s friend, and yours. If you ever need anything you come tell me, okay?”

Jesse looked so serious when he said yes and climbed down. Next was Rory. She just ran over and wrapped herself around Logan’s leg. Again, I was so taken aback I didn’t know what to say or do. They’ve never acted this way around any other man so I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say or do. I mean come on, these are toddlers, and this man has got to be one of the most eligible Bachelors in the state so what the hell would he want with a woman with two kids and no degree? In the same aspect he did say he was in love with me. Shit, what the hell am I thinking? There’s no way I can have a life with this man. Damn, why’d the kids have to have such a good reaction to him? This just makes things harder and makes my attraction to him that much more intense. I’m frustrated and turned on at the same time.

Damn, I can’t tell if I want to punch this man in the face, or have his babies. Hell, maybe even both. Whoa, whoa, whoa! That’s it. When I start having thought’s like that, it’s time for me to go.

“Okay guys, say goodnight to Mr. Winters, and were going to go to Mommy’s office so I can get things together and we can go home. I’m sure Hazel will have dinner ready soon. Goodnight, Logan. I’ll see you tomorrow and we can continue where we left off,” at that I quickly scrambled from the room.

Once in the car on the way home, both kids rode with Ben and Andrew in the opposite car and Justin was with me, I had a spark of an idea.

“You know, Cera, I think you and I got off on the wrong foot, and I think we need to try to make this right. What would you say about going to lunch with me on Saturday afternoon and we can discuss these misunderstandings.”

She seemed a little taken back but agreed. This is the perfect opportunity for me to extract Intel from her that could be useful in a lot of different things. So, Saturday will be the day I’ll get as much information out of Cera as possible and away from the safety of the house. I don’t want the kids compromised. My planning was starting to come together.

The rest of the week followed suit like Monday with the exception of the little sexual episode between Logan and me.

We finished all of the personnel files for all of the companies. Every night I would go home and update each file on the flash drive with the paper files so they matched. My key ring full of flash drives was kind of a pain in the ass but it was efficient to have, whenever and where ever I needed it.

Friday, Logan found out what the colored tabs on all the files meant. I wasn’t exactly sure what he was thinking when he found out, but it was amusing watching his facial expressions as I explained this.

“The red tabs are ones that have something in them I don’t like as I’m sure you’ve already figured out. The yellow tabs mean there’s some more information I need in this file to have it completed. The green tabs mean I think they need to be in a different position or a different company and the blue tabs means I believe they’re not being paid the correct way or something is wrong with something to do with their benefits etc. What?”

He said, “Nothing. I knew you were efficient but I was unaware you were this efficient.”

“It is what you hired me for isn’t it?” I asked innocently.

“Yes, it’s what you were hired for, I just thought it would take you longer to adjust to things and get this far in your work. It was my mistake. Although, I am glad you’re as efficient as you are because I have enjoyed working this closely with you this past week.” As he was saying this he was moving closer and his voice was getting huskier.

Finally, he took the final step closing the distance between us and reached up to brush my cheek with his knuckles. I leaned into his hand and didn’t know why, because as much as I wanted to keep this relationship completely professional and not get myself into the same position I got myself into before by letting my emotions control me, I couldn’t resist this man.

At that point Logan leaned in and kissed me. I leaned into and deepened the kiss. The way this man made me feel when he touched me, and especially when he kissed me, was incredible. That pull in my stomach deepened to the point where I wasn’t sure my heart was even beating anymore with as fast as it was going.

At that point Logan turned me toward him and pulled me into him. I didn’t resist. My hands made their way to his hair and pull his mouth down on me even harder. Logan picked me up by my ass, which was surprising because I didn’t even realize he had his hands on my ass, and set me on the table. He pushed my skirt up slightly as he made his way between my legs and his hands were running up and down my back. I couldn’t breathe. Hell, who was I kidding, I couldn’t even think about what I wanted to happen next. All I knew was, I had somehow managed to unbutton his shirt and had my hands in it and was running my hands up and down his chest and abs. Oh my. The way his chest felt with that slight smothering of hair and his rock hard abs. This man definitely had to be an athlete.

Suddenly, Logan stops. He has his forehead resting against mine and our heavy breathing was mingled together. Once his breathing slowed some he spoke.

“Rain, I’m sorry I can’t manage to keep my hands off of you, and if I offend you, please feel free to knock the stupid out of me, but I have to say this. I know you don’t feel the same way about me as I do you, and if you come to feel that way, yes, I’d be ecstatic, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to, to keep this job. I have no intention of taking advantage of you. I want you to be with me because you want to, but I also don’t want to rush you. I know what you’ve been through and understand how hard it is for you to trust people. How about we go to dinner tonight and we can talk about something other than business and get to know each other on a more personal level?”

“I have to get back to get the kids fed and put to bed,” I say breathlessly while my heart tries to calm itself.

Still breathless he asks, “Okay, well you do that and I’ll be there to pick you up around 9. I know you put them to bed around 8 so that’ll give you an hour to get them to bed and get ready. Sound okay to you?”

“I suppose so. One date can’t hurt. We’ll see how this goes, and maybe this will help ease some of the tension between us. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get off this table so I can get home.” I’ve never been shy before until this very moment in this gorgeous man’s arms and trying to find my brain in the midst of mush my heart and pelvis were making.

I’ve never smiled shyly at anyone. The more interesting thing was the fact that he gave me the same kind of smile which leads me to believe he’s being sincere in his feelings, and really does want to be with me for some unknown reason.

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